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Why the Attack on Syria?

I won’t mince words: Trump’s decision to launch missiles into Syria is a disaster.  In reactions across the internet I am seeing justifications but in no way do the advantages come close to outweighing the costs.
I will address a few:

Trump wanted to intimidate China and North Korea
I doubt the Chinese president is easily frightened and making Kim Jong Un too nervous or desperate could turn Seoul and then the whole Korean peninsula into a smoking crater.

Russians and Syrians had time to evacuate/runways weren’t destroyed etc.
It’s still an act of war on another nation’s territory.  You don’t get brownie points or gold star stickers for playing nice at war.  These measures prevented immediate escalation to actual war but has worsened relations that were already pretty bad for no real reason.  If the goal was to get rid of ISIS why is the US attacking the people who were successully getting rid of ISIS?

That’ll Shut Up the Media About Russian Conspiracy Theories!
This didn’t stop Trump in the election when he was far more vulnerable, it certainly wasn’t going to stop his presidency. Wiretapping ploys and Rice unmaskings were already effectively countering the fake hysteria. Nothing about this relatively small problem required a risky foreign policy move.

Trump showed those pansies he’s not another wimpy Obama!
Trump got elected in part because his opponent was openly agitating for war with Russia and Syria that no one wants.   Obama and Hillary’s disastrous Syria policy helped ISIS form in the first place! Now we’re back to square one after spending nearly two years on the election?

The Syrians were gassing their own peoplez! Look at the cute dead kidz!
We all know this was just an excuse.  It’s irrelevant whether it’s fabricated or not. Trump’s whole America First campaign was a reaction to this kind of moralistic world policing.

The most rational possible reason I can think of for this idiocy is Trump has to make some concessions to the neocons or they would have just let the democrats filibuster Gorsuch indefinitely. 

Trump’s administration desperately depends on getting new justices into the supreme court.  For millions of American voters who did not like Trump, that’s the one issue that pushed them over the edge.  Furthermore, he desperately needs to break the impasse that is preventing him from acting decisively on immigration, the single biggest issue that put him in power.

I recognize it’s a tough situation, a sacrifice of some kind may have been necessary to grease the wheels, but I do not think this sacrifice was worth it.
The optics of attacking Syria right as Hillary came out and asked for it, with all the neocons celebrating afterwards is terrible.

It has just been openly demonstrated that no matter who you vote for, you still get pointless bombs and wars in the Middle East while the same old elites pat each other on the back.
Over $100 million dollars worth of cruise missiles just got dumped on a distant land most Americans could care less about for no real gain.
These conspicuous displays of waste while dams are crumbling and highways are burning down at home starts to sound a lot like just another chorus of “let them eat cake.”

So now Gorsuch is in, a key victory for Trump.  But the meta is even more important.
Now that Americans have seen appointed federal judges can block anything they don’t like…
Now that they’ve seen you get war and bombs in the Middle East no matter who you vote for…
The whole democracy really starts to look like a thinly veiled fiction.  And if that last veil gets stripped away, judges are just silly ugly old people in robes playing make-believe and all you have left is force.

From the start of his campaign, Trump shrewdly sought to curry favor with the military.  He understood if he was going to go against the entire political establishment, he would need solid backing to stay in power against contrived coups.

Unfortunately, we might be discovering a hard truth that neo-con politicians are just the political arm of the military top brass.  

Generals tend to be establishment to the core and incestuously in bed with military industrial contractors.  So perhaps we’ve found the limits of what voting can accomplish.  
Some grudging concessions on immigration and jobs perhaps, but the flow of trillions to contractors who pretend to design fighter planes and wars in the interests of the US’ biggest arms customers must continue.

The problem is the country is being bled dry and the farce is becoming obvious to millions.  Generals can’t really seize power directly until their troops are willing to fire on fellow citizens and if they tried that, they’d find their authority doesn’t go as far outside the beltway as they think.

So Trump still has considerable bargaining power even though he’s under a lot of pressure—if he wants to use it.  In retrospect perhaps we can now see the coils tightening.  Flynn replaced with someone more in line with the innermost circles and now possibly Bannon getting edged out of favor?
At this time all we can do is wait and see what happens next.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

46 replies on “Why the Attack on Syria?”

It has been a truly joyous experience to read the SAD comments of those poor heartbroken commenters on Return of Kings. They just discovered Papito-Trump in not on their side!

P.S: WTF are you doing on Facebook ??????????????? I am preparing for World War 3.

Did you see the alternative(s) to Trump?! After a whole generation of political hacks no one even thought a candidate like Trump who went against the party line possible anymore. And then he not only exploded the establishment narrative, he won. Only makes uncertain actions like this all the more tense.
Facebook could be a way to extend my reach. It’s already pestering me for real pics of my face though and sending me to “help pages” loaded with questions like “what counts as hate speech?” Within one week, it’s behaving like a passive aggressive woman in the workplace.

There’s a much simpler explanation. It’s the Jews. They control our country. Until you deal with them there will be no change and it will only get worse.

There’s a lot in the establishment. But look at guys like McCain or Colin Powell who seem like pure goy to me. If we see the establishment get punished, the dragnet will haul in Jews disproportionate to their numbers in the general population and that will be fair.
I’ve been thinking for awhile though, it may not be tenable to have Jews in finance and state affairs if they want to live outside of their own country. Their uncivic, nepotistic behavior has been consistent. In a neo-tribal state, only one tribe rules, the rest are guests.

The Jews opened the door wide to their own demise; the Arab and Hindu and Sikh contingents are now so strong that the Jews are about to be outmatched shortly. If you think Jews are uncivic and nepotistic, you should see what is coming now that these other groups are on the rise.

Jews are in no way distinguished by being tribal in nature. They have tribalism combined with high intelligence after undergoing unusually heavy selection in urban areas, a niche for which there are several viable competitors. I’ve wondered for awhile at the Jews’ bizarrely hostile attitudes towards Europeans whom they share considerable blood with and mostly blend in with. Why would they shit their own nest? It’s not as if the Chinese would let them behave as an elite caste!

A lot of Jewish traits can be seen as survival necessities in Asia, from the Middle East out to India.

The competition to merely exist in those parts of the world is cutthroat and tough. So when they get to the New World it’s like an introduced species exploding out of control.
Look at Jews, Alawites, Maronites, Armenians in their native habitats they’re often relatively poor and just hanging on to their territories and neighborhoods by a thread.

Yes. And the manorialism of the Hajnal territories (the Franks) selectively bred people who were easy to lead and organize, but also very vulnerable to more tribalistic peoples. Fox and henhouse. Dumb down your own people, and you will find them quickly taken over by outsiders.

Not only would the Chinese not let the Jews shit in their own nest… they HAVEN’T let them, despite attempts over the past 2000 years to get a toehold in China. Same in India. Same in Afghanistan. Their presence in Iraq and Iran is because of the great deportations 2500 years ago.

Just as the Puritans came to North America to flee the dominant majority, the Jews fled the Middle East. Just as the Anglicans came and dissolved our City on a Hill, the Arabs have already check-mated Jewish power; the ADL and SPLC no longer takes Muslims to court, because the Muslims were able to throw more money and lawyers at any court case, and almost bankrupted them a few years ago. In Jew vs Muslim, in North America the Jews have already lost. For more information about that, read Howard Bloom’s article “How Allah has Nipped Your Right to Know”.

Once the lower classes of an invading group are established, then their ruling class comes in. And they are very different. Noone feels threatened by the chode incel Indian beta men coming… but then you see the Brahman’s coming in, and they are taller, better looking, and move with confidence and authority. Same with Arabs, same with Chinese; 100 years ago it was small and ugly little Chinese people… no threat. Now it is the ruling class coming over from China, and they are as tall as us, and quite arrogant and confident.

Look at how Uganda kicked the Indians out. The Jews didn’t get a foothold in Africa either, except for a subset called the Lemba, who blend in with the Bantu. But their role in Africa is the same as the court Jews of Middle Ages Europe.

Also in Uganda, the Chinese are almost at the level of control the Indians were at, and I’m hearing rumblings… wouldn’t be surprised if Uganda kicks out the Chinese soon the way it did the Indians. Tribalism really is a good trait; it allows groups to maintain sovereignty even when faced with elites that are 30 IQ points above them. Intelligence is no match for raw ferocity and Will to Power.

“…The Jews opened the door wide to their own demise; the Arab and Hindu and Sikh contingents are now so strong that the Jews are about to be outmatched shortly. If you think Jews are uncivic and nepotistic, you should see what is coming now that these other groups are on the rise…”

My first thought was, alright but then…hmmm this doesn’t help us does it???

No, it doesn’t help us. Unless we send them ALL back, America will revert to what it was until the great plague of the 1500’s…. a dumping ground for all the different tribal groups of the old Continent. Little known fact, whites didn’t wipe out the Indians. A massive plague of smallpox, NOT spread by white man’s blankets, spread from coast to coast. When 90% of your population is gone, how much of your civilization can you preserve? DNA tests and other evidence shows that every Old World ethnicity was present in North America by the time Columbus got here. Read the work of Barry Fell, “America B.C.”

Understand that it is the neocon intellectuals who install both the politicians and the generals, and they have a lot of people in the government. It flows from the intellectuals.

Intellectuals can influence people with power but they don’t control the guys with guns. And powerful people choosing influences is often self-serving. Constantine going with christianity to consolidate his power, Northern European aristocrats backing up Martin Luther to defy the power of Rome.

How are intellectuals so powerful when all they do is write articles?
What is it about think-tanks that makes them so influential?

“…Intellectuals can influence people with power but they don’t control the guys with guns…”

They have people with unlimited amounts of money and guns backing them if necessary.

Actually I have it backwards. The people with money and guns hire the Intellectuals. Sometimes the people with money and guns are influenced by the intellectuals but the money and guns always have the last word.

Military Industrial Complex. Evil Oil Companies. Bankers. Capitalists. Marxists. Oh its complicated isn’t it? Meyer Amschel Rothschild. Oh see there it is. Its not a conspiracy, its a Cabal. Freemasonry. Illuminati. No, wait for it. SANHEDRIN. They say they are jews, but they are not. They are the Synagogue of Satan. They are of their Father, the Devil/Dervish. He was a Liar and Murderer from the Beginning.

You’re overthinking it. Don’t need conspiracy theories. There’s people in power who like being in power and they stupidly favor short term payoffs over the long term stewardship that’s the implicit responsibility of rulers.

Easy way to think of it: they are playing poker, not chess. If their stack is wiped out, they are out of the game. So every single round, every hand, matters.

If you’re caught in a vicious negatively re-inforcing cycle like a morbidly obese person or an incel male shutin, you have to find a way out of it and your ability to accomplish that decides your fate. But you make an excellent point. You’re explaining, not apologizing for their incompetence.

Yes. Long term incompetence, but short term, they are VERY good at survival. I think Divine Right of Kings was put in place to get some stability that allowed long term projects and investments.

Mycroft Jones I agree with almost everything you’ve said except that the Jews are done although you may be right. The Jews competency is not strategic it’s tactical.

Mycroft Jones,”Easy way to think of it: they are playing poker, not chess. If their stack is wiped out, they are out of the game. So every single round, every hand, matters.”

That’s a really, really good comment. They did this in Rome and came very close to being wiped out. I think if there had not been several other uprisings against Rome at the time there would have been no Jews at all.

“… its a Cabal. Freemasonry. Illuminati. No, wait for it. SANHEDRIN. They say they are jews…”

It’s the Jews. Here’s the thing. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all and maybe not the majority but a lot. They combine with White psychopaths which were frequently Kings and Nobles to suppress everyone else. The White Kings and Noble psychopaths think they will crush the Jews in the end and the Jews think they will crush the Kings. So far the Jews seem to be winning.

Jews aren’t psychopaths, they look out for their own. If the White Kings and Nobles weren’t so keen on distancing themselves from their blood kin, Jews never would have made inroads.

The Law the Gentiles hate, (5 books of Moses) contains everything you need to prosper and not be dominated by foreigners. No matter how tribal, every immigrant race is neutralized by that Law; the more a nation follows it, the more invulnerable they are to such take overs. I point out that the Kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific, and the Maasai tribe of Kenya, are respected warriors and were never conquered by Christian Europeans, let alone Jews or Muslims. And those nations follow some of the more politically unpopular parts of the Law of Moses. Specifically the parts about land, inheritance, and male female relationships.

You will note, the Puritans weren’t overrun by Jews; they were overrun by Anglicans who were intent on destroying their political power.

“…Jews aren’t psychopaths, they look out for their own…”

I disagree as psychopaths look out for other psychopaths so they’re not unique. Their religion is a religion to guide psychopaths. All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter. A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people. Their behavior over time is completely distinguishable from psychopaths so whether they are or not is irrelevant if you’re not a Jew.

Yes, I agree with your point, to a non-Jew, their behavior will effectively seem psychopathic. But the Indians don’t have the Talmud, and they are even more psychopathic. Try living in an area where Sikh’s are the majority. You will see. Rotherham is everywhere. It is in Canada. It hasn’t stopped. It’s been going on my entire life-time.

“…You’re getting confused with in-group vs. out-group preference…”

I’m not confused although I see why you say I am. I fully understand what you guys are saying but I disagree. In my looking into psychopaths I have seen several times in different places where psychopaths support each other. Now when they are all that’s left they will fall on each other but as long as we are here they will leave each other alone. A wolf will eat a rabbit and a Elk before it will kill it’s own.

Tell me about Sikhs, Mycroft Jones.
My naive assumption was that they are less agressive than Pakis and less greedy/cheap than Hindus.
Can you give some anecdotes of their treachery/nepotism?

I going to explain simply why the Whites at the top are still representatives of the Jews. The Jews control the House and Senate by controlling the primary elections. If you don’t follow what the Jews say to do then you will find yourself in a primary election with a super well funded candidate and press nipping at your heels. Most of the time you lose. When Cynthia McKinney started criticizing the Jews she was immediately challenged. She held on for a while and was even redistricted but eventually she was gone. This happens to EVERYONE that won’t follow their direction. Another good example is Ohio Rep. James Traficant. A constituent of his was said to be a Nazi guard. He went to Traficant for help. Traficant was an excellent Rep. and believing that he wasn’t the guard went all the way to Israel and pushed hard to free the guy. After that he was redistricted and then when that didn’t work they framed him for corruption and jailed him. His criticism of Jews continued and he was found dead by his barn run over by his tractor. They are now saying that it rolled over on him but I don’t believe them. The earlier story was that he was trapped in front of it(I remember this exactly). The problem is that the story is stupid. No one gets off a running tractor and gets in front of it. No one. Even the new story is stupid. They say he hit the clutch instead of the brake. Well the clutch stops the tractor. It’s VERY hard to turn over a tractor in a barn. I don’t know how this could happen. They killed him. This is what happens when you cross them. They also use blackmail. There’s lots and lots and lots of stories where people have been caught prostituting girls to Legislatures including children. These can’t be denied there’s too much evidence. They control large amounts of the government up and down the spectrum. All they have to do is 1. stick together, 2. Use corruption to influence elections, 3. Use the people they put in office to further corruption and line their pockets to fund, more corruption. They’ve done this over a long period time and it’s a strategy they’ve been working for thousands of years. It works with disorganized races like Whites.

When the Jews got here in large numbers one of their saying was,”If it’s bad for the Goy it’s good for the Jew”. This accounts for their destructive behavior towards any society that they inhabit. The more corruption and destruction in the community the better they fair as long as they stick together as a coherent group.

If you realize what I’m saying is true, and it is, then the only response you can have is we must deport the Jews. We can’t live in the open type society we want, like and prosper under if they are collaborating among themselves to destroy it. The Jews have actually hit a stump in the road. They normally destroy a country then move on to the next while wailing at top volume how they were mistreated but they really have no where to go now. They’ve destroyed the Western powers and the Asians damn well know it and how it was done. They’ll take the Jews money then tell them to fuck off. They don’t have any illusions about the Jews. My worry is that before we kick them out, they’ve been kicked out of EVERY single country they’ve ever inhabited in any large numbers, they will destroy the west to where there’s nothing left. Rome never came back or became great again.

Look to the Law. The Druids and British read the Law of Moses, saw it was wise, and largely adopted it. The problems came with the Empire. The Law speaks against Empire from the earliest stages; read the Babel Story. Lindsey Wheeler is an enemy of the Puritan nation, but he wrote a good article on the meaning of the Babel story.

Empire destroys every nation that attempts it. No nation really “comes back” from it. Today’s “Persians” are mullatoes compared to their forebears. Same with Italians. China has been the most successful up to now, because it has been careful about expanding the boundaries, and assimilating as it goes. But China is now aiming at Empire in Africa; either Africa will kick China out soon, or the African influx will destroy China within a couple hundred years.

I can’t read that paper I’m not signing up to google. I have a few older accounts with them but I don’t want anymore.

What I’m trying to get at, if you have a weak immune system, you can take medicine to kill a virus. But that doesn’t cure your weak immune system. Better to fix your immune system, then bacteria and viruses take their proper role. For instance, absent an immune system, yeast becomes an infection. But in a healthy person, a bit of yeast in the gut is normal and healthy, even an essential part.

Attacking Jews has never turned out well for people. Fix the social immune system, and there will be no need to deport Jews; they will behave themselves, or they will self-deport.

I agree but if all attempts to change any of the rules that allow them to abuse us are racist and evil then it becomes difficult to change anything at all without “attacking” them. Everything but doing exactly as they say is an attack, according to them. You advice is 100% correct but how do you get there? They also control the narrative of mass media. Losing control but slowly. Do we have time?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but we are in a situation like the beginning of WWI and WWII where any minute we could be in a world war.

Lets say the Jews are psychopaths. You don’t believe it but I do. But just for giggles let’s say they are for sure. Now if your a psychopathic Jew and you see the Jews control slipping away, China, India not cooperating in your “flee to the next country” normal plan. Europe, well they’re starting to have Nazi groups form and people in the US, your present hunting grounds, has people at rally’s holding up “the Goy’s Know” signs. What does a psychopath do? Remember if you fail game over, forever. So you get Russia/China vs USA nuclear war. At the same time you nuke Europe and the Middle eastern neighbors and you sit back. When things settle down you cover the earth with Ebola to make sure. Now this may seem ridiculous but it doesn’t to a psychopath. They have NO empathy. Winning is all that matters. Do we have time?

For starters, ignore what they SAY is an attack, and just pay attention to what the Law says is an attack. Don’t steal from them. Seizing their property is wrong. As long as we keep the land, everything they take with them when they go, we can re-grow or re-make or re-purchase. Excepting land, which can be repossessed, but only at fair market value.
People usually aren’t willing to do this, just as they weren’t willing to compensate slave owners for the loss of their property. This led to a great tragedy for America.

Don’t “oppress” them (as defined by the Law). Excluding them from public office isn’t oppression. Forbidding them to work, or making them pay extra fees to eat, sleep, etc, IS oppression. Forbidding them from owning land, isn’t oppression. Forbidding them to rent or lease land, IS oppression. Forbidding them from marrying Gentiles, isn’t oppression. Forbidding them from charging interest, or from selling porn, isn’t oppression. Holding them to the same laws as everyone else, isn’t oppression, unless those laws contradict the Law (a law requiring everyone to eat pork as a loyalty test, like in medieval Spain or Germany, for instance). In which case, those laws have to go, or this exercise in immune system building will fail.

And finally, all restrictions placed on Jews would have to be placed on Sikh, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims as well. Or else it would be oppression.

“…Don’t “oppress” them (as defined by the Law), etc… etc…etc…”

You’ll never get that. Never. It goes against our deepest principles of all people being equal in the eyes of the law. Much better to demonize them and drive them out. The question is Demonize them and survive or go against your deepest principles and die, because it will never happen. You’re saying we should destroy who we are to fight them I say lets destroy them and save ourselves.

All the laws you talked about the Byzantine Empire applied to Jews and they were the longest living Empire ever.

I want to say I may be wrong about Trump. Yes I know I disavowed him. Now I have said the Jews have enormous power. They do. Trump has had a nonstop attack on him for being a Russia puppet. They are trying to impeach him. I read that Trump has back channels to Putin and told him he would do this. The strikes against Syria after further study were really not much of anything. Lots of fire and smoke but not much to show for it. This attack destroys the Trump is a tool of Putin line of attack on him, completely. They’re going to have to come up with something else. Even the outpouring of hatred from the Alt-Right plays into this and gives him cover. It may be very well that he’s cornering the Jews but it going to take time and time he doesn’t have unless the Jews think he’s on their side. I now think it’s too early to tell what he’s going to do. Maybe he’ll screw us maybe he won’t.

One powerful argument that says he’s not a Judeotool is he publicly and officially said that White Nationalist groups would no longer be investigated.

He’s like a soap opera. you never know what will come next.

I have a new meme for Trumps behavior. He’s just like the TV detective Colombo. Colombo wanders and bumbles around and everyone makes fun of him but…he always gets his Man. Anyone else I would say Trump is totally controlled and just a Jew tool but he’s accomplished damn near the impossible. Now that I’ve found out that the Syrian strike is nothing and that some are saying that Putin was warned before it happened… They say some people died but is that true??? So now the “Trumps a Russian Agent” that they’ve been beating into everyone’s head for months now is…kaput. Their big impeach him rational is…gone…evaporated.

The neo-cons seem to be happy that they’re on top but meanwhile the arrest of pedo traffickers continue. Could they be building cases and need a little more time??????? I have no idea. Enigma.

Your title of this post is why attack Syria. Now let’s look at one of the MAJOR reasons that people say we’re overthrowing Syria. The Saudis want a pipeline through Syria to ship gas to Europe. That will take away from Russian gas exports so, big war in Syria. OK. Let’s just look at a map of some existing pipelines and see if Syria is the only place to do this.
If you look at the existing pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Egypt and then look at some of the proposed pipelines you see they are full of shit. They’re lying. Some of the proposed pipelines go across some of the deepest parts of the Med. Look at depth charts and you’ll see that. This one is good enough.

I’ve gotten where I don’t trust a word they say and look this kind of stuff.
The only decent explanation I’ve ever seen for the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria have been Israels wish for a greater Israel and to destabilize the rest of the middle east. All the arguments for the wars we’ve been in have been lies or weak and weird.

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