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Worshiping White Women Is A Losing Strategy For the Dissident Right

One of the most frequent topics I see in the manosphere and alt-right is paeans to the superior desirability White women.  Alongside the writing are those same pictures of Baltic women in ethnic costumes no one wears for real anymore.  Then in the same breath I see rants about how these same women have terrible princess attitudes and are totally unsuitable for long term relationships or motherhood.  Then the next article on x site is always outrage that Blacks or Muslims are abusing White women.  What are they trying to accomplish by this?  Do they think their precious White women are going to come rushing back into their patriarchal arms in response to this rhetoric?  Do they think this will inspire other men?

These guys are prostrating themselves for the privilege of defending women who are not theirs.  They are trying to raise the status of women who are already looking down their noses from a mile-high pedestal.  This kind of foolishness played a significant role in making White Nationalism 1.0 a laughingstock.  There are millions of White men out there who have been frivorced, pounded down by the HR ladies at work, or just want a nice girlfriend.  Trying to talk to them about protecting the poor beautiful White wimminz is astonishingly tone deaf.  What the dissidents should be talking about is how they will help raise the artificially low status of ordinary White men.

On a primal level, any movement is successful because enough people are convinced they will get higher status.
The alt-right has been successful so far because it is the first group in decades to dare promote a positive self-image for Euro-Americans.  A people who have lived all their lives in a prison of collective guilt are amazed when sunlight they forgot even existed starts pouring in through a crack in the cold, damp rock walls.  It is a mistake though, to think heaping yet more praise on the women is part of the process of revival.

Women by their very natures are not truly members of any people.  They are heavily selected by nature to smoothly transition from one tribe to another whether by marriage or warfare.  White knighting is such a destructive force for nations because women have no nation.  They do not care where the high status men come from and they happily absorb the language and customs of wherever they happen to end up.   That blond-haired, blue eyed goddess who can do no wrong orgasms just as hard with the swarthy Mongol who burnt her village and slew all her Darwininan loser brothers.

The cuckish impulse to perpetually build up and defend feral White women

-Raises their value even higher, ensuring their fertility plummets even lower.
-Pushes away millions of White men who would otherwise be receptive.  Any idea that proposes sexual limitations on men who already have collective blue-balls and no hope of marriage or family is stone cold dead on arrival.
-Fosters a “one drop rule” that helps push even 3/4 white people into the coalition of the fringes, where they become a natural leadership class—making minority organizations far more dangerous than they otherwise would be.

Worship and protectiveness towards White women not only fails to win them back, this beta orbiter behavior only earns their contempt.  If the dissidents offer status to the men and engage in the conquest of hostile tribes, the woman problem solves itself.  In turn, men who sense they will get more sex and power are willing to pursue victory to the ends of the earth.

In this process, the bizarre Anglo-Saxon imposition of feminine race chastity onto men has to be discarded.  As long as humans have existed, the conquerers mate with the defeated people’s women.  Successful tribes want to control their pool of women but also let their Y chromosomes drift far and wide like dandelion seeds, if for no other reason as a pressure valve for internal tensions.  Then the mixed people who result all but beg to be janissaries and spies for the ruling tribe rather than defacto retainers of sacred minorities.  Then, over time, every generation is less “ethnic” than the last as the highest status group biologically wins each round.

In any case, we will know the alt-right has won when White male cuck porn is a popular genre and everyone tries to identify as Euro-American if they are 1/4 Euro and the Euros have stopped boasting about being 1/32nd Indian.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

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Seems like Spencer will be focusing on forcing universities to let him speak. He’s pursuing a good strategy, I think. They know that if he establishes a precedent for Alt-Rightists to show up at public campuses whenever they like, the students are exposed to that pernicious influence and maybe eventually a march through the institutions can begin. Of course, this is why they’ll do what they can to stop him which also makes them look bad. Sounds like win-win.
He may come across as a bit soft and mockable which is why he’s perfect to pave the way, then more threatening guys follow once there’s a beachead.

“Fosters a “one drop rule” that helps push even 3/4 white people into the coalition of the fringes, where they become a natural leadership class—making minority organizations far more dangerous than they otherwise would be.”

As I’ve said before, I’m forced into the multiculturalist camp regardless.

Check out the fate of Jejoen Bontinck. (White) Belgian father, Ghanese mother, converted to Islam in order to marry a Moroccan woman. Then Salafists tried to recruit him for jihad (“You’re a REAL Muslim, aren’t you?! Otherwise, no Muslim pussy for you!”), he went on to go to Iraq/Syria, but then he chickened out and fled back to Belgium. Nowadays he is living the Rushdie life. Muslim v.s. non-Muslim makes more sense than White v.s. non-White.

Anyway, I pioneered this concept in 2012, even Robert Stark trying to interview me.

Your concept and and Ryu’s presentation of it from years ago is remarkably similar to what I’ve arrived at(did you ever have this at your own blog?). The term “janissaries” even comes up. It was the first word to pop into my head to describe a population of ethnically different people often serving as enforcers who are not from the groups at the top, but still a cut above the rest.

The edgiest WN have it right with their talk about war brides. If you can’t promise men the Conan dream, they’re not going to fight against an established order.

It’s important to note that the ‘conquered tribe’ we’re talking about is leftist white women. It’s the mulattoes and castizos that proved the most deadly to white colonial rule for example. The 75 IQ indigenous doesn’t give a fuck whether the despot that orders him around is black or white. It’s the 120IQ halfs who nurse the greatest racial resentment toward white rule

That’s right, they were the half-caste sons of colonialist fathers, who were given a certain amount of status and were seen as extremely useful in governing the colony by proxy. Like any society where the aristocracy delegates their duties to a bureaucratic class, the bureaucrats overthrow that now-useless aristocracy.

Melanin Challenged Palefaces claiming to be 1/32nd Indian? Which Indian are we talking? The Dot or the Wigwam? I’m guessing Wigwam since the Dots are neither cool nor holy!

Exactly right. For some reason, it’s usually Cherokee, specifically. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I’m 1/32 Cherokee.” If a white person claims that but can’t back it up with a legal membership in a specific tribe and all the rights and benefits that that brings, then it’s a hot air, of course, but you hear it all the time. I’ve met a few white-looking people that do have real tribe memberships, but they’re very much the exception.

Indeed, it’s always Cherokee. Never Ojibwe or Cree or Sioux or Blackfoot.
Actual feather Indians have taken notice of this and slyly refer to Whites as “Cherokees” in the same way some racially aware Americans refer to blacks as “Canadians”.


Around 2007-2008, I did meet a very White looking guy in Texas who was angry at all white people because of what they did to “his people.”
And I’m like “Your people? But you’re white”
and he’s like, “Nope, I’m Native American.”
He did not use the term 1/32 or any such thing. Of course,I was so speechless at the confidence of his assertion that my Brain got scrambled and I did not challenge any of his claims.

It is kinda like in India where everyone today claims to be from the lower castes and feels self righteous anger at being oppressed by Brahmins who almost no one claims to be anymore

I knew this guy in the service who was the Whitest guy you ever saw. Bright red hair and he was Indian. Got a full scholarship to Princeton because he was Indian and transferred out of the service. Smart guy. A very lar5ge part of the Indians in the East were Whites or mixes from run away slaves. Most of the Whites brought to the US were servants(slaves). Most of them died before they finished their terms. They were treated worse than Blacks.

“…Did you know that the story of black bondage in Early America, as horrible as it was, quite literally paled in comparison to the more than 200 years of white enslavement? The African slave trade in North America did not begin in earnest until 1678 and would not outstrip white slave shipments until 1740. Did you know that when George Washington served as President in Philadelphia there were as few as 100 black slaves in that city, where it was illegal to hold blacks for more than six months, in the Quaker state of Pennsylvania, which held over 200,000 whites in bondage for terms of 7-14 years? It was for this very reason that the founder of his nation chose to free his black slaves and replace them with Germans. Did you know that the first slaves in English speaking America were Welsh-English colonists intentionally marooned on Roanoke Island and then enslaved by Indians? Then welcome to the savage world that American Historians have lied about for nearly 100 years—welcome to the land were people were literally “planted” so that others might own them….”

The Cherokee are popular because they’re still one of the largest tribes after Navajos I think, so people have heard of them. Also, because they assimilated into White economic life and had their own publications in a written language they invented. Living alongside normal white people, the admixture story sounds more plausible. Also, people feel especially guilty about the Cherokee trail of tears in a way they can’t about Plains, Desert, and Swamp Indians who while their fighting spirit is admired, aren’t as sympathetic.

You don’t need a political movement in the year 2017 to go fuck and breed with non-White women. You can go get women of all colors in Europe and America right now (in a couple of decades that’s all there will be). So thank the progressives/liberals for dating and hook-up culture, and for inviting in all the different people of color. If that’s too difficult, just save your money and go to South East Asia or some other 2nd and 3rd world nation-states. You can have your multi-racial harem anytime you want, no need for a the Alt-right.

You don’t understand. If females are a resource to be acquired and regulated, then it’s in the interest of white men to take control of females *qua females*. That doesn’t mean giving up on white women. It means getting white women under control as the “primary female resource,” then getting non-white women under control as a “secondary female resource.” It’s a complete paradigm shift from the left-wing WN idea that women can have a “nationalism.” Nationalism, unlike genetics, is exclusively male.

No, they have their own “nationalism” which works the other way around. Think of Ayelet Shaked who wants to kill Palestinian women, while we all know that Israeli women have sex with Palestinian men.

In that case, Oogenhand, “nationalism” should be done away with altogether, and an explicitly sex-based worldview should be adopted in its stead.

It boils down to the question: who’s the resource? If men are the resource, then let women rule over the exponentially-increasing brown hordes. Yeah, that’s not the way to preserve civilization. If, on the other hand, women are the resource, then it’s the white man who should rule over the women of the world.

During one of the rape incidents once this one Facebook page which posts primarily pictures of white women with ethnic nationalism rhetoric in the sense that you described lashed out at some comment, asking them if they were around just to spew words and jack off.

I wanted to say “well isn’t that what you’re doing?”

I think your remark on the jannisaries is more on the mark than alt-right etc. think. They even bring it up sometimes without realizing its implications; ‘Mexico’s leaders are all white people and they send us all the “real” Mexicans’. There’s probably a reason why Mexican leaders are more white than their population. Same with Indians. Probably a number of other places too.

Maybe the “it’s because white(r) women are more beautiful” is a bit of cargo culting.

“Women have no nation.”

It’s an interesting idea that should be built upon. Females may have distinct genetic compositions, but “nationalism” as such is inherently male. If this proposition is correct, then it may be useful to conceive of females as a resource to be acquired and regulated, which I believe is how they were conceived of throughout most of history. That’s quite different from the contemporary WN consensus, which is very left-wing.

A world of ethno-states would just be a human zoo. Why should every ethnicity get its own country? Different groups have different needs. There’s also more than just one or two components to social compatibility. Its foolish and anti-realistic to deny the social agency by which changes naturally happen in interdependent groups.

“…Why should every ethnicity get its own country?…”

Well why shouldn’t they? You give no coherent reason that they shouldn’t have their own country. The Africans have Africa, the Asians have their Asian countries, why shouldn’t the White Man have their own countries?

“…social agency by which changes naturally happen in interdependent groups…” What kind of gibberish is that? What does social change have to do with interdependent? We use Japanese LCD screens does that mean I have to wear a Kimono? Ever read any Carlton Coons? He described Middle Eastern tribes all mixed in the same area where they all had different roles they played and got along but we separate.

An important post.
As you’ve said, you’ve never been treated better by whites for being white because of intense intra-group competition. And that includes treatment and consideration from white women.
Ironically, a white man’s race/being will be appreciated by an Asian or Latina woman. To an extreme, this is a negative/pathological aspect. But as a basic reason for affection, I don’t think it’s so bad. It’s a woman appreciating a man for being as he is isn’t so terrible.

I actually agree with everything in your article. I normally tend to comment when I disagree with something (which must be irritating!) but I hereby commend you.

As my friend the white nationalist farmer from the midwestern United States says, “I am spreading my seed ALL OVER the land”. Eventually, he (and you, the author) might be right about White, i.e. yes, we shall overcome.

Absolutely. And, the exceptions usually prove the rule!
Even the Uber Superior NSDAP recognized a certain amount of mixing. Modern so-called and self-styled White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis are generally useless fanboys, to the extent that in NS Germany, they wouldn’t have been hired to deliver the mail or sweep up the streets.

Not sure what to do about the situation, but if opportunity ever permits, clap the best White female strays into leg irons and put them in their place and don’t hesitate to drag off a Japanese or even a mulotto “Keeper” by the hair. 😎⚡⚡

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