The Rise of Bio-Mercantilism

Today, a shipment of illegal immigrants foisted on the general American population by its irresponsible elites was flown, by a stubborn state governor, directly to Martha’s Vineyard, an exclusive island set aside for the resort mansions of the wealthy and powerful. Those who assumed these wanderers would always be someone else’s problem, namely of their enemies, are now in one fell swoop disabused of that notion. Begun, the Bio-Mercantile wars, have.

I first christened the idea of Bio-Mercantilism in 2018. I thought we all needed a term to describe the role of population transfer and disparities in fertility in the 21st century. The term was a bit of a spinoff of Bio-Leninism, another great concept that helps describe our present age. I couldn’t help but notice that moving around people plays a bit of a different role than at other times in history.

There have always been population migrations of humans but what we see now is made unique by:

1 – The lack of military conquest in conjunction with demographic incursion.

2- The undertaking of non-violent demographic conquest and displacement as a conscious policy decision.

3- Players in the game try to improve the quality of their human capital while degrading the quality available to other players. This is where the mercantilism part comes in. Powers now compete over people rather than bullion.

Since the world wars and the atom bomb, the price tag on conventional warfare has become increasingly costly and the rewards of loot and pillage by itself increasingly paltry next to having functional international trade. Moreover, access to mass media seen by the whole world makes large-scale organized violence even more politically unpalatable.
Never before has it been a viable strategy to send pregnant women to take over territory, nor has a population simply breeding more ever guaranteed political power by itself, but now, in the 21st century, it suddenly has become one of the most successful and efficient methods of achieving geo-political goals.

A war of attrition grinds on between Russia and Ukraine, the offense and defense almost perfectly matched in a near-stalemate for six months now with no end in sight and many thousands dead. Meanwhile, the elite class of the Globalist Empire has typically achieved many of its goals without a single shot fired through the gradual process of demographic displacement, subsidizing the fertility of desired groups, and punishing the fertility of undesirable groups.

These processes have been going on of course at least since 1965 in the US, but the main change I notice worldwide is every major player has become aware of this method of attack.
Within the increasingly fractured US, state governors have been sending busloads of illegals to cities dominated by the ruling class for some time now, but this new gesture of sending uprooted peasants right to the doorsteps of aristocrats represents a degree of deliberateness and strategy we have not yet seen.
Bio-Mercantilism is no longer a one-sided decades-long directive from the Imperial City; increasingly, errant feudatories strive to fight back by playing the same game. No one is allowed to shoot each other yet, so until then pregnant women from far-off lands are the choicest munition of the 21st century.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

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