Suburban Populism Beats Rural Traditionalism In Mass Identity Politics

Race is indeed a major dividing line between human beings and their collective interests but class and culture is often at least as important.  The dissident right’s model of reality falls short when it focuses on race while ignoring class.  

Barack Obama, for example, is anathema to working class Whites as Trump is to upper middle class Whites.  People across the political spectrum seem to focus on Obama’s Blackness even though he is only half-Black and talks and acts White much of the time.  Race is a huge factor, but at least as significant is how Obama oozes a smarmy SWPL vibe.  When you combine race and class in one man, you end up with anti-red-state personified.  When Obama said “clinging to guns and religion” that was roughly equivalent to Trump saying “not sending their best” or “grab them by the pussy.”   

The upset defeat of Roy Moore is a good example of the importance of class and culture.  The focus on bibles and cowboy hats may have appealed to the rural working classes but alienated the suburban middle classes.  This leaves Reagan era conservatism and the religious right utterly discredited as decisive political forces.  Even a lame GOP candidate should have won easily in Alabama, by far too much for ballot stuffing in the cities to make a difference.
To be successful in politics, populists and racial identitarians must be able to reach across the huge class and culture barrier or at least, not be overtly threatening to the other side.

On right wing blogs and on gab I see endless discussion about everything from being “trad” to restoring the Christianity of the crusades(Deus Vult!).  Also pretty popular is posturing about getting married to virgins somewhere in rural Montana or putting sodomites back in the closet.  These are kind of cool-sounding concepts that establish an aesthetic and a “feel.”  They’re great for memes and trolling too. The problem with all these things is some people start to forget that this stuff is fantasy.

In the real world, most of America lives in the suburban orbit of the cities and not only does a minority live in the more traditional countryside, lots of them are old people.  The city and its hinterlands is where most the action is at.  The country has the advantage of providing safer territory for right wing populists to operate in, but in any kind of electoral politics, suburbanites both middle and working class have to be the main focus.  Even people in the country can use facebook and tinder now.  Going “trad” is a recipe for failure at this point.  Nobody really can go back or even really wants to.  The real question is what replaces obsolete, dead social structures.

That’s a problem that can’t really be dealt with until more urgent matters are settled first.  What most Euro-Americans can agree on now across class lines are the principles of alt-centrist tribal populism.  Everyone younger than boomers intuitively gets that the pie is either static or shrinking for most people no matter how headlines boast about unemployment or the stock market.  Thus the fundamental question all politics must address is how to increase the security and access to resources of a given group.  First, constituents need solid proposals of how they will materially benefit. 

Talking about “heritage” is a good start to set the tone, but the looming reality is we have jobs we have to show up at, bills to pay—and that’s what informs most of our actual actions.  European roots are just an abstraction for the typical suburban White American.  The way forward is to remind them how they are living in exile and can be forced to run away again at any time, how affirmative action turns their jobs into nightmares, how immigration legal or illegal crushes their wages, how the law fails to protect them from colored criminals and punishes them more severely, how their taxes fund the very parasites they struggle to fend off…

The mistake of speaking to principles and responsibility is no one actually wants those things.  Being principled and responsible is tough and in the modern workplace these behaviors are not rewarded, or even crushed and punished instead.  Nobody cares.  Successful politics offers people something they want.  The common complaint about the left’s successes is they give out “free stuff.”  Well, that’s exactly what a successful faction is supposed to do for its people.  If you don’t get a share of the plunder, why bother?  A political movement that spouts empty platitudes about individual responsibility while leaving its ordinary backers with empty pockets has already lost.

Heritage, tradition, cohesiveness, self-improvement, and responsibility are the legitimate language of nascent neo-tribes and cells of activists for whom loyalty and cooperation matters most—but it has no place in mass politics. 
Dissident activist groups already form a sort of cultural aristocracy, a tiny handful who make international headlines every time they appear in public.  As a vanguard they have a powerful ability to nudge the ship in the direction they want it to go, but they can’t forget—they are not the ship.
Most of us are still stuck on the 20th century idea that every successful idea must become a mass movement.  In the 21st century, there is a strategy for the cultural aristocracy and a lowest-common denominator approach for people who are just worried about paying the bills.

Both the counter-cultural aristocracy and regular people alike must understand how race, class, and culture intersect.  If there is excessive focus on race, the upper classes win by simply dividing the races against each other and making them fight over the crumbs.  It blinds identitarians to important institutional divides.

A video came out recently showing a white man abjectly begging police for his life as they scream contradictory instructions at him and make him play a life-and-death game of Simon says until they have an “excuse” to pull the trigger.  The guys who shot Daniel Shaver after treating him worse than an animal were White themselves.  But anyone with common sense knows the real color of a cop’s skin is Blue.

I have wanted to vomit in my mouth a bit every time I’ve seen right-wingers heaping praise on police and the military.  I’ve been perplexed at their sense of shock every time the institutions have turned on them.  Had they understood other factors than race, they would have known the enforcers of the system are their most natural enemies.
This is in fact an area where the alt-right and black lives matter share common ground.  These groups are also natural enemies but perhaps both could set aside their differences where the police are concerned.

Successfully pursuing identitarian interests will require just this kind of diplomatic nuance.  A group with an incorrect or incomplete model of reality can easily be triggered into counter-productive and self-destructive actions.  By indulging in delusion, the establishment left has been caught in a downward spiral since Trump came down the golden escalator.  Now their energies are consumed by feminist witch hunts, race-politics in sports, and obsession with fever dreams of impeachment.  Entrapment in that blinding haze of rage, panic, and pain is a fate any faction would wish to avoid. 

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

17 replies on “Suburban Populism Beats Rural Traditionalism In Mass Identity Politics”

The left and the right really aren’t as divided as they appear to be. They all congregate and revolve around various “social interest groups” like what types of ideals to protect (Christianity, multiculturalism, equality for all human beings and races, etc.) that will help society become a utopia.

The media really plays up the wedge issues when there is plenty of overlap in terms of what they overall want. The imperialistic notion for the Conservative military is really a byproduct of the gluttonous traditionalism that they want to pervade their lives and each other’s own. It functions as a tangible equivalent of an army of God. Liberals however merely redirect this instinct into the government.

I regularly chat in a friendly way with three different retired NYC cops — one’s my building-super, one’s a fellow adjunct, one works out at my gym — who all seem to me to be decent, sympathetic human beings who have probably always tried to do their jobs competently.

When I was arrested for marijuana possession in Maryland twenty years ago all of the cops involved were nice, polite, and businesslike with me, except for one nasty lesbian who was only on the scene in the beginning. So it’s not just NYC.

I’m sure many if not most cops are just regular people but it doesn’t change the structural nature of police forces as basically a state-backed gang that keeps all the others in check.
Even the decent ones have a well-known tendency to help cover for the corrupt and violent behavior of their colleagues. Also, as with anything you can say NAXALT but I think it is safe to say that the police attract a disproportionate amount of people who get off on power trips.
I would even say cops are kind of a breed. They just have a look to them. That beefy build, tight facial expression, heavy, prolish facial features, their whole demeanor.
Indulging in old-fashioned sentimentality and failing to understand the real nature of police forces resulted in right-wingers getting blind-sided.

They DO have that beefy look.

Cops are just tools; 9-fivers like everybody else who are just loyal to a steady paycheck.

The trick is getting into management in the world. The rulers can create organizations of people and/or move up in them.

But ask yourself this: if you got to the top, would you be loyal to the ideals that you currently espouse? Or would you conclude the only truth is power and simply do whatever it takes to protect and expand yours? It’s amazing how people’s ideals always match their self-interest.

This reminded me of the time when, at JFK, my wife fell while holding our 1-year-old and the baby’s head hit the floor to some some extent. The baby wasn’t seriously hurt, but my wife didn’t realize that, and was sitting on the floor, wailing. A cop came and talked to us, and he was helpful in a remarkably non-condescending way. A white guy with an expressive face, not troll-like, not acting as if he knew what’s best for everyone. And when it was clear everything was okay, he helped us talk the airline into letting us on the plane (they were worried about whether our child would need medical help, but she was okay and we needed to go home). It was like a glimpse back into a more civilized age when people could treat each other with natural trust and respect.

Tactically the police arrest criminals and suppress crime, strategically they’re the gunslingers for the system that is waging a war of extermination, mostly through racist colonialism, against white America, Canada, Britain, etc., that will eventually turn these nations into corrupt, lawless third-world dumps. Certainly in the long run the police enable more crime than they prevent. The bottom line is you can’t be a good cop in a rotten system and the politically correct West is starting to stink. Cops are more and more openly supporting the crimes of their masters, such as turning a blind eye to Rotherhams or antifa violence, as the gloves come off and the system doesn’t even bother to pretend that it isn’t structured on white-hating racism and exploitation, the criminal police segue into political police, overtly prioritizing defending the interests of their masters over that of the people, particularly white people.

If we don’t need mass movements why care about suburban populism?

As a transition perhaps, but I foresee an aristocracy that rises from successfully taking control of the military at the time of Collapse.

Aristocracy is and always has been militarily-inclined, either through direct armed service or through support.

You can’t have a real aristocracy of bankers.

There’s no doubt military and police are currently severely compromised but you could say the same for the financial and entertainment sectors. Foreign control means foreign values means foreign outcomes.

The guiding vision and the values of the aristocracy, if they are part of the chain of European heritage and can re-claim that interrupted destiny, are what matter most.

Right. Engaging in mass politics is an utterly futile endeavour for the right. Since most of the population does not share our values we’re never going to win through elections.

What we need is a form of soft exit. As much as possible, quietly secede from mainstream society and build our own. Continuously gather manpower and resources until someday, maybe 20 years, maybe 200 years from now when clownworld reaches the end of it’s rope we step in and create a new order.

An interesting Supervillain known as “Pius Vindex” … a thought-bubble, or remarks addressed to lower-ranking confederates in a dark conference room? … is he hooded? does he wear a 1950s style brimmed hat? white gloves or a prosthetic cybernetic hand?

A dark suit will do just fine, Garr.

Have you got a better plan than the supervillain option? You can go ask Trump how working within the system is going.

“…A video came out recently showing a white man abjectly begging police for his life as they scream contradictory instructions at him and make him play a life-and-death game of Simon says until they have an “excuse” to pull the trigger…”

That video is shocking. He told him to simultaneously not put his hands down then to crawl on his hands then…I have no idea why he shot him. I watched it twice to see but couldn’t bear to watch it any more. I saw no reason for him to shoot him at all. He did appear to stumble , one hand buckled but…I can’t believe they shot him.

There was a comment on the video that if this happens to you you should just lay flat on your stomach with arms outstretched and not move at all. Don’t even say anything. I think this is good advice.

I’ve been told that most police training is by former Israeli police today. I think this is part of the reason they just shoot people so quickly. They’re training the police to treat us as Palestinians.

It’s pretty apparent that there is going to be no headway if there is going to be all this infighting the introverts already face a staggering opposition…

I’d like to read more elaboration around how it’s important to not make race the sole focus when describing problems and solutions. I understand how there are some whites who can be reached by discussing issues in terms of class as well as race, and in fact that may be the majority of current whites. They have been conditioned to believe white racial solidarity is the ultimate evil and even if they don’t agree, the social stigma of being openly pro-white is too much for most of them.

When discussing issues with normie whites I usually point out that the other races are not playing by the same rules as whites, that they continue to be highly tribal and act in their racial interests and that is in fact normal and why they are ascending and whites receding. I then tie up a topic by saying that whites gave it the old college try but they can’t defeat nature and if they want their children to succeed and have a decent future, they will need to join in the game playing by the same rules as everyone else, what’s in it for me, my family, my extended family = my race.

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