Charlottesville Will Help Alt-Dissidents

Right now the dust is still settling and people are still wrought up and that is a good thing. There are lots of objections and black pills.  I will address some:

They had bad optics!
Nothing they could have done would have assuaged their opponents in the least.  This has been proven ad nauseum.  Internally discourage the worst excesses like Nazi flags, Wehrmacht helmets, or anything KKK, but otherwise let it go.  Charlottesville should be enough to bury thoughts of appeasement for good.

But they did x thing wrong!
In making a move from the internet into meatspace lots of stuff is going to go wrong.  Real life is sloppy.  Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.  Remember how many panicked said it was the end of the world when Spencer said “Hail victory, hail Trump?”  That was a mistake, but everyone learned from it quickly and used the real-life feedback to adjust their strategy.
The important fact of Charlottesville is we saw an internet-based movement make a major transition into physical space.  That’s all that will matter.  Armchair generals gonna armchair.  They will always handwring over what could have been better while others go out and do things.

Trump Didn’t Help!
Mainstream political figures can’t overtly sympathize with those on extreme ends of the spectrum.  Do we ever see someone like Hillary Clinton praising the antifas?  Of course not!
Politicians deal with extremists in their coalition by pretending they don’t exist.  Trump refused to explicitly condemn the alt-rightists and that’s all that is needed, or can be reasonably expected from him.  Just imagine what the situation would be if Hillary Clinton were in power instead?  I don’t think the public emergence of the alt-right would have been politically possible.  Had it even been attempted, the leaders would have ended up in jail.  We’d have been busy fighting to prevent Chinese-style internet censorship and thereby losing even the ethereal platform we have.
A favorable leader gives the extremists a tacit nod that they will be unopposed as long as they don’t cross certain lines.   Then it’s up to the fringe political operators to achieve their objectives with the slack they’re given.

They Were Naive! What did they think would happen!
The whole point has been to play by the letter of the rules, one rule at a time so eventually an approach of moderation and appeasement becomes totally indefensible.  In this respect, Charlottesville is a brilliant success.  No one can ever again seriously argue that being more conciliatory is a reasonable approach.  This will ultimately force many fence-sitters squarely into the radical camp.

Now the Normies Hate Us! 
The vast majority of people go along to get along so long as their bread and butter isn’t immediately threatened.  They’d rather watch netflix, have a normal social life, and feed their families.  They can be thought of as neutrons.  Maybe they collectively have a weak gravitational pull but are otherwise inert.  The interaction of the charged particles is what matters.  As the course of the mainstream changes, those who go with the flow change with it.  So long as there is at least one significant demographic that is somewhat sympathetic towards the radicals, they’ll be fine.  Comments on Breitbart and the_donald suggest to me the necessary support is there.

This Proves the Institutions Are All Against Us!
This only disillusions people even more. Charlottesville even redpills people regarding the cops.  Until now it’s been a common sentiment on the right that law-enforcement will be on their side.  This expectation has now been proven horribly wrong.  At first, many may react with despair as each established institution lets its mask slip when pressured.  In the long run, it helps destroy the legitimacy of the system as its true nature is methodically exposed in all its facets.  The vast majority will just keep going to their day jobs no matter what happens but there is a proper audience that sees what’s happening and cares.  Even if they do nothing, it is essential to have a base of sympathizers. Even making ordinary, contented people feel the system is no longer infallible or the best possible way of life is enough.

The Deaths Will Drown Out The Message!
The people who got ran over make sure the story is on the front page of every publication and everyone’s heard of it.  Hillary Clinton’s alt-right speech made normal middle class people aware of an alt-right consisting of civic-nationalist infowars and breitbart.  Now the public has been introduced to the ethnic-identitarian alt-right as a movement.  Simply entering into the mainstream consciousness is a major milestone and implicitly expands the window of political views.  Breitbart is not longer the farthest, scariest edge before you reach the KKK.
That the accident took place as someone panicked while under attack means the alt-right can’t really be blamed for it.  A deliberate attack by an alt-rightist would have been a genuine disaster and of course that’s what they were hoping for, but they didn’t get it.
They can spin it so many people, who are implacably unfavorable anyway, think nazis are out to run people over, but they can’t actually do anything to perpetuate it more than a couple news cycles or get the leverage to force Trump to denounce the alt-rightists.

Charlottesville was a significant strategic victory for the dissidents even if some might see it as a tactical defeat.
They conclusively proved for anyone who was receptive that the established order cannot be reasoned with.  At the same time, the core groups are energized by the official beginning of white civil rights.
For everyone else, they only need to be known.  Being a household name will be all that matters in getting them future international attention and recognition.

Update 8/16/2017: Every time before the antifas have engaged in a strategic action and then immediately melted away.  This kept it so most Americans hadn’t really heard of them.   The C’ville protest has triggered them into staying out in plain sight where they are massively overextending by lashing out with no long term strategy.  This has against my wildest expectations allowed the president to publicly denounce them.  This is  a huge victory for alt-dissidents!  The establishment has either lost control of their thugs or they have been baited into revealing their true nature in front of millions.  Humiliated in 2016, they are further exposed as both weak and incompetent.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

9 replies on “Charlottesville Will Help Alt-Dissidents”

Yes. When I was a kid, there’d be an occasional Nazi or KKK thing. They’d be allowed to do their thing, and they’d generally be belittled.
We know this is not just Nazis, and we know the organizers folllowed the laws. They’ve got plenty of ammo for lawsuits.
But they’ve also just shown white people don’t get to say anything. This is also happening on the left, with Bernie Sanders and various others being shut down by Black Lives Matter. Just saw some video in my feed (didn’t bother to watch it) about some white leftist lady being shouted down because her opponent was black.

I generally don’t like protests, but I think they’ve managed to reinforce the anti-white nature of things today.

Wrong. One year ago, if you told people you were alt-right, most would never have heard of it and be intrigued. You could explain your beliefs however you liked. Now, if you tell people you’re alt-right, they’re going to think you’re a violent Nazi. You’re going to spend all you’re time trying to explain other people’s actions. Most people have still never heard of antifa. The narrative believed by virtually all normies is, “Evil Nazis killed three people in defense of slavery.”
My Father is a strong man and a true believer in 20th century Americanism. The kind of man who won WWII. Based on the narrative he heard, he believes that all “Nazi” organizations should be outlawed, the government should never have given permission to protest, and the police should have been more aggressive. As long as men like my Father are deadset against you, your defeat is assured.

” Most people have still never heard of antifa”

But they’ll see the images of feral, mongrel, thugs with baseball bats compared to clean cut white men. Subliminal penetration. Images bypass cognition and become part of pysche.

Your father’s generation created the baby boomers.

My Father is a boomer, they’re not all fags. And there are still millenials and gen-xers like him in the military.

The media is very careful to show all the fattest, dirtiest, most Nazi LARPiest rightists they can, while showing mostly the cleanest most normal looking leftists they can. This is how most people who don’t follow alternative media will perceive the sides. The solution is to carefully screen everyone who appears at public rightist events so that clean, healthy, well dressed people are the only ones to be seen.

I’m sure your father’s a fine fellow but overall the boomer generation didn’t leave things the way they found them.

Media will spin it against whites even if they all look like Spencer. They catch him with angry looks all the time. They spin it as “angry white men.” Spencer’s a great performance artist. Almost as good as Trump. He actually gained sympathy from Washington Post commenters when they kicked him out of a gym. LOL.

My advice to young white men is to move into cities. Get out of the suburbs. Know your enemies better than they know you. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It’s easy. Just remember to always agree with “no differences between races and sexes” and then go about your business normally but discreetly.

1. Is your father as deadset against heroin dealers?

2. The Media will put on anything that will please employees, ownership, and the advertisers, as long as they don’t get caught committing too much slander or libel. I doubt many employees of US media companies or any major US advertiser wants good coverage for the Alt-Right. Mr. Spencer could have literally read the Constitution, and the media would say he was using hate speech.

3. “Carefully Screen” is impossible under current conditions. To “Carefully screen” at Cville, both those individuals and anyone unfortunate to be behind them would have been assaulted by circling Antifa. Since the police did absolutely nothing to protect individuals attending a rally with a permit backed up by a Federal Court order, I doubt they would have provided more assistance as rally attendees underwent a BMI test.

The local radio guys already know Unite the Right were the ones with the legal permit (and federal court injunction). The narrative is going to fall fast. Even that driver probably shouldn’t be charged because some antifa idiot attacked his car.
Meanwhile, antifa gets up to more antics. They get more visible. The collaboration between them, the state, and the city becomes more obvious. And they are stupidly self-righteous.
It takes time for everybody to process this stuff, to realize that a threat to ‘those Nazis over there’ actually means a threat to oneself.

Lot’s of people on the Alt-Right are having fits saying they lost because of Nazis, KKK or whatever yet they were only a few of them and the media would say that no matter what they did. I believe that the effort to completely immigrate Whites into a minority would have never got any news. No one would have said a thing. It would have just happened but now, Nazi, KKK or not, everyone knows if Whites try to say anything they will be beaten down by the government. They might then start looking into other issues the evil Alt-Right is talking about. On those we’ll win as they’re just common sense. Now everyone on the planet knows who these people are. Big win.

My 70 year old father is one of those tough guys, ex military/retired fbi and he surprised me by being on the side of the alt-right at Cville. He believes we have the right to protest taking down the statues and he knows that the left is filled with violent criminal commies. He also thinks Richard Spencer is well spoken and makes a lot of sense and thinks the Cville govt and Va governor are a disgrace. And this is a guy who has never questioned the official narrative of anything before.

I bet a lot of the critics will one day claim to have been there at Cville. Good, bad and ugly, it was definitely a learning experience and revealed the true nature of what we are up against. For me, it was the day I realized America, the nation I grew up believing in, no longer existed.

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