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The Class Divide in the Alt Right

As the alt-right matures it can now be divided into working class and middle class wings.  Most of the arguments about strategy, methods, and optics since Charlottesville have at their root been different parts of society talking past each other.  The alt-right likes to talk about race, but too many of them seem to neglect class, which in some circumstances is even more important than race in a highly stratified America.  

The pre-existing White Nationalism 1.0 was a working class movement by its nature.  They were notorious for being abrasive purity-spirallers who don’t work well with others but those who made the transition to 2.0 have brought with them established organizational structures and are willing to show up in the real world.
At this point, when people are taking huge risks just stepping out into public, just showing up is the decisive factor, not wardrobe choice.  As a mercantile culture, we are still grappling with the new reality that action, revealed preference, and loyalty means more than words, presentation, or “brands.” 

From what I have seen, the most aggressively anti-social purity spirallers are already getting pushed out.  Over time I am seeing progressively fewer Nazi costumes.  As far as I can tell from pictures of Shelbyville, a few last people wearing nazi helmets are all that remains to be dealt with.  Counter-intuitively, complaints from the middle class wing of the alt-right actually grew louder after this event.  They were just as upset by a procession of people who looked like bikers and hunters dressed in black.  The reality is that working class groups won’t look nice and fuzzy, especially since the people who will actually show up tend to be the most angry and disaffected.  People who look determined and intimidating are not necessarily a bad thing.

The white polo shirt strategy has proven to be a stroke of genius that has created an image of the alt-right in the public consciousness.  More specifically, this has become the uniform of the middle class and SWPL alt-rightists.  They are trying to reach an audience where it pays best to be approachable, clean-cut, and well spoken.  While the black-clad bikers are gathering in rural white America, the polo preppy alt-right are targeting universities and urban areas.  

Rather than one conquering the other, these factions will end up pursuing their strategies in parallel.

I have seen a lot of criticism over the people showing up being “defective” but I think a lot of the armchair generals forget these are bands of dissidents.  The people who are comfortable and happy with their lives stay home, have other stuff to do, and have way too much to lose.  

The critics expect that the leaders of these groups can micromanage everyone like they are playing a real time strategy game and freak out about every negative thing the press seizes on.  In real life, these leaders are pirate captains elected into their roles by a motley crew of mutineers.

It takes a lot of guts and a disagreeable nature for anyone to actively go against what the rest of society is telling them to do, to reject false received wisdom, and seek out truth.  When you get a bunch of people like this in a room, you can’t expect any organization they form to run like a corporate department.  It’s only natural that it’s a bumpy ride and knees will get scraped. 

There has been a lot of public arguments between the leaders of these groups as they jockey for position and influence.  These are not crises but part of the natural process through which every organization is formed.  The clash of personalities has been a positive thing as the most able rise to the top and the worst narcissists, anti-social types, and the outright insane get weeded out.  

Every time there is a setback, loyalty gets tested and those who counter-signal too hard in the wrong way or against the wrong people fall by the wayside.  In these struggles, the class divide has been especially obvious. 

One leader screams at another about being a nazi larper only to be derided as an effete metrosexual in return.  One thing I have noticed though is over time certain rules of engagement have solidified and there are lines the leaders left standing no longer cross.  Now, even when disagreeing on tactics, there is almost always a disclaimer, of “I am glad this guy’s on our side but…”  

With pirate brawls now staying within this etiquette, the hierarchy steadily figures itself out.  Since the alt-right is the executive wing of the dissident sphere, those who come out on top will be those who can most effectively lead people to accomplish strategic goals in the field.

One of the biggest misunderstandings I see about the alt-right is from those who want it to become a mainstream political movement.  For some time yet, the niche of the alt-right is to be a minority of radicals who push the envelope and goad their enemies into over-extending.  By challenging the boundaries a few hundred alt-rightists can clear cultural space for millions more to drift slightly further towards them.

The alt-right is succeeding not by persuading everyone at once to their views but by changing the collective mood enough that alt-lite marketers are being forced to adapt or perish. 

Barely a year ago, a group with mostly gay men and women rose to become the alt-lite because their diversity points helped them get away with pushing ideas that no white straight guy could have presented to a large audience.  Someone like Milo was necessary and even his presence was enough to trigger a riot at Berkeley that was a huge turning point in exposing the establishment’s willingness to shut down free speech with violent thugs.

This excess lead directly to Antifa defeats at the battles of Huntington Beach and Berkeley forcing them to change their tactics ever since.  Few seem to reflect on the strategic significance of the fact that antifa has never again been able to attack independently, relying completely on sympathetic authorities to take their side. 

Now, it’s no longer necessary to be flamingly gay to popularize edgy political ideas.  Alt-lite figures like Milo are failing to make the transition and ex campus conservative types like James Allsup and Nick Fuentes are taking their place with far more discussion of ideas and less mindless sensationalism.  As the alt-right continues to keep on the pressure, it will change the culture—and the conventional politics lies downstream of culture.  

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

15 replies on “The Class Divide in the Alt Right”

The alt-right must become a political ecology, with the various strands diversifying and speciating to fill the niches. The various parts will often compete, sometimes even prey upon one another and some will go extinct. But like a natural ecology, every part makes the social environment more hospitable for every other part.

Yes, I have come to model human societies and their organizations as natural ecosystems. In the Enlightenment, they doubled down on the religious supposition that man is separate from nature and embraced the doctrine of rational man. These attitudes crippled the social sciences from the start.

Zman’s thinking about mainly regional rather than class-based divisions today, but his thoughts nevertheless overlap with yours.

Interestingly enough, rumor holds that AR “names” are partial to real time strategy.

Personal tastes aside, there is an apparent growing disconnect between those who attend in person, and those who do not. Noticably, those who had been “in the field” were quicker to drop differences than those who had not.

When strident criticisms and condemnations are coming from people who weren’t there, I sometimes imagine they think the leaders just needed their groups assigned to hotkeys and have higher APM to avoid undesirable incidents. “Duuude! I could out-micro that pepper spray. 2 EZ! Just watch for the first frame of the animation!”
I could also imagine it as a MOBA:
“Y u no ult when antifa initiated teh teamfight?! Srsly ur a nub RichardSpencer UNINSTALL!!1!!”

“…As the alt-right matures it can now be divided into working class and middle class wings. Most of the arguments about strategy, methods, and optics since Charlottesville have at their root been different parts of society talking past each other…At this point, when people are taking huge risks just stepping out into public, just showing up is the decisive factor, not wardrobe choice…”

I agree with this so much if pixels were points the page would flash white and blind you. I’ve been saying that I’m for any damn one we can get out to raise hell. Nazis, KKK, preppies, Gays, bikers, I don’t care who just as long as they make noise. Now Anonymous Conservative posted an EXCELLENT article on “r’s” that said when they believe the tide is turning they would flock to whatever side seems to be winning and would be MANY times more vicious and intolerant than even the strongest WN.

AC,”…As the white leftists get excluded by their minority brethren, watch for them to invade the white identity movement, and begin trying to co-opt the white population, turning them against minorities as a proxy army to serve as the white leftist’s protectors. Adolf Hitler the socialist will become Adolf Hitler the ultra-nationalist, ultra white-nationalist, and ultra-American patriot. In part it will be safety, and in part he will be genuinely pissed at the underprivileged who rejected his offer to lead them to victory over his fellow whites…”

It immediately occurred to me that this being true, and I think it is, the best strategy is to make as much noise as possible. To get a position and stick with it no matter what. It’s not like the standard Left line has any sort of rational thought at all. They could easily be just as irrational and be on our side. Here’s what I said there,

“…Maybe this explains why societal changes happen so fast. A small group steadfastly sticks to a position until they reach a certain trigger point then all the r’s switch to what they see as the winning side. These deep shifts could be thought of as “r” selected shifts. Not just a change in information that people suddenly see as true. A stampede…”

So we already know the “r’s” are irrational so any irrationality on our part, Nazi flags, etc. shouldn’t really phase them at all as long as it looks like we’re strong. The media, while blasting the Alt-right at Charlotte, really didn’t in any way show them to be weak. In fact it showed them to be strong.

Addendum. I think it extremely likely that the people carrying Nazi flags were Jews. Alex Jones said publicly that the Nazi flag bearers looked like Jews. The guy who hit that girl in his car was a Jew who went from the left to suddenly he’s a Nazi. Hmm. I think he got caught up in one of his own false flags ginning up hatred on the left then finding himself caught right in the middle of it.

Naw, if the guy in the car had been a Jew there would have been three posts with about ninety comments each about it at Lion’s blog.

“r” = “extrovert”?

Aren’t these big public rallies just meet-ups, basically? (I can’t see through the thick blurry plexiglass wall around NYC.)

“…“r” = “extrovert”?…”

No related to breeding habits. “r” would be rabbit “K” would be wolf or elephant.

What’s with the Cyrillic script?
Hitler and Himmler both “looked like Jews.”
Is “Bloom” necessarily a Jewish name? I mean, Alfred (((Rosenberg)))?
Whatever, I don’t really give a fuck. It’s all silly stuff.

“…It’s all silly stuff…”

It’s not silly at all. In the 70’s, I think, a Jew pretended to be a Nazi and marched through a Jewish area highly exciting a bunch of people and branding anyone on the right half crazed. This has happened a lot. If this guy was a Jewish plant and pretended to be an Alt-Right Nazi then kills someone I can’t see how that could not be very significant as to the brainwashing we’re getting from the media.

On my way downtown along 5th Ave in Brooklyn today I saw an “Anti-Communist Action” sticker, modeled on a typical Antifa sticker, but with a black and yellow double-flag and a silhouette of a guy getting thrown out of a helicopter. Very cool. The nice thing about this is that it reduces the pressure on me to remove Antifa and various related Anti-White stickers, including a new “Go back to Caucasia” sticker, that have been proliferating in my neighborhood. I’ve removed two or three hundred Antifa/Anti-White stickers in the past couple of years, and this compulsion probably endangers me, so I’m grateful to the guy who’s taking positive counter-action, whoever he is. I’ve also seen some “Free Kekistan” stickers down in the Carroll Gardens area — that’s cool too.

Antifa are social goons and Milo is basically a wildcard akin to a self-help guru using much of the same feel-good motivational dialect, rhetoric and hand gestures

It seems that people would prefer to be swept up by sensationalism and debasement than flip the card over and see what role it really plays in the scheme of things. Ants can only see what’s in front of them not what’s overhead.

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