Stopping the Race to the Bottom

A strong authority is necessary to stop a society-wide race to the bottom and tragedy of the commons, especially when the internet gives every individual actor highly accurate information.

Some problems are pretty obvious.  A lot of the dysfunctions with European-American flight and the hand-wringing over “good schools” can be solved by simply allowing freedom of association.  If neighborhoods can decide what kind of people belong in their territory, millions of people are suddenly free to become more stable and rooted, giving trust and social capital a desperately needed boost.  Sometimes, an inept or malicious state can break what naturally fixes itself.  This has been a main theme of Western politics since the 1960s cultural revolution.  Fixing this problem no doubt would also help with low Western fertility but that problem is more complex.

Even countries like Japan that experience minimal pressure from the expansion of hostile outgroups have some of the lowest fertility rates in the world.  There is a measure of altruism involved in having children but if it’s all headaches and sacrifice, no one wants to bother if they can avoid it.
If the state wants more kids from its core polity, it must take measures to make the prospect of fecundity more tolerable.

Western countries are extremely punitive towards men in every aspect of life while women have very little responsibility.  Women work, but they generally get first dibs on part-time middle-paid jobs in safe air-conditioned offices.  If they don’t want to work there is always state assistance, sex work, or a man who supports them.
In the inherently unstable modern mating market, men cannot continue to be held to 19th century expectations.
Draconian child support laws make it so even the horniest men above 90 IQ are going to be very thorough about using condoms or making sure she really is on the pill.  This is a recipe for underclass dysfunction and eventual idiocracy.

There’s millions of men and women holding out until they start to turn grey for the “right one” by the standards of a society that no longer exists.  The fields of the first world will remain barren and cracked so long as cooperating men are expected to make lifelong commitments to partners who can leave them at any time while plundering their assets.  The problem with going back to traditional marriage is in an urban, wired society, people have too much information to be easily content with one partner their whole lives.  Men crave variety.  Women always want to move up or at least diversify the genes in their child portfolio to hedge their bets against nature.

The way forces and incentives are aligned, it may make more sense to ease up on male penalties rather than mandate Sharia law.  Perhaps cooperating men get a slap on the wrist or no penalty for knocking up women, so that the anti-natal equilibrium becomes defect-cooperate rather than cooperate-cooperate.  If one side has little incentive to care about contraception, there will be more babies.  Perhaps there would still be state assistance for single mothers, but the amount would depend on who the father is.  If her drug dealer gets her pregnant, not a single penny of taxpayer money is forthcoming and perhaps she gets paid to get the abortion.
And of course, we must understand that marriage is a 5 year dating arrangement below the upper middle class in modern society.  There is no need to take half of a man’s stuff when it goes sour as it typically does.  If she wants to leave, she leaves with her stuff.  Period.  And the man gets some kind of guaranteed access to the kids if he wants it.  Maybe she even has to leave them behind with him.  Furthermore, in a promiscuous modern society with little means of enforcement, DNA tests need to be a default made mandatory under law before a man invests one penny in a child that may not be his.

Without some form of guaranteed paternity and freedom from state punishment for men, first world fertility is certain to continue its downward spiral.  And it’s our fault, not that of any other group.

I mentioned schools earlier but that is another area where the competition of individuals has gotten out of control.  First of all, the corrupt state gets a huge population addicted to public daycare for 12 years so both men and women can work full time.  This gives the economy a short term boost at the cost of cannibalizing future generations.  By age 18 a young person should be ready for adulthood.  There should be no such thing as a “teenage” state of limbo, a bizarre pathology that only emerged in the 20th century.  Since the dawn of time, the mission of young people has been to learn from adults, not to spend all day in an insane asylum full of other kids taking pointless classes about things that serve no use and which they will never remember.

Worse, schooling has only continued to become more bloated as many now spend 16 or even more than 20 years in school.  For those older workers making good salaries, it is always tempting to keep the young warehoused for as long as possible in an already over-saturated economy bombarded with illegal immigrants and H1-B visas.  College tuitions have been spiralling now for decades.  It is a dysfunctional race to the bottom that only the virtuous state can bring to a stop and which the corrupt and evil state aids and abets.
Contrary to the rhetoric of libertarian shills, corporations are happy to have a taxpayer-funded system that churns out certified conformists with a ball and chain of debt around their ankles to doubly ensure their meek compliance.
This undeserved support needs to be torn away and the monasteries dissolved.

The solution here is to limit compulsory education to reading, writing, and arithmetic for most people.  In the 19th century, most kids could be taught these skills in a few months here and there at minimal public cost when they were not needed for the planting and the harvest.  How far we have fallen.

Then, further education must be limited to people who are genuinely curious and able to learn.  In my own time in the public education system, nearly every class was packed to capacity and any attempt at teaching was sabotaged by kids who did not want to be there, all in the sacred name of Equalism.

College must be limited to the best of the best and the aristocracy only.  This way the righteous ruler can arrest a race to the bottom while nurturing geniuses who will shape history.  For hobbyists, there is always the internet and perhaps some of them will rise to the highest level on their own.

Health care is another area that has suffered from “cost disease.”  It’s the same problem as college tuition, really.  If everyone can get college loans, prices adjust to assume everyone has a loan.  If everyone gets health insurance, prices adjust so you can’t afford healthcare without health insurance.
The solution here is more obvious.
Populations at the first world level do pretty well with a single-payer system.  Mixed populations do well with both systems in effect.  If you are a cooperator who pulls your own weight, you can tap into the single-payer free system.  If you are underclass, you have cash for your treatment or you die.  That’s how it works in many countries with high levels of stratification.  The US has just had enough wealth so far that it has managed to avoid facing reality with stupid schemes like trying to have mass subsidies for health insurance.(Affordable Care Act.) The inevitable result of this disastrous policy is even higher prices.

As you can ascertain from this essay, most of the solutions to these seemingly intractable problems are not that complicated if the ruler has an accurate understanding of reality and human nature.
The root cause is a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be a ruler and what duties that exalted social position entails.  The people must be protected from self-destructive game theory equilibria as zealously as they must be defended from outside invaders.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

8 replies on “Stopping the Race to the Bottom”

I would niggle a but about an urban, wired society making monogamy “impossible” because people are aware of variety and options. This has always been a problem. Wise societies that mandate monogamy has been the solution. In past times even the kings mistresses were usually married as at least a cover; you might get more than one woman but you couldn’t monopolize more than one which is where we (and the terminally dysfunctional Islamic world) are at now.

Unfortunately as long as we hand out rights to people who don’t have duties (beyond the rights to life liberty and property) we will be stuck until nature finally collapses the edifice.

hey man, if you wanna see what real shitwork is like you should work for a 3rd party company that contracts to Amazon.

Anyways, one of the blind spots of the “libertarian tough guys.” Many people who work get foodstamps, it’s not just your mythical underclass as it is working poor. (Which you are/were among???)

I never had a libertarian phase. I always understood that my employers would pay me nothing at all and work me to death if they could possibly get away with it. Never understood why this basic concept isn’t obvious to most people. Everyone wants something for nothing. I got food stamps in Maryland for a few months just because I could with minimal effort. I spent it all on smoked salmon, olives, artisanal cheese, prosciutto, mineral water, organic pecans, raw honey, icelandic yogurt, and foie gras at whole foods.

I remember you telling me that. That is in fact why I mentioned that you were/are “working poor.” I collected unemployment benefits twice in my life and quite frankly I wish it was for more because I was able to spend time pursuing artistic project and sleep in as late as I wanted. Of course to most manuresphere dudes, that makes me a “welfare parasite.” Never mind that I had to work jobs that Matt Forney and David Futrelle couldn’t get off their morbidly obese fats asses to do to even qualify for those bennys…

Free geographic based education, child care, subsidies, all of that is a requirement for free movement of labor, which is what was desired when wage inflation and union-based politicians were the domestic issue (~late 1940s-mid 1980s). After that, far too critical of a constituency, to say nothing of any ideological implications.

We’d probably be better off simply expelling troublesome groups from our shores and/or shooting them en mass.

Also divorce and custody problems can be dealt with a strict limit on alimony (1 year for non working mothers, none for working moms) fault only divorce and mandatory guaranteed male parental custody baring of course legal proof of abuse of neglect

This patriarchy arrangement serves two needs, it keeps women who want the kids from initiating divorce as they lose the kids and they make men a bit more careful as he can be charged with criminal neglect when he doesn’t take care of his kids.

That aside you aren’t going to reverse the problems without a stiff degree of economic regulation /nationalism designed to artificially increase the wages of workers.

This must happen in order to get fertility up as it seems there is an extremely strong correlation between economic decline (measured as percent GDP) and low fertility in a society with a significant urban component

We see this in the 1930’s to the 40’s and against from the 1970’s onward. All different cultures and ethnic mixes There was one year of very slightly above replacement fertility during that period caused only by a confluence of multiple fertile generation and mass immigration during a boom and it was slight.

It may be that low fertility is a permanent fixture of all developed societies at a certain point which means it will correct once society is no longer developed that much or enough people are faith based

Personally I do think with great effort and genuine patriarchy it might be possible to get the TFR up a little. Most people probably want two kids

However it will also require a lot of social changes that may not be possible

Now re: national health care

It won’t happen in the US because of diversity. Americans historically have been unwilling to pay more than 20% of the entire GDP in Federal taxes (its called Hauser’s Law) and any attempt to get much above this ends up with lower economic activity and the Laffer curve gutting your income

You also can’t change the culture here either, any taxes gathered will just become ethnic spoils in a multi-ethnic state and in essence working Whites would have to pay for non Whites . It won’t happen or work all bleats of racism to the contrary. Tribe is truth.

if you want national health care the USG has to have a long standing reputation for honesty it doesn’t have and be essentially mono-ethnic. After the disaster of the Great Society in the inner city a lot of people are very hesitant to embrace Social Democratic ideals

The reason of course you can’t have honesty is our Representative system can’t work. To fix it would require other policy choices, shutting off money and cleaning the institutions so that they represent people not the Left .

Kill the cathedral off , make the pols honest and cut out the big money and you have a small shot after we deport 30-50 million or more people

I agree with all of this. I think the best shot we have at doing any of this is to get control of the voting process as I’ve outlined several times. Specifically if you don’t contribute to the tax base you don’t vote. I would include all state and federal workers except the military in that class.

The State can actually do great things. We have done so, interstate highways, electrification, etc. but over time the leeches have sunk their teeth into these sorts of programs and squander as much money as they use to actually do anything. A representative situation is the levees in New Orleans. Local political groups took over the commissions and used the money to take trips and have nice get togethers instead of spending on the levees. There was criticism of not enough money put into these systems and they would probably be correct but they didn’t note that no one wanted to send them any more money as they wasted what they had. If they were actually doing what they were supposed to maybe they could have got more funds . No one wants to give Blacks more money to eat shrimp and take vacations.

I wonder if this is not the case in the California dam spillway? A valve was broken in the dam that released water and the spillway had cracks but no one fixed this stuff even though they KNEW that record water was coming from the huge snow packs. They had plenty of time.

The whole country seems to be suffering from this sort of idiots plague where they take things over having little knowledge of what they are doing and not paying the slightest bit of attention to those that do. I was looking at the Lock-Heed Martin F-35 fiasco one time and on a hunch looked up who ran it. A Women who used to run a bread company. Now that’s an honorable way to make a living but to run a company that is supposed to be at the top of a technological pyramid…it’s not enough. A lot of companies are like this now. They have people who only look at spreadsheets and haven’t a clue on what technological breakthroughs they can most effectively spend money on to break free of other companies and boost long term profits. All they know is how to squeeze what money they have put of operations at hand. To be successful you have to invest “wisely” in the future and they don’t seem to have the technical chops to do so. Look at what Musk did. Notice that all the techniques Musk used to move forward are well proven, conservative engineered designs. He did put these together but they were all proven. The key is Musk is smart enough to recognize what these are and how to put them together. The spreadsheet capitalist is not. He doesn’t have the background. I believe this is severely effecting our countries growth. The spreadsheet business types were put in charge because business thought innovation had slowed and these guys were great at squeezing out the last cent of profits but they are worthless for building the future.

Growth where all the spoils go the top might as well not be growth. If 90% of a 20 trillion GDP is in 10% of hands, the real GDP is closer to 4 trillion, 2 trillion in wages, 2 trillion in taxes

That said we don’t need technological breakthroughs, nearly everything outside of a few medical ones is a hazard more than a benefit.

Adapting to a mature society is a huge challenge that America faces. I can’t blame those who don’t want the US to become sclerotic like Europe but the frontier has been closed for a century and even if we deported a lot of people, 275 million is a full county and we need policies for such a nation, not a frontier

The other option, space. Well long and short, space isn’t going to happen to be frank, is stupid on its face

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