Alt-Right Drift Towards “Leftist” Policies

I’ve recently discussed the combination of Alt-Right and Alt-Left into an Alt-Center synthesis but it has been increasingly brought to my attention that elements of the alt-right already show support for issues such as single-payer healthcare.  I was skeptical when commenter Nulle Terre Sans Seigneur told me that Spencer’s group and Counter-currents embraced “leftist” policies.  I figured it might just be a few outliers.  Then Robert Stark of Stark Truth Radio brought it up as well, pointing me to certain links.  It appears that actual leaders such as Richard Spencer endorse these issues.

That this is new to me suggests they may downplay their position on this issue relative to others, knowing well it is still unacceptable and equated with evil “socialism” on much of the right.  Or, it could be I tend to exclude individual personalities as noise from much of my analysis, preferring to look at trends and incentives.  I took a closer look and found Spencer wrote a piece on the issue back in March when Ryancare was the topic of discussion and sure enough, a good proportion of his commenters were skeptical at best about his proposal with libertarian types as usual insisting on a return to “the free market.”

I can’t honestly say how much influence Spencer or writers for Counter-Currents actually have over the larger dissident right but they have already understood in which direction the natural synthesis of ideas lies.  It comes as no surprise to me that Spencer seems to come from an upper middle class or higher background, a demographic that more typically produces alt-leftists or neo-reactionaries.  As a fashion-conscious, city-dwelling socialite, who speaks with a faint lisp it seems in retrospect less surprising that his political views might be hybridized in some ways very similar to what I have anticipated.

The alt-nationalists will ultimately go in this direction as a whole.  As whites steadily slip from being an overwhelming majority, their politics will increasingly resemble minority politics.  In other words, leaders will be expected to bring back pork barrel rewards for their people at the expense of the other tribes.  Little do triumphalists or defeatists watching demographic trends realize that a 40% white country where all whites are forced to bloc vote to survive will be paradoxically more formidable in politics than a 65% white population that’s deeply divided.   As this shift occurs, single-payer healthcare will be tacitly understood as healthcare for whites first.

Just today, it has been decided a dismantling of Obamacare is finally to be discussed on the senate floor.  Mainstream leftists are recoiling in horror that the party of rich corporate warhawks is taking away healthcare from ordinary people.  It cannot even be explained to them within their egalitarian world view where the popular support for these measures derives.  First universal systems of redistribution that are bleeding the remnants of the middle class dry have to be done away with so that wealth can be run through more protected channels.  In countries where groups with 100 IQ or greater are in the minority,  we see the emergence of parallel societies and institutions for emergent castes in the 3rd world style.  The USA, unexceptional as ever, is in no way immune to the forces that affect everywhere else.

Abortion too is backed by Spencer and friends.  This implacable rock on which culture warriors shattered themselves will be reinforced by the dissidents as tribes form, with the tacit understanding that its purpose is to restrict the fecundity of ethnic rivals and keep the dysgenic underclasses in check.  The practical necessity of such measures as the struggle grows desperate will gradually discredit those misguided conservatives who still object.

The more intellectual alt-rightists are already thinking some years ahead.  They are aware that a constituency with many ex-mainstream conservatives and libertarians isn’t ready to accept alt-centrist views just yet and may be gradually testing the popular mood until the time is right to push the discourse of their blogs into popular rhetoric.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

12 replies on “Alt-Right Drift Towards “Leftist” Policies”

The alt-right has no realistic conception of one of the most essential things that must come to pass for restoration to ensure: a drastic reduction of female participation in the workforce.

As long as women work the same jobs as men and get “equal pay” (by no means, however, do they do an equal work: in labor that is even moderately physical, for instance, the men and the women receive the same wages, even though men do all of the tasks done by women, but women don’t do all of the men’s tasks, as some of the men’s tasks are too difficult for them to do; or simply put, men are required to work harder, but get paid the same), the fertility rate is necessarily low, family formation is difficult, resistance to Feminist social engineering is almost impossible, and there’s a general sense of asphyxiation from all the metaphorical estrogen in the metaphorical water supply.

Since the alt-right doesn’t generally address the fact that WE NEED TO FIRE THE VAST MAJORITY OF WOMEN FROM THEIR JOBS in order to safeguard civilization, it’s just not all that very realistic about what it’d take to get a true revival going. Sperm count is at an all-time low for two reasons: one, exponentially increasing de-novo mutations; two, Feminism, which a hostile alien force occupying the brains of most Westerners. The latter problem can be solved swiftly, but the alt-right isn’t willing to even propose the obvious solution.

Women going to work is *the* fundamental issue in this lesbian-dyke Feminist assault on civilization. No female jobs, no modern Feminism – end of story. So simple, yet nobody says it.

“…a drastic reduction of female participation in the workforce…”

That’s not going to happen. No point on even wishing for it. Women like the independence.

I think the best solution to this problem is to implement segregation programs. Women can work, just shouldn’t mix with male efforts. Of course feminists are 100% opposed to this idea as they are tacitly aware that women gain huge advantage by mixing(and manipulating) with men.

This isnt so much a a drift to the left as it is a reversion to pre-ww2, pre-libertarian/objectivist/neo-con conservatism.

They have one objective- white nationalism. They don’t think anything else matters. If they can get some bernie supporters on board by accepting socialized health care, they will. They will look at places like Sweden before the Muslim invasion and say, well, it works in a white country. They want to get to a white country first, and talk about all this other stuff later.

Most of them are former libertarians.

That’s not correct.

What the .Alt Right is about is a classic western civilization and restoring it, one piece at a time. One of those pieces does include a White society but its deeper than that

The easy shorthand IMO is “Reactionary Paleo- Conservatives using Rules for Radicals.” It also has a firm understanding of the Overton window and the fact is you can’t eat an orange in one bite as it were.

However as its not a structured traditional movement and is leaderless there is going to be disagreement on some issues, who is .Alt Lite, .Alt Right or .Alt White for example

And while its not the only ideological base, Vox Day’s 16 Points are probably the best overall outline

Certainly Pro White and Pro White nations but not opposed to anyone else and almost isolationist in flavor.

Its also anti egalitarian and while its not opposed to restricting female suffrage first things first. The upcoming 50% Non White America and highly Liberal Europe flowing with Muslims and Africans can’t make changes like that

Shore up the foundation of the house first

Spencer is credited with creating the term .Alt Right and fairly but he’s not “the movement” an no matter what the Media opportunistically thinks, doesn’t represent it.

Again in another way I suppose he suppose he does since the .Alt Right runs a bit on the “I am the leader of the .Alt Right and so can you.” principle

That said thinking of it in term of a traditional movement is I think flawed. Its intentionally leaderless and non structured, In time it will have to take on that role but its not yet the time.

Also as noted in the 16 points, the .Alt Right is science based and as such willing to make policy calls on economics that further help survival even if they are associated with the Left .

What matters is “does it work?”

Its definitely White Nationalist in flavor and of course willing to tolerate them as fellow travelers

That Leftist way of doing things which has left a lot of NRX and the “Moral Reformer” types like Davis Aruini a little butt-hurt but like I said shore up the foundation.

And truth to tell the Scandinavian system minus immigrants works as well as the other does, Its total fertility rate is the same and its life expectancy is similar.

anyway the .Alt Right is far more an insurgency or a vague brand name than a party

This is a good thing . The .people these well aware of what happened to the Tea Party (subverted and ruined) and in a more visceral sense when ISIS tried to become a state

Regardless the BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) adopted from the Left is of course infuriating to some but given the Conservatives have lost every battle except US Federal gun rights and its a push there, it matters not.

When or the West dies and quibbling about female suffrage can wait.

meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv qoH neH

(and yes its Klingon, only a fool fights in a burning house )

Oh and I do like you analogy though not all the Left is opposed

“…They have one objective- white nationalism. They don’t think anything else matters…”

The reason being that without that you have no hope for the future of Western civilization. Forget Libertarianism or equal legal rights. All that will be gone and all that will remain will be a a race struggle between the various races gnawing on the carcass of the once USA.

I know I’m part of the leftist Alt-Right. I’m reality based but also believe in big government programs that spread risk and insure against the grievances of life’s up and downs. If we’re not going to have that then cut the government to the absolute bone and leave me alone. Kill off all the gimmedats. I do believe in paying for them though and not borrowing money to do so. Especially from central banks that are just ripping us off anyways.

It occurred to me the best answer to the larger question- can there ever be an alt-center- can be found with the alt-economist Steve Keen. Keen is a leftist but his economic model of the banking system explains a lot of things, and seems to be a genuine discovery of sorts, rather than an attempt to confirm biases. Private debt emerged as far more important than government debts. It’s his stuff that made me realize the Austrian economist who thought fractional reserve banking ought to be outlawed were right.

The model also suggests there is some leeway for governments to spend without causing the economy too much trouble. Which sort of explains why it hasn’t quite blown up the way I thought it would. His youtube channel is:

I suspect his debt jubilee would be most welcomed by leftists. I found out about him from Vox Day, who probably reaches more people than Spencer does.

I haven’t read Steve Keen. I’ll have to look at it. The present banking system is a huge rip off to the average American. One group gets to create money from nothing and all the rest have to beg them for it. What if we turned it around. If banks couldn’t create any money and the government created all money. Let’s say we had a basic income plus government spending on infrastructure, pensions, etc. Then the banks would have to go to us to get money. It wouldn’t cause inflation because the banks credit expansion would be extinguished. If you did allow some credit expansion by the banks most of the profits, from money creation, could go to the government.

Some would say this would be a disaster but since we’re borrowing 40% or 50% of the budget now it wouldn’t be much different.

One thing to keep in mind. ALL MONEY presently is created by debt. Never forget this. For every single penny you have in your pocket there’s a bond, a loan, somewhere bearing interest. Now since only the central bankers can create this money and get interest from each and every penny created, they put up nothing to get this power, you can easily see that through compounding of interest they will eventually own everything. There’s also NO WAY to pay down the debt because if we did…we would have no money. This system is obviously not stable in the long term. They are presently working to foist another fraudulent debt system on us, the SDR. My guess is there will be a mass economic panic then they will trot out the SDR to save us. It will of course be the same old shit but kicked upstairs where we have even less control.

What’s infuriating is that I’m hardly some super genius financier and I can easily see the rottenness, corruption and stupidity of our present system.

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