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Sexual Harassment Hysteria Seriously Undermines the Establishment

Since the beginning, feminism has been a sort of alliance between women and powerful men against the average Joe.  Even in first wave feminism, the leaders were the wives of upper and upper middle class men who supported their political activity.  Since the second wave sexual revolution that began in the 60s, this alliance has secured powerful men soft harems while giving the average woman maximum personal freedom to compete for exclusive spots in those harems.

Lately, there has been a fervent moral hysteria with mass sexual harassment accusations of powerful men.  For decades, ordinary men have had to live in deadly fear of post-feminist accusations while powerful men have been secure in their ability to ignore those rules to some considerable degree.

The larger significance of this development is that it represents a critical rupture in the alliance that has created and sustained feminism as a cultural force since the late 19th century.  Women have grown so accustomed to the easy exercise of power in society that they have forgotten that they are helpless without the backing of powerful male sponsors.

Feminism has freed women from the clutches of drab provider males for a few generations now and so the memory of where they came from has faded.  They now think when the bill comes due, they can free themselves from their more undesirable sponsors as well and perhaps even seize control themselves.  Alas, they will discover to their dismay that is not how the world works.

If women do not make it worth the while of the men with money and who tell the men with guns what to do, their inflated status begins to mysteriously erode even as they shriek and flail in helpless rage.

Meanwhile, this furor is incredibly damaging to the legitimacy of the Gods of culture.  When a star and senator like Al Franken is punished like a common office worker for presuming to enjoy the natural rewards of his station, his prestige and the prestige of all those on his tier of societal heaven suffers immensely.

People participate in a society and its hierarchy because they can look up to those at the top.  When we look up to the stars we feel a sense of awe precisely because they are so far removed from us.  That sense of awe legitimizes a social hierarchy and when it is violated the power of the culture to inspire and command obedience and unity is greatly diminished.

When a hierarchy loses its prestige people cease to dream of rising in it themselves.  This implicitly opens the way for the growth of parallel, competing hierarchies, or even for Hell to triumph over Heaven.  Now that the social contract has been soured for men at every level of society, the incentive to rise, strive, and back the status quo for all men has been damaged more than we can realize now.

I have been immensely pleased to watch the growing conflagration as the secular state religion overreacts time after time since the accession of Trump to Heaven.  When they use the word “normalize” they refer to their terror that Satan could become the new God people look up to.  This craze of accusations and rapid firings has only been the latest delight, and possibly the most significant we’ve seen so far.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

11 replies on “Sexual Harassment Hysteria Seriously Undermines the Establishment”

Not to sound outrageous, but women have gone completely and utterly out of control and talking to them and getting involved with them is a form of spiritual rotting.

They want to pull the levers and switches in the relationship. They are downright PREDATORIAL with these sexual harassment lawsuits. Men are the lambs taken to the slaughter by these ravenous she-beasts. There is a very, very dark side to the woman nature that would make the average RPer wince.

However, men themselves are helpless as women act as the main BUILDING BLOCKS of society and appeasement to them is the only thing that they know how to do.

The order and stability of society hinges upon a woman’s acceptable role to men, if you want to destroy a society you start off with the women.

“Now that the social contract has been soured for men at every level of society, the incentive to rise, strive, and back the status quo for all men has been damaged more than we can realize now.” —

Yeah, I don’t give a fuck whether or not my kid goes to a “good” high school or college — I just want him to get through his days okay, with minimum commute and as few Negroes in his environment as possible. (Well, “as few Negroes in his environment as possible” is what “good high school” means, I guess.) We just have to get through our days. There are always trees to look at, or, if you live in the Southwest, rocks. That makes life sort of worth living.

In a Greyhound bus line yesterday I overheard a Puerto Rican grandmother behind me telling another oldish PR lady that she’d advised her daughter to be able to provide for herself, so as not to have to depend on a man — this in the context of someone’s complaining about a non-providing man . Thinking about this on the bus later, I came to the conclusion that men of any social class, but especially lower-class men, have to be part of a fairly tightly-integrated economic unit (such as a band of hunters) if they’re to be be reliable providers. It’s hard enough for intelligent men who are comfortable with solitary endeavors to find a place in the scheme of things “for themselves” — it would be impossible for not-so-intelligent, compulsively social men to do so. A free-market society simply MUST be a welfare-providing society, it seems (at the moment) to me.

Franken was a fool for thinking his comedy-field beginnings were transitionable to the sensitive-nuance world of politics. He genuinely believed he could “be himself” because Schwarzenegger and a few others were. But what Franken was was a light-rulers-breaker. Light version, yes — but that was enough to gut him when he got placed in a compromising situation. However, I still am a little surprised no damsel in distress pulled a social reversal and stood up for him as an “empowerment gesture” for womankind showing she could take it. It would be the kind of thing a stupid chick would do.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. While I can’t help but be pleased by the targets the whole thing seems a little overwrought. Like a set up.I happened to notice that there was a New York Times article saying that Trump has been accused by Women of groping them…Hmm…Why the panic all of a sudden and in such volume? We all know who runs the (((media))). While they couldn’t stop all the accusations they could easily just not report them. All the reporting makes Women think it’s ok to tell their stories too. They don’t report all kinds of truly heinous things. The whole thing seems to pat and handy for me. Of course I could be wrong and the same people who do no reporting on buildings that fall the same speed as rocks in dropped in air on 9-11 are suddenly extremely concerned about a bunch of White Women who say they were groped or asked to have sex to further their careers.

You’re underestimating the extent and pervasiveness of (((their))) control, Sam. (((They’re))) in your head; you are (((their))) puppet. Therefore, let (((me))) rewrite this:

(((You’re))) underestimating the extent and pervasiveness of ((((((their)))))) control, (((Sam))). ((((((They’re)))))) in (((your))) head; (((you))) are ((((((their)))))) puppet.

What gives (((you))) the right to use one of ((((((our)))))) names, Shmuel?

No one would be concerned about the Jews if you weren’t so hostile to everyone else. The reason you keep getting thrown out of every country you go to is you’re rabidly hostile to everyone. Jews don’t know how to wield power. They think that power is only about crushing everyone around them. It’s infantile behavior. If Jews got 1/10 the criticism you dish out to Whites in their media they would melt down in tears. For them it must be Win/Lose and you must lose. I think in general terms this is a behavior of the Jews. Whites as a general rule try to win/win. It’s possible to do this but you don’t get maximum profit from each interaction from everyone you do business with. Eventually people get sick of win\lose and then the, so called, persecution of the Jews starts. WHY is it any different when the Whites fall on the Jews and get maximum WIN for them and maximum LOSE for the Jews. It’s not. They asked for it. If you want everything and use any means necessary to get it then expect the same. The reason Jews get in trouble is the people they prey on LEARN from them and begin to treat them the same way. The whole time the Jews are in power they always proclaim that they’re the victims. Well you own all the media. Almost all the corporations. Most of the wealth . Just what exactly DO you have to have to not be a victim? A people with this much wealth and control who are still whining about being victims are a dangerous people. A people who can NEVER be satiated. This stupid hatred for everyone leads to this,

Jewish behavior pattern and results.

Don’t start crying when everyone around you starts realizing that interaction with you is unprofitable. Don’t complain when they use the same techniques to claw back what you got from them. And stop whining about people hating you. You force people to hate you by your behavior. You could have had a great place to live in the US and have for a while but your hatred of everyone and lust for money mean this is probably just another place you’ll you’ll have to leave. Unfortunately you’re losing dominance of information and you can’t just up and go to a new country and proclaim,”They abused me” because everyone will know it’s a lie. Lots and lots of people know about the mass of bodies you people piled up in the USSR. Lots and lots of people know how you tried to do the same in Germany and that that’s the reason Hitler was elected. The Germans didn’t want to be massacred by the Jews. The Chinese and Indians are not going to let you run their countries like we have. Israel itself has driven the people around them to such madness they will blow their own children up to kill you. You need to rethink your behavior. I think it will come back to haunt you.

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