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How We Get to an Alt-Center

Both the alt-left and alt-right are populist but attack the elements of the establishment most pertinent to their interests.  I have repeatedly noted, that if their platforms were combined into a single agenda, we would have an alt-center that comprehensively rejects the establishment.

As astute commenters have pointed out, a major culture and class divide separates these dissidents.
The working class alt-right and the upper-middle class alt-left progressives revile and distrust each other but my calculation is that they will be forced to work together.

The alt-right has scored some major victories but finds itself stalled in need of some kind of push to go further.  They need one more group to make a coalition that can put politicians directly loyal to them into office.

The alt-left meanwhile languishes at the bottom of the heap after Bernie was shot down and their attempt to install Keith Ellison as a compromise party leader was soundly rejected by the establishment core.

The progressive white males who are the heart of the alt-left have been humiliated at every turn and are asked to sit at the back of the bus by brown people and single women with no hopes of realizing their agenda of punishing wall street and the military industrial complex, or relieving the stranglehold of student loans. This state of stasis getting none of their demands met can’t last.

These scorned progressives may vote for third parties trying to start an independent movement.  This already happened to some degree in the 2016 presidential election.  Bernie voters defecting to Stein and Johnson certainly played a role in Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat. 

Of course, if they did not even have the power to get leverage within a coalition, they certainly can’t accomplish much on their own.  Alt-leftists simply by being higher class are relatively few in number.  Voting for third parties, they would hate to admit, is a tacit confession that your votes are on the table, inviting a bigger coalition to throw you a bone and take you in.

My prediction has been that necessity will force all white males into the same coalition.  When you have poor alt-left millennials with useless degrees looking for jobs in urban areas they end up competing with other ethnic groups for scarce low-skill jobs where the cost of living is highest.

Even a lifetime of indoctrination is irreparably damaged once you realize everyone stops acting nice and abruptly drops the platitudes when bread and butter are on the line and they all play favorites with their own kind.  Progressive whites find themselves trapped in the same hell at their coffee shop or adjunct teaching jobs as they do in the democrat party.

They are assigned lowest status even when working part time at minimum wage.  This insult is finally too great a hit for the egos of the sons of engineers or lawyers to bear.  They are living along the faultline, getting ground in between clashing tectonic plates with nowhere else to go.  Eventually they must snap and sure enough, we have seen a disproportionate amount of political violence from exactly these disgruntled progressives.

So far, they’ve just lashed out in a panic, unable to really grasp the contradictions that have condemned them to suffer.  Any kind of widespread movement, though, lasts because it has some promise to increase the status of its followers and achieve their objectives.  If the left-progressive movement does not benefit, or actually hurts its believers, they must migrate or else leave behind a failed ideology.

As they start to explore the wilderness, they’ll find the alt-right and dark enlightenment waiting for them.  Some have already begun to experiment with being “edgy” and “fashy” to suddenly realize that there’s a way to status and influence outside the infernal volcanic rift they now live in.  As the way out of their predicament becomes clear they’ll be steadily squeezed into another camp.

The fundamentals of self-interest are stronger than class or ideologicial animosity in the long run.
Once these groups are stuck together they’ll find they belong together.  Both factions are dominated by white males who have been designated the collective Satan of the national religion.

The alt-rightists were also white men who were no longer getting enough status and access to desirable women or prospects of family formation.  Instead of trying to petition for a piece of the action in a mainstream political coalition they went out into the wilderness and began to clear a pasture for themselves hoping as all rebels do that some female groupies might follow them. 

Perhaps because the alt-rightists rejected the shibboleths of the conventional discourse from the start, they could not delude themselves, as alt-leftists have that they have a place at the table of the orthodoxy.  The clear path to success always was to ply the cool rebel angle to get mates and status.  Now that the alt-right is meeting with some success despite the best efforts of the establishment they suddenly find themselves defining the new cool of the 21st century.

The alt-leftists can already perceive that the coolness of the rebels has paid off better than trying to be “good” white men in exchange for getting their issues addressed.  Coolness is what they lack most.  Even many of those who have good tech jobs or are in academia still struggle to get laid and even what little they have left is being taken away.  

The few politicians who align with them aren’t cool either.  Bernie Sanders is likable but not cool. Elizabeth Warren is shrill and only slightly cooler than Hillary Clinton.  The only remotely cool alt-left-leaning politician is Tulsi Gabbard and she is a part-Indian, part-Polynesian female from one of the least white states.  Progressive hipsters would find themselves sorely disappointed even if Gabbard somehow got real power.  She, like rabid black muslim Keith Ellison, does not represent them.  

By 2020, it will be clear to even those in deep in denial that their attempt at a mainstream movement is dead.  There will be no Sanders, Warren, or Gabbard running for president except as a third party spoiler.  They’ll get to take a back seat yet again as an establishment matriarch like Kamala Harris easily captures the democrat nomination.

The massed in-group nepotism of every minority tribe packed into one coalition is finally too much.  The more the European-American population shrinks the more strongly it will be pushed through the process of ethnogenesis as the weight of the earth transforms loose sand into rock.

Those who doubt this should consider that African-Americans regard themselves as a single people despite descending from hundreds of different tribes scattered across thousands miles of coastline, desert, and jungle.  White-Americans will be no different as they are placed under siege.  Instead of slavery, being attacked from every side will be the crucible in which they are forged into a single people. 

As these pressures mount, the alt-rightists will be forced to jettison their own cargo of cognitive dissonance.  Many of them look to the Reagonian 80s with worshipful nostalgia just like corporate-backed republican puppets.  Somehow, even as rebels, they still sing hymns in praise of the “free market” and trickle down economics after 30 disastrous years of plunder and kleptocracy.

Those that come from a more sophisticated libertarian background, gulp from the same poisoned chalice.  No matter how the free-for-all is justified right wingers are easily cucked out of their birthright as multi-national corporations thrive.

As with the alt-leftists, I count not on a mass epiphany arrived at through reason to change their minds, but the relentless lashings we all receive from harsh reality that grow ever worse until we finally change our ways.

The issue that will finally force the alt-right to abandon their old assumptions is free association for white Americans.  They’ve been against affirmative action and illegal immigration since the beginning but they don’t yet understand where this will lead them.  

As their platform congeals, a neo-tribalist alt-center begins to take form.  From the necessity of in-group preference they will learn that unfettered competition is not society’s highest goal.  In the present year, the mere mention of social safety nets or mutual aid on the right begets a frenzy of primal rage.

Like Pavlov’s dogs they have been well-conditioned.  Every time the bell of redistribution rings, some of their food is taken from them and given to other dogs as they receive a nasty electric shock.  So naturally, they snap viciously at the cage bars whenever they are triggered.  It will take some time and a sense of security for them to begin to overcome their trauma.

As an unchallenged cultural territory is established a new tribe can begin to discuss what role the financial sector or the weapons industry should play.  They will finally be able to talk about job training and apprenticeship in a way that makes more sense than credential-hunting that destroys the savings of the middle class and makes even the lucky graduates indentured debt servants of their employers.

The alt-left is actually ahead of the curve and more imaginative than the alt-rightists but they still don’t quite get the urgency, that alt-rightists understand deep in their guts.  We’re faced with a fight to survive right now and until existence is secure, struggling white college grads will never get any help with their loans and the “too big to fail” banks will never get properly punished.  Only when all the white male populists are forced to fight back to back in battle will we see all their issues addressed within an alt-center that leaves behind the fake dichotomy of left and right.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

25 replies on “How We Get to an Alt-Center”

“…If the left-progressive movement does not benefit, or actually hurts its believers, they must migrate or else leave behind a failed ideology…”

The Jewdo-Foo played on Whites nature to be agreeable is killing them and destroying their capability to flourish in the US and the West. Whites should come first in our societies.

“…Like Pavlov’s dogs they have been well-conditioned. Every time the bell of redistribution rings, some of their food is taken from them and given to other dogs as they receive a nasty electric shock…”

I really like this. Quite the mental visual.

> Many of them look to the Reagonian 80s with worshipful nostalgia just like corporate-backed republican puppets.

Really? I was under the impression they considered things like Reaganomics to be signs of cuckoldry. The alt-right has been about yellow socialism for a while, at least Radix/NPI and Counter-Currents.

I get the feeling a substantial portion of alt-rightists are anti-corporate while retaining beliefs corporations would love them to have. Some might be ex tea party goldbugs hoarding canned soup and ammo in their basements. Others might be techno anarcho libertarians telling themselves we can have a sovereign “patchwork” of statelets. Others still fancy if only all the rules went away, Galt’s Gulch will be a real place on earth. Some are clear-sighted on the alt-right but I find many, perhaps most, still favor an atomized mass brawl over a real society. Even those who reject atomized paranoia in all its flavors often seem directionless. I see alt leftists on the other hand proposing actual measures such as reinstating glass-steagall and moving towards 1st world single payer health care.
I do anticipate in-group “socialism” will make inroads though. The old system has been utterly discredited.

However, I did get banned from the_donald for criticizing the Syria strike back in April. Mentioning anything that sounds like socialism on most manosphere/redpill/anti churchianity/ sites will get you dogpiled in short order. There is yet a long way to go.

Your article put in min dog the GK Chesterton quote “Bug business and big givernment are exactly the same, especially big business.”

The thing I fear is a swing into corruption, jettisoning merit and excellence for old machine politics. That only worked when there was something to loot. That being said we do need some networking and safety netting, men without tribes die in nature.

Pardon my ignorance but why do you think any form of socialism will get the whites back on track without destroying any ability to prosper? By the way I’m all for jailing the banksters and corrupt politicians.

Pretty much every society has had redistribution of resources. It’s really just a question of how, and on what scope it takes place. It also does well to ask “What does prosperity mean?” Is it more pairs of shoes in your closet? A higher fertility rate? Being able to leave your door unlocked? A composite that tries to satisfy all these different objectives? I observe that anti-socialism is often used as a means of promoting the worst tendencies of atomized consumerism, including pandering to banksters and politicians.

Interesting points. I guess one would need to state clearly what does a redistribution scheme mean. Historically only rich (and decadent) states had to money to give it to able bodied men and skanks. And it was a harbinger of their final doom as our current system is for ours. Incentives matter more than people realize and having the government taking the role of men in their marriages was one of the greatest mistakes of the west.

Regarding prosperity, I would define it as the ability of a nation to guarantee its members a good life while maintaining its capability to visit extreme violence on their enemies, external or internal and enhancing the freedom of its members. I have lived in Europe and seen the corruption and, should I say, the spiritual death that stems from being a well fed vassal and how my fellow countrymen think the state has to give them everything.

An interesting proposition. No doubt in the future such a deal (or deals) will be struck.

But I doubt if such a deal will be in our best collective interest. If we want to get this right (I prefer to get it right), must implement plan Jim. I doubt whether alt-leftists will ever prefer plan Jim to the establishment.

Alt-righters or conservatives in general are less inclined to be creative types than alt-lefties. They tend to be consumers rather than producers of culture.

Creative types and their wealthy sponsors tend to be alienated from traditional images, gestures and sounds since everything before, say, 1907 is racist, sexist and homophobic. Yet they lovingly renovate old buildings and enforce complex regulations that creep out blacks and browns. They further intimidate NAMs with menus in European languages, micro-brew bars and incomprehensible art galleries when retaking territory.

On the other hand, suburbia is itself “progressive.” Suburbanites tend to shun old stuff of quality and prefer tract homes and kitsch. It is a machine culture where the word “antiseptic” comes to mind and the consumption/production cycle is desirable, methinks.

Watching the process of unapologetic gentrification in DC is one factor that makes me think the SWPLs will be able to work together with other whites some day. They already know certain truths in their hearts but need to avoid signalling hazards. A lot of the stuff they argue about like gun control is in fact them trying to disarm local NAMs. Maybe they want to defang the scary people clinging to guns and religion too, to the extent they’re even aware the countryside exists.

“Watching the process of unapologetic gentrification in DC is one factor that makes me think the SWPLs will be able to work together with other whites some day.”

I hope you are right but in order to do so they’d have to admit they made a mistake.

You’d think after 70 years of moving heaven and earth turning DC into liberal utopia they’d maybe want to take stock and look at the results. But, nope. Crime isn’t even lower if you factor in the percentage of blacks of total population to reported crime. For example, aggravated assault was higher in 2015 than in 1970 and 1980. That’s gotta be mighty disheartening for a multiculturalist to contemplate. Because it could cast doubt on the whole project, including feminism.

And then the race and sex realists are going to have to graciously accept admission of failure. They’re going to have to swallow the wrecked careers and reputations, the slander, the neighborhoods ruined, the lives lost, the money squandered, money we no longer have. Honor may have to be avenged when the wheel of fortune turns.

A large group doesn’t collectively admit it was wrong unless they experience a disaster like WW2. The urban leftists still keep up their typical rhetoric without missing a beat as they pursue gentrification(ethnic cleansing) quite ruthlessly.
Also, opinions change gradually quite fluidly. Remember in the 90s when even democrats were against gay marriage and people thought the evangelical christians would take over with their megachurches? Conservative types complain about this all the time, but it can and will happen to any group as times change.
It’s an aspect of human nature I’ve seen NRxers call “Schelling point amnesia” and I suspect it exists as a socially adaptive behavior. The blindness to it is to protect our egos from the kind of trauma you describe.

I’m afraid they come from completely different affinity groups and have different shibboleths.

We know, from interviews of the 1960s radicals, that they were more interested in the social experience than the actual nuts and bolts of revolution, peaceful or armed. Supposedly, the Warsaw pact security officers dealing with Carlos the Jackal thought much the same thing.

I will be limited in what I write of the Alt-Right’s internal fissures, but the so-called Alt-Left has them stacked to the top of the Wills Center. Most if them can’t even finish discussions of Maoism v Stalinism, which has pronounced differences in their viewpoints. They are utterly unable to make distinctions between legitimite use of individual or state force, and “oppressive” use (The libertarians habe a closely related problem). And the ethnic and gender differences make it hard to coordinate themselves, let alone a Grand Alliance with the Alt-Right.

The pragmatic wings of all of the factions would be okay with it in theory, but it’s impossible in practice. And the pragmatic wings are not driving the show at the moment.

Until the right wingers can discuss the legitimate use of state control by reasonably competent, like-minded people, they’ll remain subservient to a state under someone else’s control.



I was hanging out at a pool party, after being offered beer, I was mildly intoxicated. Some liberal guy brought up Bill Maher and Ice Cube. I said I can’t stand Bill Maher and the Democratic party lost me for life. I went on to say how it was great that Trump was willing to tear apart the Republican’t party and run as an independent if they didn’t back him. And Good ‘ole Bernie kept saying “yes Ma’am, party unity.” I also said I didn’t trust Hillary one bit. Then I went on to say how it’s good that it’s a white guy in office again. You can actually say what you think about the governement and you only have to worry about the FBI and NSA. It’s just like when George Dubya was in office again. When Barrack O’Bombya was in office, all the liberals would cry waycisst if you dared critic his governance, even though from where I sat, he looked like Dubya part two. I said I don’t like Trump but he is better than Hillary. And, I added I voted third party but really resented that all the Democrats blamed guys like me that crooked Hillary lost.

If you only saw the look of horror on all the SWPL liberals (as I think you would refer to them) -it was priceless. The irony is I don’t have to worry about being invited back because the owner is cool with me but his “guest’s” sure don’t want me around. I gotta tell ya it was liberating being the “darkie” that everyone eyed suspicioulsy, then watch their eyes go to resentment when I wasn’t gonna be their “token mino.”

I’ve tried myself to talk to democrat voters I know in the most moderate terms about why Hillary lost and how they could win by adopting more progressive policies. Or to explain that the Russia stuff is hysteria and consipiracy theories that distract from real criticisms they could be making while damaging their credibility. From the reactions I’ve gotten, I may as well be screaming “DAS TRUMPENREICH UBER ALLES!” at the top of my lungs.
You know it’s serious when even having some “diversity” cred doesn’t get you off scot free.
They may just have to wander another McGovern/Mondale/Dukakis-style wilderness gibbering across the barren sand dunes in a straitjacket until their reason begins to return.

“how they could win by adopting more progressive policies”

They don’t want “more progressive policies.” They have thee same attitude as feminists, I got mine but YOU still owe me. They have no problem with guys like us busting our ass for low wages with no health insurance. Why do you think they make a big stink about “Anne” Coultier being allowed to stand up in the ladies room? Do you think they actually care about transgenders? They just want an issue that doesn’t challenge their position of power but makes them look “decent.”

On another note, the alt reich is showing themselves to be triggered little gurls…

this mediocre metalcore band made a music video called “Good Night Alt Right”

The alt righters are crying about vio-lence, hahaha. And weren’t they supposed to be the Clint Eastwood tough guys?

It reminded me of when Rihanna made a music video in the style of a Quentin Tarantino movie and a bunch of feminists started crying man hating tears because a white womyn was the “vyctym.”

If the alt right really were uber-mensch, they wouldn’t be such fucking sissies.

I suspect that just like the lib’rals they revile, all the crying about doom, gloom, and eternal defeat just reflects a certain personality type that secretly gets a hardon over all that cuck drama.
Rihanna is handy to have around when violent alien (sea)ships show up.

the real reason I hate the alt-rite isn’t because they are low class racists. It is because they are just like the liberals they claim to hate.

If I did this right, I will offend both the alt-rechtards and the libtards:

All groups use signalling to come together and establish hierarchy. It’s a question of when it becomes toxic. Many alt-righters, fortunately, are critical of paranoid doomsayers. I do groan inside though every time I see another “Why do conservatives always lose?” article.

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