High School And Status in America

Conventional wisdom tells us that we leave behind high school for adult life, a moral impressed on us with the bittersweet ending of every teen movie.  If we observe the real-life American culture it’s obvious that high school informs our attitudes about status for the rest of our lives.

After Charlottesville, one mainstream news article I read surmised “angry white boys…had no prom queen waiting at home.”  On the dissident side we see the meme of the Chad nationalist contrasted with the hapless virgin or the general idea of the teacher’s pet “shitlib” getting shoved into lockers by cool bullies and still being bitter about it as a hot-chocolate-sipping, pajama-wearing adult.  No matter what people believe, we always see references to the jailhouse hierarchy of high school.

There is a reason high school ridicule is as reliable a default as “small penis,” “can’t get a gf,” “lives in mother’s basement” is for angry women.  These insults endure because they are intended to hit people where it hurts most.  There are millions of men to whom the feminist stock insults at least partially apply in the most humiliating way.  High school is the same.  It speaks for itself that the most tender possible spot for many people is to even suggest that they were bottom-tier punks in kid prison.

Coming of age in high school teaches us at a critical formative time that the most athletic and outgoing people are the natural aristocracy of humanity, literally crowned as monarchs in school assemblies held in their honor.  The whole point is the elites are not particularly useful, specializing in showmanship and sales.  The golden people perform on the field while the subordinate bug people line up to adore them in a synchronized marching band.
Status competition in a royal court is all about currying favor while those merely useful are but tools in the games of those who matter.

This sets up the narrative that defines the rest of our lives.  We must accept our places as cogs in a machine to uplift widely smiling “personalities” secure in their status while we must push hard against the gears around us to stay where we’re at.

The football players get to enjoy sultry virgins as callow teens while those who go sexless spend the rest of their lives striving for the left-overs as cubicle-farm underlings.  While the golden ones start out with society’s highest rewards, the rest must prove themselves worthy of diminished value through a years-long slog.

Resentment of the jocks plays no small role in kneejerk upper middle class resentment of Donald Trump.  He reminds them of crass school bullies who scored with their first crushes—a source of panic and pain their cultural enemies love rubbing their faces in to pay them back richly for their airs of studied contempt.

We should understand though, SWPL posturing is so persistent and insufferable because of status anxiety.  As the urban upper middle class, they far outrank the working classes yet they still stew in rankling jealousy.  Rather than take up the mantle of noblesse oblige as a secure lesser aristocracy might, they never miss a chance to dump their chamber pots on their low-ranked brethren.

High school inflicts Americans with a bizarre status schizophrenia.  On one hand, the culture feeds us a silly myth that the quarterback ends up bagging groceries while the unpopular kids become Silicon Valley billionaires.  Of course, this is an attempt to assuage the losers, much like religions telling the poor they’ll finally win after they’re dead.  In real life even highly paid STEM professionals can end up getting ordered around by Biff Tannen who got into the right fraternity and got connected with type A alums.  While SWPL America is relatively high status, they are smug and callous about it because they sense somewhere deep in their marrow that all is not as it appears.

Another status conflict can be seen in hostile alt-lite reactions to alt-right activism.  The most popular elements of the counter-culture see popularity itself as proof of their worthiness just as they would have back in high school.  We will never fail to see grand boasts of how many copies of x book have been sold or how many views they get or what publications they’ve been mentioned in.  The culture of high school is akin to culture of marketing and this is no mistake.

High school reflects the values of the merchant and managerial classes who have ruled since they beheaded, deposed, and out-earned the hereditary aristocracy.
This makes it hard for most to even grasp the concept of groups founded on principle and loyalty.  After all, standing on principle against popular sentiment in prison only gets met with a beatdown in the shower room.  It’s not much different at school or on the job.

This mindset is now being challenged by an incipient warrior class supported by an aspiring priesthood.  Dissident merchants are doing their part but they don’t yet understand they can no longer lead the hierarchy.  This is causing them cognitive dissonance every step of the way as the nature of the movement grows more clear.  Marketers who can attract millions of views have great strategic strength but their weakness is that of all those millions, hardly any would risk their lives or reputations.  At some point, meaningful action requires serious personal risk and sacrifice.

It is past time to abandon the dysfunctional zero sum non-culture high school initiates us into for a real society capable of giving the best rewards to the best and able to recognize virtues besides marketplace self-interest.  If Euro-descended peoples ultimately fail to face this challenge, they will have justly earned a cozy spot on the trash heap of history.

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By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

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Aren’t “Nerd” and “Chad” mere stand-ins for, respectively, Ashkenazi and white Anglo?

Well, anyway.

What is funny and quite ironic is that the most extreme Chads and the most extreme Nerds seem to agree, at least implicitly, on one crucial thing: school sucks. The Chad is bored in it because he’s low-IQ; the Nerd suffers in it for various reasons.

Both are correct, and school-culture should be abolished.

I propose a Chad-Nerd Union against schools.

High school is an artificial environment of the highest order, as people who would normally not ever interact with each other are forced together for the entirety of their childhood. Naturally, the adage diversity + proximity = war comes into play. Once out in the real world people naturally separate, but the rules of the artificial environment continue to operate, perpetuated by people (usually extroverts) who succeeded in that environment. Thus, real-world success only relates to high school success if a) the person was able to quickly adjust from an artificial to real environment, or b) the person succeeded in perpetuating high school norms and culture for the entirety of their life (i.e. never leaving the bubble). Most real-world (huge) successes were failures ins school, as they figured out early the facade and quickly started to operate outside of it.

Artificial bubble environment, stuck with people you don’t like, sounds like a typical job, actually. This is why people who were popular in high school probably go on to get promoted to management as well. Except for a few fields where competence is required and incompetence is immediately obvious, being likable, “networking,” “being a team player” is more important.
Hugely successful people are by definition very rare, hardly comforting for a typical unpopular bookworm. There’s nothing more American than survivor’s bias.

“Artificial bubble environment, stuck with people you don’t like, sounds like a typical job, actually. This is why people who were popular in high school probably go on to get promoted to management as well”

This is absolutely not my experience in Europe. But this is not the first time I hear it form the US – there is a stereotype of the masculine, athletic, jock type CEO. Which sounds really unknown here. Our Chads tend to become car mechanics and suchlike. And the CEOs are closer to nerdy. Well, not autismo-nerdy, more like nerds who can nevertheless communicate, but still. Only place in the corporate hierarchy for Chads is sales, of course, in sales charisma matters. But we cannot promote someone who does not know the job far better than his underlings, he would have no authority, if he cannot say “I’ll show you how it is done”. If they cannot delegeate up hard problems etc.

To my best knowledge, this is because America is egalitarian in everything but money, bosses are called on first name terms, they make polite requests to employees, and this allows that managing could be seen as a profession in itself. Perhaps reserved for charismatic people, just like sales. Europe is egalitarian only in money, but not in class or rank or hierarchy, business follows the military model, what the boss says often sounds more like a command, and thus they need to have the personal authority that if the company makes widgets, the boss must be the best and fastest widget-maker because how else could he demand people to work harder. This means the best worker becomes the boss and they often have no idea of things like how to manage or how to make corporate strategy – SAP suffered from this for a long time, having managers who were good programmers but not good managers.

So I guess we get more revenge of the nerds. I think the real Chads from my school didn’t really go to college even.

In America, taking things too seriously, following rulebooks to the letter, and avoiding risk is the mark of the stodgy middle of middle class. No one ever really respects them, least of all women. People of high status party with those cheap red plastic solo cups, use informal language, can’t be bothered to learn boring facts(they hire people to do that), wear their ties loose, and use illegal drugs recreationally. A US elite is expected to be a charismatic salesperson, not an intellectual.

But these are also the characteristics of the losers, the lower class, the drifters. What determines if a certain non-rule-following kid of a middle-class family is going to go up or down?

Where does one begin?

At the use of scholastic athletics as the lowest level of the only socially tolerated (synthetic) tribal loyalties?

At the fact that while “Chad” culture may or may not be a meme, but the concept is real?

At the artificial nature of the USG primary, and even more, at the secondary education system?

At the role of scholastic athletics as being a remnants of older loyalties since dispensed with?

At the beginning of the USG education system, and how it emulated first it’s model without the context, and later the sporting teams and pep rallies of college Football?

The inner workings of the interplay between the education system, scholastic athletics, larger culture, family ties, atomization, and pre-selection?

The fact that the scholastic athletic machine, despite being one of the least powerful and most unstable factions of USG, is so culturally powerful that even avowed heretics defer to it?

We could even discuss the inner divisions of the system (s) that produce the current “Chad” system, and how it really serves almost no one.

I’ll make my next blog post about this.

I had to go to the Vincent Law article to understand what you’re talking about. Not your fault. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

Both chads and nerds on the so called “right” or “alt-right” have trouble manipulating images, gestures, symbols, music. How can you fight a culture war without cultural warriors? I’ve read dozens of beautifully written essays some going back many decades, perfect arguments logically presenting the problems. Even solutions. But, the masses don’t care. People need to be seduced and persuaded. They always have really. You need artists on your side my friends. Not intellectuals. You are intellectualizing yourselves to death.

I think the generation gap affects me too(early Millennial) regards the Chad meme. All the Chads I knew as a kid were dorks with glasses. The popular guys had names like Jason and Justin.
You’re right about the artistic, aesthetic element. I think it would be cool if there was at least some kind of dissident literary magazine.
I guess even when I write analytical posts I like to use imagery and visceral examples rather than dwell on statistics. It’s just so much more fun when I have an image in my head as I write.

Yeah, you have a much more visual, and I think more complex, site here.

It takes years of study to cognititvely understand how to think visually. People need to know art history and how and why modernism came about. Just understanding the rise of the Bohemian culture in 19th century Paris could help.

I’d recommend this in kindle version:

Mostly, people need to get over their revulsion for cities because that’s where culture is formed.

Yes, the cities need to be taken back, not abandoned.
This problem arose briefly in my last interview with Robert Stark: core right-wing personality types just aren’t as aesthetically creative. They tend to be openly contemptuous of sensitively attuned people. The Spanish Civil War is a good example with George Orwell, Hemingway, and Picasso on the Left-wing side.
The NRx guys are also more tech and logic oriented.
I think it will be an important step to incorporate disaffected alt-left(pre-Trump speech meaning) urban SWPLs as a fully realized faction.

The poor schlubs who dress up as Nazis probably don’t realize that Hitler studied art. He understood the importance of symbols and in fact organized a series of exhibitions called Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) where modernist images were mocked. He also suppressed modernist images and artists like Emile Nolde (who was a ardent Nazi supporter). Nolde worked in a kind of primitve manner which the Nazis originally accepted as “Gothic.” But, eventually his style was considered technically decadent.

Today, when images and monuments are being suppressed like nothing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime you gotta wonder where we’re heading. And they ain’t modernist images.

Don’t forget the aesthetic of the Volkswagen, enduring brilliance there. And no matter what people think of Nazis I think everyone has to admit the Hugo Boss uniform + luger sidearm looks legendarily badass on the same tier with Darth Vader.

What the struggle over statues tells us is all pretense of civility has been cast aside. Only power struggle remains, might in all its forms decides from here.

Curiously, the Communists rejected modernism too. They finally settled on what’s called social realism. Everything else was considered bourgeios decadence. I can imagine what Stalin or Mao would make of Jeff Koons, the highest priced living artist at auction ever.

So, apparently the current regime is not communist as so many seem to think.

haha, there is something ironic here…

of course it is the Hillary supporters with their elitism and faux intellectualism that hate “bro’s”-we all ’em bro’s in my neck of the woods.

The alt-reich with all it’s pretense of intellectualism will be a huge turn-off for many populist Trumpkins.

In fact a guy I worked with, a full on bro and Trumpkin would probably beat up Dickie Spencer allot better than any antifa could when he thought Dickie was talking down to him with his high fallutin’ lisp…

Ironically, said bro’s “anti-racism” would not come from any kind of high ideals but his desire to sleep with non white womyn. (Let’s just say he liked hookers just as much as AD.)

I think “Dickie” is actually the right spokesman for them to have right now precisely because he’s soft-spoken and not angry or intimidating. His faction is stereotypically associated with dysfunctional poor whites so they need someone like him who knows how to dress and act higher class. Naturally this rubs a lot of blue collar guys the wrong way and makes them jealous. They will just have to get over it.

Try not to get too smug about it Priapic Pothead. I seem to remember you liked that Kaepernick guy. Compare that goofball who threw away his high-paying prestigious job making an ass of himself to another guy who is part of an organization that is more or less succeeding at its aims.

Sure, I think most of us can respect competent people with integrity that fight for another cause, i.e. Lee or Rommel. I actually think the Nation of Islam were kind of alright despite their nutty stories that Europeans were created by an evil scientist. They actually aspired to have their own thing and have a community with self-respect and dignity. They actually understood that their independence meant personal responsibility. I’ve yet to see hardly any other majority black movement since Civil Rights with this level of maturity.

As someone who is interested in systems, I think you would be fascinated by how far one can go before one is shut down and by what means they are shut down. It’s interesting that Pelosi is now denigrating Antifa. Democrats want unarmed and declawed citizenry. I think AD explains this the best.

The establishment lost control of their own thugs, a sign of great internal weakness. Now they’re forced to reel them back in through open displays of disapproval, humiliating in its own right, after much damage to their cause has already been done. The people who did Charlottesville knew they were pushing the envelope of what the system would allow and it went better than they could have hoped by triggering 3 weeks of rage that has alienated millions of ordinary people who hadn’t even heard of antifa before.

Pretty funny sometimes how they want nothing but STEM but then fly into a fury that Jews make the movies.
The manosphere base are typical upper working class types, the tradesmen and the small business owners. They understand making money doing things that have tangible results. That has its virtues but their lack of appreciation for culture and aesthetics means more creative people can program their minds with whatever they want, with them never the wiser that they are being used.
The movement needs its more cultured elements like the neo-reactionaries or Richard Spencer.

not much of a fan of Jordan Peterson, but his advice “clean your room before you change the world.” Essentially, “have your own house in order” before you try to impose “order” on others. It’s funnier than hell when someone like Forney talks like an “authority” but he doesn’t even have the discipline to get the cheeseburger outta his mouth. Nazi’s are bad dudes and Antifa are bad dudes. I’m eating popcorn and watching the world burn. (Who needs NetfliXXX?)

I think they’re doing alright. All but a few hard core WN 1.0s are pretty polite and restrained compared to the statements even average black people can make in America, keep their jobs and get praise. Even Kaepernick had to abuse the hell out of his platform for months and cost his employers and co-workers billions of dollars before they finally shut him down.

It’s ironic, because 2011, or so, I could’ve been “on the same team” as those dudes who were against George Bush but also knew team Democrat didn’t have anything to offer them. Then they had to go off the rails with the HBD bullshit. I was a commenter at GL Piggy and was told he is now known as Chuck Johnson. From my view, they lost the script.

HBD isn’t bullshit. It produces solid explanations for how the real world works. A world map of IQ correlates almost perfectly with level of development.
My experience living in places like DC taught me that even in the black community the leadership and successful professionals tended to have very light skin and Euro facial features. They wouldn’t even be considered Black outside of the “one drop rule” Anglosphere.
I think a lot of people take HBD personally when it’s about pattern recognition rather than judging individuals.

“They wouldn’t even be considered Black outside of the “one drop rule” Anglosphere.”

Are you talking about O’Bombya?

Pro-Tip, some of the most racist people/status obsessed I have met have been Latin Americans

Obama just one example of that, especially considering he’s not even descended from African-Americans. Bowser, the DC mayor definitely fits the profile. Saw some pictures of NAACP leadership once, some of them looked like they were maybe 1/8th African.
In my experience non-Westernized East Asians are the most racist people by far. Their languages all seem to have a word that means “outside person.” Anyone that isn’t them isn’t quite human, especially not Africans. That said, Africans in their homelands are quite ruthless about pogromming anybody that isn’t them, i.e. Indians in Uganda, Euros in Zimbabwe and SA.

Unfortunately, nobody really likes low status men. Even other low status men try to leave that behind by associating with successful people. High to middling status men want to keep you low status so you can’t compete for power and women. Low status men are of course, invisible to women. That’s why they obsess about the glass ceiling oblivious that they stand upon a glass basement. The alt right is actually an attempt to boost the status of disenfranchised, disaffected men.

“The alt right is actually an attempt to boost the status of disenfranchised, disaffected men.”

White men, just white men. I would be one of the first guys those guys would want to get rid of-I’m probably more of a threat as a mixed man than a fully non-white man.

Anyways, you listed why AVfM and Paulie Boi Elam should just quit-they don’t do a thing for low status men.

The tendency of mixed-race people to completely side with their non-euro heritage and become some of the loudest anti-white activists doesn’t help their case. Even extremely privileged mixed people like Obama or Kaepernick seem to carry a massive grudge and people notice a pattern after awhile.
I understand a mixed race person is going to feel torn in the present scenario and as they often do, are going to feel like they don’t completely belong anywhere.
I think the first step is realizing that trying to hide in a quarrelsome coalition of the fringes is the wrong move. You’ve already gotten at least that far. You’ll want to at least not obstruct as things play out.
As it is, you already do have a league of dissidents you hang out with that I referred to as the alt-left. I think it’s actually one of the next growth sectors for the movement as Bernie progressives get red-pilled.

I *have* to be a so-called multi-culturalist, I literally have no choice in this. That was something decided for me. If I were to give up my MGTOW ways and find a womyn for an LTR, whom would I be able to find? A mixed race woman? A liberal white woman? Even a conservative leaning woman whom finds the Gavin McCucks off putting and the Dickie Spencers too effeminate to sleep with? So I literally have no choice. I see no point in being a “token mino” for the Democrats and even less than no point in being so for the alt-reich.

You should understand why the alt-sphere is growing then. The ever-escalating antagonism of other tribes combined with their increasing numbers really leaves no other choice. I myself have never had an obsession with race. I happily interact with anyone who seems somewhat fair-minded and has a decent head on their shoulders. Not to mention, “white” culture is a non-culture where no one really helps each other, giving no reason for me to have strong attachments to it. I am not suicidal, though and I understand as a Euro-American male I will be disenfranchised, immiserated, and hunted down if I do not join the fight. I will fight alongside “Nazis” if need be because we will all be called Nazis just the same.
You too need to figure out what faction will keep you alive. Ex-leftists, other non-white dissidents have already let you join their club. Even one of the main figures of the manosphere is Half-Turkish, Half-Iranian. Could a more provocative mixture to pro-whites be dreamed of? His whole brand is even about sleeping with white women, an especially sore spot for many. People give him a pass because he’s completely assimilated into the ultra-SWPL culture of the DC suburbs. I think a key could be to focus on your ideological and cultural alignments over your own ethnic background which you definitely wear on your sleeve. I bet a lot of people who read Advocatus Diaboli don’t even know he’s Indian unless they go back read his archives.
Not to mention, your racial background won’t stop you from getting in an LTR, sounds like you just decided not to pursue that. You’re probably a bit nerdy to be a long-time resident of this part of the web(known you since about 2011) so that probably causes trouble with black women. But if you have the same carefree stoner/surfer attitude in real life and talk normal American English(which I imagine you do) you can play for pretty much any race. I suspect the mixed-blood insecurity/resentment holds you back. A tough obstacle since it goes all the way back into early childhood, but there it is.

To SwaB (Through I prefer Giovanni’s version of the name): The Alt-lite has absolutely no interest in low status men. Have you read Mike Cernovich’s blog for any length of time? He allied himself with Gamergate only because he wasn’t dealing with any institution that would force him out for being pond scum.

Eh, half of why mixed race people have the whole identity crisis stuff is anglosphere one drop rule norms, most of the other half is mommy/daddy issues.
The way the current system is, you’re encouraged to ID as nonwhite regardless of how little nonwhite ancestry you actually have because of white self-loathing. Look at how white a good chunk of the BLM leadership is.

“To SwaB (Through I prefer Giovanni’s version of the name): The Alt-lite has absolutely no interest in low status men. Have you read Mike Cernovich’s blog for any length of time? He allied himself with Gamergate only because he wasn’t dealing with any institution that would force him out for being pond scum.”

I don’t know a ton about Cerno, however, I think that guy Gavin McCuckoo is a lunatic. He says all this white pride lite shit (and that’s the kind of shit that if you say, you absolutely must own and not back down.)

“Eh, half of why mixed race people have the whole identity crisis stuff is anglosphere one drop rule norms, most of the other half is mommy/daddy issues.”

That’s the harsh truth. One day Gavin McCuck’s kiddies will go on the interwebz and think, “Geezus, Daddy hates us, he couldn’t get a white womyn so he settled. He woulda just been happier if he went off with Milo. But, shit, now I know why when he smokes his “he-man” ceegar, he looks at us with resentment and burning hatred.”

You either gotta go full bore WN and say this dick is for white chicks only or you gotta go full multi-cult and say “I love all peoples.” (And you gotta mean it.)

So I literally think the alt-lite is more damaging than the alt-reich. If that sounds absurd, it is easy to explain. I think “mainstream” feminists like Marcotte/Schwyzer are far more damaging to society then rad-fems. Rad fems say batshit crazy stuff, but then they want to go live in their teepee and say “knoe menz allowed.” “Mainstream” fems want to present a hateful ideology as “reasonable” and indocrinate mainstream society with their bigotry.

I really don’t think its as simple as those polarizing extremes. A casual perusal of Western literature shows awareness of out groups without immediate need for total exclusion, naming off Jules Verne, Aeneid, or even the Sabine women for thought.

I feel like you’re arguing that an extremist version is better only because it’ll spread less and that the alt-right philosophy is generally “hateful.” I disagree overall, and I’m not white; that they seek to preserve what they feel is beautiful about Western civilization, which requires a majority Western people and population, is hardly hateful.

A return to older norms, with a balance between exclusion and blind acceptance, is a lot more sensible than simply admitting everything: your body wouldn’t survive blind acceptance of microbes, I mean.


First of all what is “western culture?”

I am not asking this flippantly or sarcastically.

Is it Nietzschean philosophy? (As an aside, I just completed Crime and Punishment which seems to be an absolute critique of the ubermensch philosophy that one group has a higher morality in pursuing power.)

Is it Christianity? Ironically, Jack Donovan was a former Satanist and is now a neo-paganist whatever the fuck that means.

Is it new enlightenment ideas? If so, interestingly enough, Dickie Spencer condescendingly referred to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as “faggy.”

“A return to older norms, with a balance between exclusion and blind acceptance, is a lot more sensible than simply admitting everything: your body wouldn’t survive blind acceptance of microbes, I mean.”

Okay, your last sentence makes me thing of what Jordan Peterson has discussed. The liberal/conservative divide. Do you let in new peoples and ideas with the potential risk of them bringing in contagions and the potential benefit of new ideas that can make your culture thrive. Do you remain closed with the potential benefit of a homogenous culture and the potential risk of stagnation/decline without any new ideas. There isn’t gonna be a “one size fits all” answer here.

There isn’t a simple answer because life isn’t simple; governance is often akin to the act of how to slowly fall to the ground without quite landing. The body itself is such an equilibrium: it obviously has to take in foreign matter and indeed hosts a number of non-native microbes, but allowing such to go out of control results in the death of the host. Unfortunately, liberalism is screeching exceedingly toward this which ends poorly for all of us, as I see it: an ultimate death of the soul, a final process that see us all as genderless working paste in their machines. I’ll rather see Nazis prevail before that. Death before zombification should be a natural choice of all right-thinking men.

What is Western culture as it stands for me? Its the products – the literature, the architecture, the art and the general result of a combination of pressures and individuals that have managed to create something that was flourishing and beautiful. Christianity, the Enlightenment, etc are all aspects of it, but do not make up the whole, and indeed, Christianity was probably massively influenced by the facts on the ground more than its original incarnation of what was essentially a kind of apocalyptic cult. But the the time of Song of Roland, it has gained a completely different meaning.

Its impossible to /precisely/ define what is “western culture” as much as it has been varied and localized, but it is also impossible to /precisely/ define, for example, what is modern Chinese culture, as I’ve mentioned before(Maoism? Confucianism? Money is God?). What we can grasp are the surviving and relevant artifacts: the general notions of the value of the individual, the idea of transcendent values, and admiration for virtues not all which are still as extant in today’s world, such as courage. It has always been a balance: the same culture which produced Voltaire and Beowulf also gave us the witch hunts of Salem – but it is something beautiful which is worth preserving.

And, if I might add, you’ve done a better job of describing the tragedy of the West better than most European men would be able to do. That says a lot right there.

There really isn’t a lot to it. The “future” that the Left has for us is monolithic and a fate worse than death. The alternative is to throw every kitchen sink at it. I’m cool with that. I’ll negotiate my fate with the Nazis in the unlikely event they win later; for now, the Cathedral must be stopped.

To take an example from fiction: its like being a xeno in War40k, debating if you should ally with the Imperium against Chaos. The answer should be obvious, unless an eternity of gibbering madness for you and any progeny sounds better.

well, the antifa and the alt right are bad in my view. Just because I didn’t vote for crooked Hillary doesn’t make me a Trumpkin. The progressives seem to preach diversity (of appearance) while forcing conformity of ideology. It’s just like feminism and Paulie Elam’s AVfM, both are toxic to low status men…

I think Daniel is telling you that sometimes it is pragmatic to make alliances with people who you may disagree with. The “Nazis” are dissidents for pretty much the same reasons you are. They are low status men trying to get status by challenging the power of high status elites who have been kicking sand in their faces for decades.

Well, perhaps it helps to actualize that the leftists will ultimately lead to even lower status for all men, which leaves low-status men in the utter dirtpan(and for that matter, humanity in general, because as noted, it seeks to process us into interchangeable work soyfluid).

The alternative, while still not great for low-status men(and when is anything not?), is less so.

“I think Daniel is telling you that sometimes it is pragmatic to make alliances with people who you may disagree with.”

I made that mistake in the Inmalafide days…

“Well, perhaps it helps to actualize that the leftists will ultimately lead to even lower status for all men, which leaves low-status men in the utter dirtpan(and for that matter, humanity in general, because as noted, it seeks to process us into interchangeable work soyfluid).”

I actually just came to peace recently with an what I thought was an internal contradiction within myself recently…

I am pro free speech and pro individualism. Seemingly right leaning positions.

However, if we are to have a government, then it should serve the people, so I embrace seemingly leftist positions such as single payer healthcare. I would love to see a guaranteed minimum income within my lifetime.

I cannot stand behind the alt right which is essentially “affirmative action” for full blood white men. I am alienated by the left which has made womyn get paid less/someone said a mean thing to a gay at Stonewall 35 years ago/Anne Coultier is oppressed because “she” isn’t allowed to pee standing up in the ladies room. They’ve lost the script when it came to things like workers rights, etc,etc.

The real metric should be authoritarianism/anti-authoritarinism rather than right/left…

Nazi’s and Antifa are both scary fuckers. The one time Trumpiepoops got it right and everyone is blasting him for it. (Violence on many sides.)

I think most of us would like a world where single payer healthcare was possible but the reality is tribal warfare over a static or shrinking pie. I have weighed in on guaranteed basic living allowance and have outlined the conditions that would be necessary for it to work in a sprawling multi-cultural empire.
You’re not wrong to characterize the alt-right as white affirmative action and that is the inevitable reaction to decades of being under attack. As Euros become less of a majority, they will behave more and more like just another minority group that has to fight for its share of government pork barrel.

I acknowledge you are in a uniquely tough spot by being an even mixture of two groups that are locked in a blood feud.
You may ultimately have to choose whether to align primarily by your ideas or your African blood. If the latter, the establishment might actually represent your interests best. Though you consider yourself to be low status you have “diversity pokemon points” by default. You might not even have those under a new Euro dominion. Through no fault of your own, the one drop rule, and a long history of obstreperous mulattos, you could end up getting lumped in with the opposition. Unless of course you form certain ideological contacts while a dialogue is still possible. As mentioned, I’ve known you online for years and would hope to be on the same side with you, but you will ultimately need to think hard about your alignments and do what will best carry you through a coming time of crisis.

If I had it my way, I would actively seek to incorporate mixed people and “talented tenth” types into a Euro-led coalition, if for no other reason, to separate enemy minority groups from their natural leadership classes and thereby control them more easily.

“You’re not wrong to characterize the alt-right as white affirmative action”

I doubt it. Affirmative action is percieved as unmanly, for weaklings.

Of course it is. I just don’t think alt-right types (in general) like the idea. It rubs them the wrong way. What you’re describing are Bernie Bros. Alt-right types voted overwhelmingly for Trump. I wouldn’t think Trump is a big fan of affirmative action. He may have to get his hands dirty and play the corruption game and politically he may pay lip service to affirmative action but only for expediency sake. Or at least that’s what alt-right types would like to think. The smarter ones realize NY real estate and politics are a dirty game and he who lies down with dogs is gonna get up with a few fleas.

Certain other groups on the other hand love the idea of being labeled “disadvantaged” or “protected” and eagerly seek the designation. In fact, they’re jealous of their victimhood and constantly snipe at one another for the top spot.

Alt-right types will use different justifications that sound cooler to them but they’ll effectively do the same things. Spencer’s proposed policies I think tell us what is coming once alt-right has a political wing. All democratic politics operate on this: what can you give me for my vote? Libertarian-style personal responsibility with a boot in the ass if you make poor decisions is a political non-starter. A dictatorial/monarchical takeover will be the same thing. Those groups who supported the rise of the dictator get more cool stuff while the rest get less. The industrial revolution and the American unipolar order gave a brief respite. Now history is back to normal with its zero sum games, winners, and losers.

Does Spencer have actual policies? Can you link to something? I’ve never seen him propose any policies just general stuff about white identity, return to a white-controlled state, that sort of thing. Things that were taken for granted before, say, 1968.

Spencer’s more of a performance artist than a politician or leader. He’s pretty good too.

Come to think of it I’ve never read anything by Spencer where he says he wants to end affirmative action. You’d think he would, but I don’t recall him ever writing about it.

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