All Focus on 2018 Midterms

There will be periodic excitement and panic but that should not distract from the next strategic bottleneck: the 2018 midterms.  Pretty much everything going on in politics should be seen in the context of the upcoming elections.  Last year, I predicted the next major step after Trump’s victory would be to somehow bring populist candidates into congress against establishment resistance.  To my relief, we are already seeing the first challengers step up and so far the support they need seems to be there.

It is tempting to fixate on the president, but he has been mostly neutralized until he has more support from within the system.  I will assume for now he’s not going to commit obvious political suicide by signing an illegal immigrant amnesty and what we’re seeing is more showmanship to get people angry and energized.  This posturing is hurting him, but with no good moves available, he may be gambling it will hurt congress more and keep things in turmoil for everyone.

Since Trump has little actual power in the government, the most meaningful litmus test is whether he acts to increase his power.  We will know he is still serious if he fully backs GOP challengers leading up to midterms.  Failing that, we can conclude with a high degree of confidence that he has resigned himself to spending his retirement as a ceremonial figurehead.

So far, it is promising that he has steadily distanced himself from Ryan, McConnell, and the GOPe since they humiliated him on the senate floor by getting his hopes up and then immediately sinking the healthcare debate.  I have also noticed Trump has spent far less time in a White House controlled by the permanent bureaucracy and the pentagon.  It is encouraging that the frequency of leaks has dwindled ever since he started shifting his base of operations.  Now, in the coming months, he needs to endorse candidates like Kid Rock.

As the mood gets doomier and gloomier I hear more people say “we can’t vote our way out of this.”  They are right that the underlying problems are systemic but if we are persistent we will find the political process is still useful enough.  In any case, there is no reason to allow the establishment free control over any battlefield.

People tend to forget what everybody accepted as common sense just a few months ago.  This human cognitive weakness makes it easy for us to forget the strategic value of gaining every political advantage only to have nothing happen.  In less than a year, the public attitude toward government has shifted from cautious, fading reverence to outright cynicism and disgust.  Even “normies” are starting to discuss whether this democracy is still viable.  The importance of this shift should not be underestimated.  From the perspective of a dissident, discrediting the edifice of hostile rulers is nearly as good as taking over the system.

So if we are patient and can ignore distractions and drama, we keep pressing until either the populists finally gain political traction or the entire system is shown to be a sham.  Either of those outcomes is a big loss for the ruling establishment.

Update 9/17/17: I hardly wrote about Trump needing to help friendly populist candidates only to discover he’s actually attacking them by campaigning for Luther Strange in Alabama!  If this nonsense persists, it will sink him as surely as an amnesty deal.
Acting directly against his own self-interest means that Trump is, for now, effectively a puppet.
Update: 9/26/17: Trump’s backing of Strange came across as rather half-hearted and he also said good things about Moore.  It looks like Trump is powerless for now but thankfully his cooperation in this seems by no wish of his own.  Bereft of any ability to affect the politics, he is now attacking the culture, which is upstream of politics, with devastating effect.  The NFL will never be the same after this.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

39 replies on “All Focus on 2018 Midterms”

Trump’s a “hostile ruler.” We forced down our disgust with his natural grossness (not just vulgar, dimwitted, and phony, but flamingly effeminate) because we’re so far from being “normies” that we figured that this is what a normie “alpha” is like (all normies are effeminate in their “what can I do to make people like me?” focus, so we figured that from the normie point of view he seems masculine-leaderish), and now we should just be ashamed that we allowed ourselves to be fooled in this way.

What you call “grossness” was a big reason he got elected even by people who don’t like him. It sends a message to the high and mighty political class they’re so far gone the public takes a reality star more seriously. Their faces get constantly rubbed in the carpet they peed on, his very existence taunting them. I for one have loved watching them squirm.
He also comes across as gruffly likable in a prole kind of way, despite being a billionaire.
As you know, I’ve connected the “make everyone like me” attitude to the West being dominated by the mercantile classes and bureaucrats from the French Revolution or so. Also, most people have to like you enough, by definition to get elected.

“…We forced down our disgust with his natural grossness (not just vulgar, dimwitted, and phony, but flamingly effeminate) because we’re so far from being “normies” that we figured that this is what a normie “alpha” is like…”

I think you all are wrong. The support for Trump is from his strong stance on immigration, trade and anti-war. That he was crude and forceful just helped people believe he would actually be bold enough to do what he said. No one voted for him because he was crude or thought he was some big alpha guy.

I’ve been very disappointed with him but keep reminding myself that Hillary would have been MUCH worse and…it isn’t over yet. To win he’s going to have to attack the intelligence agencies, the pedo blackmailers and the banks. Not easy but their power is so intertwined a good shot on any of them unwinds the rest. If he can get good cases on the pedo blackmailers he could unwind their whole power base as that and free money from the banks is the base of their power.

“I’ve been very disappointed with him but keep reminding myself that Hillary would have been MUCH worse and…it isn’t over yet.”

I agree with that and to think, people think that makes me “right wing.”

Don’t think we were saying those aspects were more important than the platform he ran on. No one is doubting the overwhelming impact of the wall and “not sending their best.”

If Trump signed some kind of amnesty no one would care if he was better than Hillary anymore. The relative improvement would not be significant enough to be worth evaluating. But that is of course why I think he’s just bullshitting as usual. God, I sure hope he is..

“So if we are patient and can ignore distractions and drama, we keep pressing until either the populists finally gain political traction or the entire system is shown to be a sham.”

I think Bannon was saying it will either be a “left” populist movement-single payer healthcare or a right populist movement when he was speaking about a “civil war” among the Democrats.

it’s ironic, but the alt-right (not the alt-lite perhaps) is also overruled by race politics. Even though I don’t care for him much, Bannon is the one guy seeing this all very clearly. Oh, yeah, I never fell in with the Bernie camp, even though I could agree with them on the surface-fight for $15, single payer healthcare.

If they kill someone the management should be prosecuted and sent to jail. Same results if they don’t follow regulations. Problem is the rot is so deep no one cares anywhere.

He doesn’t mention the racial component and a whole lot of other things. My guess is (without knowing the specifics because he didn’t bother to explain them) they lowered standards because blacks couldn’t compete. A powerful union or ACLU threatened disparate impact lawsuits. Management caved.

or, perhaps a GW Bush RMoney type said, “yay, muh free market, let’s gut all safety protocalls so we can make more ca$h.” It was pretty funny reading this blog (GL Piggy) where all these nationalist white guys thought RMoney actually cared about them because of their skin color. RMoney and his ilk will make a buck off of a Juan or Juanita just as shamelessly as a Chuck or a Chelsea. There is only one color for those guys-green.

Even were it someone’s made up story, that we find it completely believable speaks for itself. I know you are also familiar with WMATA, ia. Disasters and incompetence like that are a routine matter on the Washington subway. Pepco, the local electric company, is also horribly run.

“…a GW Bush RMoney type said, “yay, muh free market, let’s gut all safety protocalls so we can make more ca$h.”…”

That’s the way I read it. I don’t think it has anything to do with race. I want to add, since race was brought up this magnificent comment by and anonymous person that was re-posted by another anonymous person and then re-posted by me because it’s so damn good it gives me the the jumping joys. I suggest it should be posted everywhere possible. Here,

“White people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity.”

It has everything to do with race since blacks are parasitic and unable to compete with whites, or anyone else.

This is why the electric, gas, and water are supposed to be utilities heavily regulated by the government. My view that I wrote about some months ago is internet natural monopolies also need to be regulated as utilities.

Have you seen what has happened to little Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer? While I can’t stand the guy, he never had an “obscenity trial” yet he was pushed off the internet because registrars such as Google with a less than transparent process refused to allow his site on the web.

Ironically the dailystormer is back with an .is address. Is .is Israel? If so that is funnier than shit.

The idea that government run and regulated utilities can’t be run reasonably efficiently, by Whites anyways, is shown by California’s Pacific power company which had one of the best power sources in the country. They sold the thing off and then had independent power companies shutting down to plants to cause brown outs destroying the whole electrical system. They also over loaded the transmission lines. Before they had a slow studied plan to increase and stabilize power over time. Now there may have been some minor overcharging and too many of my brother and his uncle working there but they did provide power at a reasonable price with great dependability. Now…all the profits go to the private companies and they spend just enough to keep the whole thing from collapsing. The TVA in the South does a decent job except for nuclear power plants. Their failure there can be somewhat mitigated by large increases in regulation and the general decline of nuclear power over all.

I’ve read the cable companies are enjoying 100% profits. At those rates we could have fiber into every home with half the cost with a purely government run system.

He ends, “… but they’re the same as everybody else.” Who do you think he has in mind? Non-elite Whites (genetically similar to elite Whites)?

I get the feeling he’s trying to make a connection to interracial conflict even though he even mentions the burakumin are genetically from the same people. I would like to think he’s open minded enough to think of white proles, but I doubt it. I’m open to the concept that there is significant divergence in traits when a caste is formed by certain criteria and then intermarries under certain pressures.
It seems the root stock still matters most, though, since even a bunch of criminals and migrants from the English and Irish underclasses built Australia into a 1st world nation.
Also, the worst criminal elements of Japan cause the barest fraction of crime that is normal in the US.

Kaepernick is a jackass because he didn’t just lose his own money. He screwed over everyone in his entire industry so he could bring his politics to work. Of course, it is their fault for tolerating him as long as they did. I will give him credit for ruining the NFL for a lot of people and getting them off that soma IV drip. Though he’s a selfish little bitch, I’m glad he damaged a harmful social institution.

” I would like to think he’s open minded enough to think of white proles, but I doubt it.”

I thought his pints were about the dangers of having a codified underclass. If you create a class that has no upward mobility, you can expect disruptions and serious problems in your society….

Have you read my posts on Smart Socialism and Basic Guaranteed Living? I believe society should give basic opportunity…where it makes sense to invest in someone. As Peterson points out, below a certain IQ level someone is guaranteed to be useless. The big reason why the progressive platform of increasing redistribution is a non-starter is all the aid money has gone into a bottomless pit for the last 50 years trying to help out low IQ people with low potential. So now the money has been spent and there’s still an angry underclass.

Yes, this is why I’ve been completely supportive of Charlottesville and believe in leaving the WNs in all their guises alone. Anyone even mildly anti-establishment gets identified with nazis now and the Buckley strategy of distancing from radicals already proved to be an abject failure. As many have pointed out, the so-called left makes no moves to disavow their own radicals.

What they’re calling Nazis is probably not even Nazis. I didn’t see a bunch of Nazi flags at the rally. The ones there from reports I have read were carried by nervous looking Black curly haired guys who looked like Jews. There’s a video where a Black guy says a bunch of guys came out of the same bus. They were KKK, Nazis and AntiFa out of the same bus. To top it off the guy who ran over those people, I’ve read, is a Jew. My guess is he goes and plays Nazi and gets everyone riled up then gets stuck in a crowd of the AntiFa and they recognize him so he runs over people to get away and who does it get blamed on, Whites.

By the way I support anyone with any kind of political agenda at all as long as they are pro-White, anti-Oligarchy and anti-immigration whether they be Left, Right, Middle, Nazi, Gay, Straight…whatever. There’s no advantage and great detriment to living in a tribal world where you’re the only group that can’t be tribal. It’s suicide.

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