The system gets what it selects for.

A meritocracy is only as good as what it rewards.

Time to stop and think is the most illegal sort of contraband.

Effective system design is more effective than a system’s enforcers.

Doing the right thing is easy.  Getting away with it is the hard part.

If two men split a dollar and one cleverly walks away with 51 cents, by next week, he is king, the other guy his serf.

Life punishes indecision harshly.

Weakness is the most harshly punished crime.

One of the greatest powers is to be able to do nothing.

Not having to care is among the greatest of powers.

One of the most valuable things in life: to know exactly one’s value and abilities.
Without knowing these one plans for battle with a false map.

You have to be what you are.
If you try to be with your betters they will disdain and ignore you.
If you try to be with your lessers your only thanks will be their jealousy and spite.

Benefit from many things.  Depend on nothing.

Don’t ask too much of any one person.  Take what each is comfortable giving.

If you would know what you truly want, first be beyond need.

There are no metaphysicians in foxholes.

There’s no such thing as a drowning nihilist.

Experience is most valuable for someone who’s bright, its absence most devastating.

Can one respect a society that can make space ships yet can’t tell the average person how to properly eat?

You aren’t ‘White’ until you make 30,000 a year.

Pleasure and Fulfillment are not the same thing.  We are not here to have fun.  We have a mission.

The objective of all social relations: Don’t be that guy

The main source of national cohesion…is the fear of other nations.

An appreciation of death shows us what is really important.  Without it, we lose ourselves in the concerns of the day.

A millionaire with no children stands outside the great circle of life as surely as a sterile homeless cripple.

Of a people, one question matters: How well can they preserve wealth?

Treat work days as days off, days off as work days. Your time is more valuable than an employer’s time.

I am trying to terraform this planet so it may support my kind of life forms.  I barely survived.  All ‘civilization’ I see around me is the deep desert.  I have always been a nomad wanderer just getting by.  Nothing has ever been secure or certain.  What could a race of my kind accomplish within an oasis of their making?

The sexual pleasures are a final flourish, the gift to those who can compete, the flower atop the vine.
The pleasures of perception are the heritage of all.

Don’t work hard to compete, find out how to dominate.

Always simplify

Money is well spent when it increases the value of your time.
Homeless people have plenty of time but little ability to use it effectively.  It is our mission to find the golden mean.

Communism produces endless things no one wants.
Capitalism produces endless things no one needs.
The further removed from things people actually need, the higher the margin of profit.

Where there is tea, there is civilization.
Those who will not embrace, kiss you on cheek, nor share tea are inhuman.

Even were I to live forever, my memories change over time, identity shifts.  Even without death, some of us is always dying…until methods of true data and state storage exist.

Fighting for one’s life and not wasting time come from the same impulse.  But one is purely reactive, the other planned.

Don’t act superior to others, be superior.

The greatest philosophers don’t write about philosophy, they do philosophy.

There’s no such thing as “potential” only what does or does not exist.

Good fiction uses material lies to approach the spirit in truth.

Like-minded people are the soil in which an individual grows

Modern war is won when every man is an army.

Jobs are popularity contests.
People skills is the skill that rules all other skills.

The quality of life in a mass society is only as good as the ability of the average person to see the big picture.

Sometimes you just have to put in your flight hours to get good.

Diversity is easy in times of plenty.

Only surplus is income.

Revealed preference is real preference.

Autonomy is the greatest responsibility.

Everyone follows the ideas that fit their nature best.

Nature works its vision through endless harsh attrition.


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