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The 3 Keys To Anglo Success

Anglo societies have succeeded tremendously over the last few centuries, but this success hasn’t meant good lives for individuals.  The secret to Anglo success has been squeezing individual men to work as hard as possible for even moderate levels of success, generating more wealth for the nation as a whole.  Getting the best wine grapes or the best hydroponic pot is about forcing the plants to respond to pressure by trying their hardest and producing their best.  Anglo society, likewise, is built on systematic sexual repression.

1. Picky Women

Through their natural sexual power, women are the de facto police force of culture.  What they desire, men clamor to give them.  Anglo women are among the pickiest on the planet.  Maybe it was the long winters combined with high population density, but whatever the reasons, we know Anglo society is intensely competitive.  If you want to get one plain Jane to consider having your kids, a car and house is the minimum price tag.  As many have noted, this basic entry ticket is no longer any guarantee.  You better stand out in some way and have at least local notability.

The Victorian period never really went away.  Anglo women are still prissy, fussy, picky creatures looking to disqualify all the men around them for a mispronounced vowel or an unfastened coat button. They’re as neurotic and unhappy as they ever were—it’s in their blood. Then as now, they obsess over their waistlines, shrinking away from anything substantial to eat while secretly cramming down starchy biscuits and gallons of heavily sugared and creamed tea.  We still indulge in upper middle class Victorian fantasies of innocent childhood and cute pets dripping with sickeningly sweet sentimental syrup.  What are modern peanut allergies and asthma but the product of Victorian smothering parenting?  What are suburbs but the happy ending of a Dickens novel?

Modern neurotic middle class Anglos do a fine job of keeping the tradition alive as sweat beads on their brow whenever someone uses the wrong fork, grit their teeth whenever someone forgets to say ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’, or rush to clean out every last dust mote from their house and turn on the Enya music on low volume before one visitor arrives.

While women of other cultures get just enough wealth to have kids, and then have them, Anglo women demand every man build her a bower to her precise specifications until it becomes a never-ending Babel.  The kids never arrive. The insufferable females that once drove men to conquer the entire planet do little more than foster barren marriages in an age of birth control. If this was once the impetus behind Anglo greatness, it’s now a central cause of its decline.

White women are also more selective, neurotic, and bitchy than any other kind because being picky was necessary for survival. If you just need a wet hole, chasing white women doesn’t make any sense.  Until you’re an elite man, you can almost always find a better deal in the arms of a dark-skinned woman. Any British soldier of the Victorian period sent off to the colonies would readily attest to this.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

2. Prudery

Anglo culture has long been intensely prudish.  For at least a couple centuries, Anglos have been taught myths of courtly love instead of real skills in getting laid.  This trend started to catch on in the middle ages and by the late 18th century, we have Jane Austen.
Prostitution is kept to the margins or outlawed as much as possible.  Fanatical devotion to depriving men of sexual outlets outside of the official monopoly is perhaps the foundation of Anglo dominance.  It’s all part of the plan to have men work their little hearts out for just a little taste of honey.

They would have removed liquor too if they could have so that a workhorse’s only solace in life would be the act of mounting a homely plow mare as his reward for spending every waking minute destroying his competitors.  As it is, alcohol, especially binge drinking, plays a special role in Anglo culture as almost the only (grudgingly) accepted vice.  Possibly even the most straight-lace Anglos would go insane without the alcoholic outlet.  Even Victorians could more readily indulge in tobacco and opium than our modern SWPL prudes.  Today, with even alcohol less tolerated, binge eating takes the place of binge drinking as possibly the last permitted vice.

I’ve always wondered that Westerners created a science of economics yet never applied the same principles to sexual markets.
It’s a testament to the stubborn prudery of Anglo nations that there never was a ‘sexenomics’ until enough disposable males had access to mass networks. Even when it came to the sciences, prude Anglos and like-minded Westerners felt compelled to strategically cover up one particular area with a well-placed fig leaf.

3. Snobbery

You’re not white until you earn $30,000 a year, and that’s just entry level. To really be white, European blood is not enough.  You better have the car, that house in the suburbs, and the obligatory white collar job complete with white rumpled-up button-up shirts and ill-fitting khakis. You don’t have that, forget it. You’re what was once known as a “scalawag” today more commonly called “trash.” Part of the Anglo formula for success is casting out those who don’t make the cut.  If they can’t be gotten rid of in distant colonies or wars, make them live and breed in a separate underclass.

Are you white trash?  Don’t try to deny it just because you have that useless degree.  It pays to own up to it.  If you’re realistic, you’ll see you have more interests in common with Mexicans and blacks than with your overseers and the planter aristocracy.

Hard experience has taught me a key truth.
White” is a social, cultural, economic movement.
European is a group of related ethnicities that share common traits, pale skin among them.  Getting the two confused leads to endless strife.  Until you understand who you really are, you can’t live life as you should.


Many seem to mourn the decline of the old Anglo culture, but I for one am happy to see it go.  It always was just another exploitative system that took advantage of men with limited access to information.
The classic Victorian Anglo culture can’t continue to exist among a population of males informed of market conditions on the internet—it has become obsolete.

Even Ben Franklin in the 18th century lamented that white men fled over the Anglo socio-sexual Berlin Wall to live with the Indians whenever they could.  If anything, this problem was just one more reason Anglo society and the Indians couldn’t co-exist.  That Franklin’s very name means “Freedman” a peasant who beat all the odds and made it into the very small skilled middle classes speaks for itself.

The problem with a repressive system is that it collapses as soon as a better alternative becomes available or can even be imagined!  The Anglo system took over the entire world, an impressive feat.  But I am an individual, not a monolithic society.  I care about getting the best deal for myself, just like the men who fled to Indian tribes in colonial America.
Any new system that lasts must take the interests of human beings into account.  In an age of information, no longer can deception be the foundation of a social order.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

12 replies on “The 3 Keys To Anglo Success”

This is the Age of Disinformation, not the opposite. Only the technophiles believe a utopia is coming, even as the NSA spies, and the FBI infiltrates.

Do you think, because of your proclaimations, that you’ll be spared?

You will find, in time, that the minos don’t want you. And the WNs won’t have you either, because you lack conviction. It’s dangerous to have no friends.

I can’t think of one time whites have actually tried to help me just because I was white and plenty of times they have proven to be liabilities with their obsession over mindless competition and status posturing.

When you say White, are you implying the American White or the European? I assume you are talking about the former.

Since I am an American, I refer to American Whites. I figure American whites are countless combinations of a hundred ethnic group. Yet American blacks are odd mixes of a hundred different tribes and they always back each other up against outsiders.

Excellent essay as always. I’ve been thinking about hypocrisy. Every society is based on hypocrisy, on a shared mythos and set of lies. Try to change those lies, and society fights back, hard.

Is a society based on truth, even possible? Everyone wants to lie to themselves, that they are smarter, stronger, more popular, handsome, beautiful, richer, than they really are.

Howard Bloom wrote some good stuff on the benefits to society of having false beliefs in his book “The Lucifer Principle”.

Is there an honest narrative of the human life cycle that would be attractive enough to sway people from the current vicious dog-eat-dog system?

As a code of conduct, the Law of Moses is pretty good; guarantees every man has some land, or will inherit some land. Protects the weak from the thefts of the strong, and the strong from the lies of the weak.

False or faith-based beliefs that get the job done and benefit society as a whole are what Nietzsche would refer to as slave moralities.
All most people require is to be fed a floppy disk early on with helpful instructions. The justifications for these instructions matter little as long as they’re useful to the group.
Take the strong results of Mormonism for example, even if its founder made money hunting treasure with divining rods before he turned to the religion business.
In a certain time and place, the Anglo culture was the key to world domination.

To have a society based on truth, though, there must be a tribe where most people care about truth and are able to think and act autonomously.
In the age of mass communication, it’s now possible for curious human beings to find each other and associate.

Communism tried to change human nature to fit the “ideal” of communism. Could this hunt for a truthful society be the same sort of mirage? As soon as a small group of truth-seekers find each other, we find that there may be large patches of agreement, but always disagreement and baggage from whatever milieu we come from. Hence, the concept of covenant, basis of unity. What is the limited amount of “truth” that binds the tribe together? Agreeing on a code of conduct is about the best one can do. In ever generation, psychopaths take over, invent pleasant stories, seduce the 80%, and get the society going the way they want it.

Communism tried to “sway” people from how they really are. They expected most people to be curious about intangible things like mass trends in society and the larger distribution of wealth. Doomed to failure on the drawing board. The proletariat is by nature inert.

Very different I think to simply have a group with a vibe that attracts some kinds of people and repels others.
Every bar, every profession, every social club attracts a set of people on a very particular neural wavelength.
I don’t suppose curious people who care about objective truth are much different.
After all, I imagine the desire to grasp things makes them more open-minded towards someone else with similar passions.
Meanwhile, two persons with a fanatic predisposition become instant, vicious enemies under different banners of religion or nationhood never the wiser that they are mirror images, brothers of the same breed.

Psychopaths easily take over when most people are incurious and operating mostly on instinct. Especially, they can game mass systems. They can do things they’d never get away with in a Dunbar group of 150 when every person is just a statistic.
Human instincts are fine-tuned to prevent this kind of parasitism on the smaller scale but fail in a mass of millions.

I agree. Pretty much all your points are covered in the first few chapters of the Bible (implicitly, if they were explicit I wouldn’t need to point it out). I’ve been considering doing a commentary to hilight this very thing. The “confusion of tongues” was not just about languages; it was every type of confusion in communication, and difference of worldview. The Bible state this is necessary to create divisions in humanity; and those divisions go from the level of nation, to tribe, to clan, to family, to individual. The very tribalism that the “pro Western Civilization” crowd are against. But the tribalistic Irish had wider and better roads than even the Roman’s built. You don’t need empires and mass civilization to have the comforts, the hot showers, the steady food supply, etc. You just need the stability to do some planning and storing for the future.

Very perceptive post. I also wish for the fall of Anglo-female driven culture. What a disgusting mess. That white men put up with it at all is pathetic. Hopefully this will change soon… though I don’t believe it will get anything other than worse.

Interested in hearing more of solutions for men to have as good a time as possible in this era of decline.

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