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The Purpose of All Social Relations

The motto of all social relations can be encapsulated in one short sentence:

“Don’t be that guy.”

Don’t be that guy who’s the first to step off the transports on D-day.
Don’t be that guy who gets laid off when they have to cut some jobs.
Don’t be that guy who has no connections in the food ministry when there’s a famine.
Don’t be that guy who gets caught when everyone is breaking the rules.
Don’t be that guy who never finds out he’s been cuckolded and raises another man’s seed.
Just don’t be that guy.  It doesn’t matter how we make it happen.  We must.  Those who can’t are exploited and weeded out.

This is the reason why humans developed big brains to begin with — an arms race against each other.
The rewards of having someone else take the big risks and misfortunes for you are enormous.
The consequences of being taken advantage of are disastrous and often fatal.

Even monkeys have hierarchies where those low in rank are forced to do the most dangerous jobs with greatest vulnerability to predators while those on top get all the best mates.  Humans are just slightly more clever monkeys.  Throughout life, other people work hard to give us the short end of the stick while trying to get better for themselves and their own.  So it goes from small time jobs to the highest levels of the state.

Proles are oblivious to this reality of life, believing instead in things like “hard work” and taking pride in sweat and drudgery.  They choose to believe in religions that explain away the obvious injustice in the world around them with promises of an afterlife.

A different world view sets the middle class utterly apart from the worker masses.  They understand the goal of social relations and spend their whole lives striving not to be that guy as they “network” and exchange business cards over “continental breakfast” at their hotel.  They’re ahead because they know the right game to play.  But they’re still mediocre.  Of those playing the right game, they’re the worst at it.
Deep down they know this and they spend decades trying to compensate for their insecurity and “get ahead” by reading self help books, listening to motivational speakers, obsessing about the latest trendy “management strategies”, buying leather bound day planners, and making sure their windsor knot is flawless in the mirror before attempting to comb over that bald spot.

7 responses to “The Purpose of All Social Relations

  1. Zed June 11, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Some say fascism fixed this problem, or could.

  2. sunhater June 11, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    That was brutal !
    Remember that Middle Class people has bought into modern complacency becoming even more domesticated than proles despite their “high IQ”. As Nietzsche suggested they lost or corrupted their instincts.

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  4. Dividualist June 7, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    I seriously don’t see this in my neck of Europe. Hardly any competition. Just up to getting your degree. Then you just do forever what it says on that paper and have the social status attached to it. If it is says doctor, good. If it says trade school, bricklayer, well not so good. The bricklayer will never even become a woodworker because that is a different trade school. Hardly any competition or popularity contest.

    The reason Europeans accept Prog shit is not that they fear that saying something raycis makes them that guy. It is that morality is internalizedf shame. And it already happened in America and came over to Europe that way. So just like how children are taught to not take a shit in the middle of the living room carpet, they are taught to not think heretical thoughts, in both cases it is something you are supposed to feel bad, ashamed about. But not used as cudgel in a competition game.

    Actually beyond the “will the next crazy hajji with the knife attack me?” game I would call life pretty boring here, precisely due to the lack of competition.

    Sometimes I wonder if social status exists here at all because it requires social life, don’t you think? But what I see is most people’s social life at 30 is the same 4 friends from high school they go snowboarding with. So I mean there isn’t really being that guy who isn’t invited to parties because I don’t even think larger parties exist anymore, just getting together for grilling and drinking with the same old 4 friends.

    I wonder why. Perhaps these things feed mutually into each other.

    • Giovanni Dannato June 10, 2018 at 7:54 pm

      I have advocated a caste system of sorts before because it forces people to spend less time and energy on status competition, which I think is the true tyranny of egalitarianism. A brick-layer can lay 100 times more bricks if that’s all he has to focus on.
      It’s hard for me to comprehend a real society like you describe though since I’ve always had to scrape with all my might to outcompete the other guy for close to minimum wage work. In some ways, the crappiest jobs are the most competitive simply because there are far more people without skills than those who have them.
      I would love to live in a country where you can afford to have a boring life. If the 3rd world wasn’t pouring in so zealously into a small continent that already has 400 million people, I would probably have my eyes fixed on Europe. The US is frankly kind of a shithole country. What sucks is until the worldwide immigration crisis is solved, there can be nowhere better to go. And where you cannot have a capitalism of governments, you get tyrannies that behave like monopolies.

      Everything I’ve ever seen and heard indicates that Europeans have a highly formalized class system. Every people who lack a frontier develops one. If everyone’s constantly competing over status in an open system, they are easily swept aside by the arrival of the Mongol hordes.

      • Dividualist June 11, 2018 at 9:28 am

        But at least this ensures that the American economy stays productive and afloat. I have less experience with the unskilled aspects of work, but I know burger-flippy kinds of places here in Austria have a serious problem, they gave up long ago on finding people with some education, experience or at least a good work ethic, and now they would be accepting any warm body who speaks German and yet they cannot even really find that. The fact that they are paid upwards of €1000 per month (assuming 22 working days * 8 hours * current exchange a tes it gives $6.7 per hour) which is unsustainably high, this labor just does not add so much value. So I am seriously afraid a serious economic collapse is coming here due to the mismatch between low labor productivity and high regulated vages.

      • Giovanni Dannato June 11, 2018 at 7:43 pm

        If there is a labor that does not generate sufficient value to sustain itself, perhaps it should not exist. People go out of business all the time for that very reason.

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