Welcome to the Base

I had a blog called 6 Heretic’s way where I addressed important (to me) ideas.  I found I hadn’t much of an audience and if I wanted people to care I needed to communicate my ideas more effectively.

Forward Base B started out as a sort of daily information/news feed with multiple authors.  Both Eric Patton and Sunhater had been long time readers and collaborators who I invited as staff members.  It was an effort to share knowledge, to teach a way of looking at the world to all passersby.
Rather than confronting someone with an idea, why not show them aspects of reality that would lead them to those conclusions of their own accord?  And so we progressed, putting up hundreds of posts.
After a year or so, we realized we weren’t exactly changing the world yet and our diligence slackened, we all had lives to attend to.

I accepted that blogs in general won’t change things. (Update 9/26/17: Blogs have proven more powerful than I realized)  Because they require constant updates to be relevant to google, no one takes a blogger too seriously.  Everyone knows a blogger is an armchair general, possibly living in a basement and taking far too much medication.

I’ve returned to the Forward Base B, Colony of Commodus this time writing down the ideas, more like I used to on my old blog.  This time I see myself more as taking notes for something bigger, perhaps even a book.  If my musings should prove of value to those passing through, I will be greatly pleased.

A couple of other blogs I’ve written.

6 Heretic’s Way

Kingdom of Introversion

I have also guest written articles for Roosh’s blog Return of Kings in the spirit of combining trollery with ideas.

As for this blog’s name:

The empty query field for a blog name gazed right at me, straight into my soul as the cursor listlessly blinked.
What would I call it?

Suddenly, I had a memory of a multiplayer game of Civilization IV I played with some friends of mine.

One of these friends, who had a sardonic sense of humor started re-naming his border cities things such as FORWARD BASE B or LISTENING POST A to reassure us of his good intentions.
This same trustworthy friend also had a habit in RTS games of telling me “Pay my troops no mind, they’re on a fact-finding mission” as he would march a huge army into my base moments before going to the diplomacy menu and switching ‘ally’ to ‘enemy.’

This made me think of one of those incidents from history that’s stranger than fiction.
Emperor Commodus(yes the one in Gladiator) renamed Rome, ‘Colony of Commodus’ in his own honor.
I thought of all the times I had re-named my capital city in turn based strategy games in the spirit of true megalomania.

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