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Time For America To Grow Up

Since the founding of America, it’s always been a dumping ground for the rest of the world’s problems and a laboratory where those who come out on top can work their wills without any traditions or custom to hold them back.  Instead of a City on a Hill, it’s been more like that Randian city on the bottom of the sea from Bioshock.

From the beginning, it was a money mill where Whites and Indians were used as slaves until they were replaced by imported Africans.  Since the 1600s, it’s been about importing ever more unskilled labor to undermine the power of normal people who get just comfortable enough to decide they don’t want to be exploited to death.

Over 150 years later Benjamin Franklin was scratching his head wondering why average people defected to the Indians whenever they got the chance and only came back kicking and screaming.  What we call America has always been a game of hucksters and exploiters.
Most of the Founding Fathers were rich smugglers, slave-traders, and slave-owners who were de-facto New World aristocrats.  The American Revolution did not lead to chaos because it was the revolt of one elite against another elite.  There is a lot to be said for that; I favor an enlightened elite.  But their narrow view led to them getting deposed within a couple generations in a pointless and bloody civil war.

The American scheme proved to be sustainable for nearly 400 years because there was an entire continent to expand into.  Now there’s not.  Every easy corner has been settled and then populated to saturation.  If you want to found a colony now, you’ll be homesteader in Montana or Alaska.

Now, the American people have to grow up.  They have nowhere else to shove their problems.  In fact, we are so weak and divided that surrounding states that could never challenge us militarily easily shove their surplus populations through our porous “borders.”  They may be less wealthy and powerful, but they win in the game of genetic mercantilism.

All the rest of the world lives adjacent to groups of comparable power and few have two gigantic oceans to protect them.  Nor did they have whole continents to colonize.  Every other society on earth has had to reach a state of equilibrium within Malthusian limits and develop culture and traditions to limit disaster to manageable levels.  Those that could not were subsumed by more competent groups.

Now America is in the same situation as everyone else and we have to establish a sustainable civilization for the first time and in a very short time.

It is not cause for despair though.  Let us look at Africans in America who always vote 90% for the same party and move in lockstep whenever it matters most.  They are pound-for-pound the most powerful electorate in American politics simply because they can actually work together sometimes in a land where everyone else is out slit the other guy’s throat as soon as he falls asleep.

It has often been pointed out that Americans are not like other Europeans.  We are mutts of a 100,000 different admixtures, descendants of the misfits who couldn’t make it in Europe.  So it has been argued relentlessly we are a cursed people with no name, no nation, no inheritance, no future.

But what about Blacks?  They came from hundreds of different tribes taken from a couple thousand miles of coastline and from the interior of their native continent.  They have a decent level of admixture with European colonists.  None of that has been a barrier to their greater commonality when subjected to outside pressures.

We have already seen that a roughly-related race undergoes a process of ethnogenesis in a new homeland, especially when it becomes a minority beset from every side.
Many dissidents suppose the descendants of Europeans in America becoming a minority would be an apocalyptic end.  No, it would be the beginning of a new ethny who emphatically and viscerally know who they are.  An America that’s 60% European-descended remains in free-market slumber, working their lives away to out-compete the other guy by a few thousand bucks.
An America that’s 30% European is a fanatical tribe that engages in aggressive conquest against its blood enemies.

As pressure makes loose river sediment into hard rock, it can make a population of mutts into a new pure breed that back each other up and screw over outlanders whenever they can.  Americans will become their own European ethnic group alongside Germans or British.  There will be no “nation of immigrants” pablum.  Everyone will know who Americans are.  But first, it is time for America to grow up.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

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A blacksmith takes a lump of soft iron, throws into the fire then hammers it. He does this over and over again. As he does this does this the chemical structure of the iron changes. Impurities are beaten out and the carbon bonds to the iron. This creates steel. And you can hone steel into a blade.

This is the iron pill. The understanding that what will happen to us over the next few generations will hammer us into steel. This process will be repeated in every place diversity is settling in. In the former colonies the european peoples will undergo ethnogenesis. In the motherland the real ethnos will be revived and strengthened.

Some wont make it. But those who survive will emerge unified and ready to fight for their liberation.

GD, when you say “An America that’s 30% European is a fanatical tribe that engages in aggressive conquest against its blood enemies” do you mean that the European-ancestry part of America (“Real Americans”?) becomes this fanatical tribe?

I think that the Progressives envision a racial caste-system in which European-origin people dominate (in a protective nurturing way) non-European-origin people, and that the main reason for Progressive hatred of non-elite European-origin people is that non-elite European-origin people don’t fit into this picture — you can’t have a clean racial caste system if you don’t have all of the European-origin people functioning as masters, so the ones that can’t function as masters have to be gotten rid of.

So would the fanatical tribe that you have in mind be a tribe made up of non-elite European-origin people? People that aren’t capable of functioning as Masters atop a racially defined caste-hierarchy?

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.”
-Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Our host touches on a very complex subject, both in it’s inputs (the resources of the Empire) and in it’s outputs (the conclusion one draws). It also has substantial collateral issues associated with it, and our host deserves credit for being able to describe the broad outlines of the matter in such a succinct manner.

The Empire already consumes the resources and tribute of almost the entire world, regardless if it’s called “reimbursement”, “reserve currency”, “debt purchases”, or “reparations”. And now it’s exhausting foreign subsidies and squeezing it’s own non-Elites harder and harder to pay for it’s Elites and protected classes.

As our host points out, any society that was perceived as being unable to sustainably handle it’s own affairs in it’s own area was quickly put on the dustbin of history. I might add that the transition usually occurred with considerable unpleasantness. In an ideal world, transition to such a (more) stable situation would be done with speed but also direction by a somewhat benevolent Elite, be it a single Ruler or a rational Establishment. Neither of these elements are present at the moment. From there, the question becomes what type of people and events will drive the formation of such a society.

One approach that I do believe has been effectively ruled out in our Host’s prior post is that of some sort of general subsidy arrangement, if for no other reason that the currently proffered amount is too minimal to support a household in socially acceptable ways. And it is unclear, even using the suggestions of the most aggressive Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) advocates, how such a society would economically function without even more subsidies from the rest of the Empire, particularly if said society would simply “pay off” anyone who stops economically supporting the Empire. I do not believe that advocating such an approach is a realistic attempt to lay out the contours of a functioning society, and is not the way to a successful transition.

What does “the Empire” mean these days? I remember Jim talking about competing Red and Blue Empires, the former being “of the Bases” and the later being “of the Consulates.” Is there also a Steel-Gray Empire of the Factories, served by veiny-forearmed frackers and spacefleet-builders? What about the Chinese Empire? Isn’t that another one? Aren’t the Red, Blue, and Steel-Gray Empires kind of tenuously allied in opposition to the Chinese one?

The Chinese Empire has an alien interior-decorating sensibility — remember the pictures from the Trump visit? And the Chinese Imperials have a weird way of talking — a sort of continuous succession of unmodulated humming, cackling, and barking sounds. I don’t think that we want that sort of interior-decorating sensibility and manner of talking to spread around the globe. This consideration should elicit a somewhat fond feeling toward the Red-Blue-SteelGray Alliance from the descendants of Edmund Spenser and John Milton.

“As pressure makes loose river sediment into hard rock, it can make a population of mutts into a new pure breed that back each other up and screw over outlanders whenever they can. Americans will become their own European ethnic group alongside Germans or British. There will be no “nation of immigrants” pablum. Everyone will know who Americans are. But first, it is time for America to grow up.”

I concur.

In Latin America, there is a very clear caste system and everyone wants to be white. Those nations are very much multi-racial entities with pretty definite pyramids. Wonder if the net result of the invasion and Brazilianization of the US will be a much stronger, if less comfortable position for the heritage Americans.

Looking forward to your next article.

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