White Undertow: The Cause of SWPL Hate?

Black societies can’t compete with white society even though there are many thousands of high IQ blacks.  There just aren’t enough of them relative to their population.  The distribution curve also means the smartest blacks aren’t as smart as the smartest whites.  Thus wherever groups of blacks move in, higher IQ groups observe an effect known as “black undertow” as the quality of life plummets in both obvious and subtle ways.

I recently wrote about how Jews get ahead even though there are high IQ whites at their level. Though small in numbers they have better teamwork.  A major reason for this is Jews have higher IQ on average and human affairs tend to be decided by group strategy over individual efforts.

On the individual level, there’s no shortage of failed and neurotic people with high IQ.  This is why no one cares when people say they have high scores.  They rightly look instead for demonstrated abilities, accomplishments, and personality.
IQ is just a rough proxy for someone’s ability to think abstractly and tells us little of how they’re most inclined to use it.

The meaning of this statistic expresses itself more readily in groups.  If you have an individual with 10 more strength points than average, it doesn’t really tell you much.
But if you take a group and give everyone 10 more strength points, you can make predictions about improvements in everything they do that requires strength.
Most importantly, their whole society would be organized on the assumption everyone has a requisite amount of strength.  A 90 lb weakling from another group might find themselves unable to open doors or twist caps on jars no one else has trouble with.

Raise the average IQ of a population by 1 point, it’s almost like heating up the ocean by 1 degree. All kinds of cascading, emergent effects result.
In a human society changing baseline expectations dramatically affects how people can be organized.

Low IQ societies have to be ruled with an iron fist because the average person can’t understand or act on an abstract appreciation of the law or future time orientation.  When a 3 year old child misbehaves, they aren’t going to listen to reason.  They won’t change what they’re doing unless they know they’ll get time-out or a spanking.  And if they ask why, you reply: “Because I said so.”

Middle IQ societies have to be ruled with elaborate rules and laws with strict attention to detail.  This is because people can understand constraints they can neither see nor touch, but they are unable to extrapolate the next step from a premise.  So as with programming a computer, every exigency must be thought of in advance.

High IQ societies trust most people can make judgments about what rules matter most in light of their intended spirit.  This creates high trust, highly efficient group dynamics.  It’s seldom necessary to coerce people with actual force because everyone understands the big-picture need for voluntary cooperation to enjoy the benefits of a healthy society.

White people as a whole fall squarely into the middle IQ bracket.
The most common complaint of even slightly clever whites about white society is all the law suits, regulations, HR departments, ordinances, the bureaucracy, the TPS reports.  These are all the hallmarks of a system that assumes the average person can follow instructions but has very little capacity for reflection or effective independent judgment.

Smart whites fight a constant battle against white undertow.  Everything they try to do is met with resistance and they seethe as they see all the extra steps everyone goes through that could be easily skipped.

The +1 SD revulsion for Christianity and literal interpretation of the bible is just another example of frustration with onerous rulebooks.  They aren’t quite bright enough to understand that for most people, the extra structure is healthy and necessary.

The worst disadvantage for people with above average IQ is fewer people they meet are like them, which means they have a much smaller pool of social capital to work with when trying to function in the general population.

Until they find a community of others near their level, they can’t exercise their full potential.  This, however, often doesn’t take place until young adulthood after the best years for cultural acquisition and learning are already wasted.
The politics, the law, the family, public signage and advertisements are all built for the benefit of the majority.  If you don’t fall in that category, you’re surrounded with reminders everyday: This society isn’t for you.

Jews, on the other hand, have superior social capital to nourish high IQ people from the day they are born.
Every one of them inherits a tradition of smart, literate people dating back thousands of years when most of the world was illiterate still until barely 200 years ago.
I sometimes think of rabbinical commentaries as the original blog comments and many of them date back to ancient to medieval times.  You can’t overstate the importance of having this mindset built into the very foundation of your identity as far back as you can remember.
Jews thereby deal in complex abstractions as naturally as they breathe, it’s their stock in trade as horsemanship and archery was for the Mongols.  We see smart Jews with community support easily outmatch smart whites who may even have more raw mental horsepower but have spent their lives struggling against a culture of lowbrow rigidity.

With just a glance at the high IQ vs. mid IQ society.  We can get an idea where “flyover country” resentment derives from.  Nerdy, clever whites with bean-counter temperaments remember how they were low ranked in childhood outside of their safe havens of marching band, choir, cross country, chess club, and debate club.  They aren’t clever enough, though, to recognize the roots of their problems or how it fits into the story of humanity as a whole.

So once they are urban professionals who hang out at the same wine bars and watercoolers, they share stories and form a culture and narrative.  They collectively remember what it was like to be outnumbered by proles with crass tastes.  For those that were born into urban areas and spent their youths in preppy feeder schools, these stories are all they know of the outside world.

Those that grew up in the suburban and rural culture suffer from class anxiety since the urban yuppie culture is higher status.  This makes signalling disapproval with the white heartlands an easy way to score points.  Say it often enough, finding each time your Dunbar group approves, you start to believe it.

The final deadly ingredient of SWPL resentment is aggressive indoctrination by the gatekeepers to Upper Middle Class America.  No one makes it into salary heaven without at least mouthing the right platitudes about gender and race.
But coercion alone isn’t enough.  Their professors and corporate handlers feed their resentment and jealousy for the middle IQ culture.  Without a seed already planted, white self-loathing among the professional class couldn’t take root.

With these powers combined, we have the right ingredients for a lesser aristocracy with no sense of noblesse oblige to a larger culture or a longer history but defined instead by rankling suspicion and fearful contempt for the lower orders they’re meant to protect.

Yesterday, an antifa rioter who smashed people’s heads with a steel bike lock was identified as a college philosophy professor who taught ethics!
It comes as no surprise he was a small and nerdy man with a reedy voice.  Though he had a nice job and a house, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to finally take out his rage on those he saw as the natural enemies of his tribe.

Now he’s thrown out his life of privilege, status, and ease so he could backstab his own people in the most juvenile way.  He will probably never understand that he was trying to smash the pedestal on which he stood.  His life is a microcosm of the ideologies that twisted his soul.

Feminism was a lobby to change the whole society in the interests of women with above average IQ and testosterone levels. But with most of them at +1 SD, they couldn’t understand society as a whole organism, let alone their place in it. They ended up destroying gender relations for everyone.

The cultural revolution of the 60s suffered from the same disastrous misunderstanding.  They attempted to make the whole society more welcoming for the slightly clever and have thereby nearly destroyed it for everyone.

Clearly white undertow has to be dealt with in a new social structure.  The mildly clever are much harder to control than proles while composing nearly 20% of the white population.
They have to be either given outlets they find rewarding in the caste system or else crushed ruthlessly.
They are the ones the lower orders see as most intelligent, because they are close enough in capability to somewhat relate to them.  A few equations on a white board or quotes from Einstein and the masses are impressed.  If we watch a few hollywood movies, we can see the average person thinks the intellectual is some kind of magician—the more abstruse and esoteric, the smarter.

The ability of the mildly clever to influence those immediately beneath them by putting on airs means they can muster mass movements to overthrow the culture and eventually the state.
This is exactly what happened in the 20th century and the source of much of the damage we must repair.  To live together, the different castes must be governed by rules appropriate to their station.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

28 replies on “White Undertow: The Cause of SWPL Hate?”

> all the law suits, regulations, HR departments, ordinances, the bureaucracy, the TPS reports
I don’t see any stable correlation between those and national IQ. Some form of social democracy and managerial liberalism is now considered the gold standard of statecraft. Even in illiberal places, there tends to be a clearly visible Beamtenstaat in place.
Other than that, good points. But I’d also dispute Ashkenazi intelligence being related to Talmudic scholarship. Endogamy + selection pressures from professional and legal disabilities seems sufficient as an explanation. Western Europeans with their Catholic scholastic traditions actually seem like better candidates, or even Eastern Europeans with intricate neoplatonic metaphysics.

The Catholics kept turning their intelligent class into eunuchs; that is why Protestants are smarter. Although now the Protestants have become like Catholics, they are turning all their men into eunuchs because they’ve swallowed feminism whole.

Epic post, Giovanni.

“…They are now trying to censor heavy metal…”

Good luck with them getting the heavy metal crowd to cooperate with political correctness.

Priapic pothead, you have to understand it in terms of competition for social status between white factions, not straightforwardly logical. The top level whites wanted the oppressed brown peeplz to be their loyal pets. Turns out they have minds of their own.

Antifa helps halfbreeds like myself just like feminism helps low status men, that is to say it does far more harm than good. I think the alt-reich and antifa should duke it out and it would be “benevolent sexism” to intervene. They both suck. Just like feminists and M(h)RA’s…

That may be a decent strategy for you since America operates on a “1 drop rule.” Obama could have helped change that perception and Kaepernick bashed it in with a hammer, pretty much for good as far as I can tell. It’s interesting that the most strident race activists tend to be mixed, probably because they are more insecure in their identities.
Do half-black people tend to be more black somehow or is black society simply more accepting of them? Especially interesting considering the mother is more often the white partner.

You are missing something important. Trust. Whites are high trust and believe in fairness for the whole of society. Jews are low trust and favor their tribe above all. High trust societies are what make civilizations great. In a high trust society you don’t spend too much brainpower worrying about guarding what you already have or someone else reneging on a deal. You can instead focus on being more productive. Low trust parasites like jews glom onto high trust society and thrive because the natural naivete of whites make them blind to jewish machinations. It is only when the parasites grow to numerous that society begins to break down.

In the end, to peak behind the curtain is a very Lovecraftian affair, in fact, a touch of insanity is required to unmask and endure “reality” yet too much insanity can lead one to become just another conspiracy nut.

“But with most of them at +1 SD, they couldn’t understand society as a whole organism, let alone their place in it.”
Oh, they knew very well how destructive their proposed policies would be.
They simply didn’t care, because women despise being in a marginal minority, and therefore, they always encourage the herd to follow their path — nevermind the interests of the herd itself — in order to popularize their own choices and thereby render them legitimate.
All along, it was a scheme to legitimize the “lifestyle” of masculinized women, career women, by making this “lifestyle” the norm. These masculinized women couldn’t give a rat’s arse about it being detrimental to everyone else.
And in similar vein, we should not give a rat’s arse about the interests, welfare, comfort, and happiness of these androgenized antisocial dykes. They’ve mercilessly destroyed our social order for self-interested reasons. Hopefully in the future, we’ll destroy them just as mercilessly.

If they were that smart, why would they destroy things for themselves as well? Nothing suggests to me they understood they were opening Pandora’s box. People generally think they are doing the right thing. No one tells themselves “I’m a bad guy hahaha” with a villain theme song like in disney movies.
Nevertheless they should have thought about that and are responsible for their actions.

Hey, I do tell myself ( and to others) “I’m a bad guy hahaha” with a villain theme song like in Disney movies….. much to the chagrin of my poor brother and those girls who tried to love me.

Ah, the little joys of the mildly insane!

> Middle IQ societies have to be ruled with elaborate rules and laws with strict attention to detail. This is because people can understand constraints they can neither see nor touch, but they are unable to extrapolate the next step from a premise. So as with programming a computer, every exigency must be thought of in advance.

I bet the majority of strict/helicopter parents are in the ~110-120 I range-> a lot of anxiety about making sure children do ‘all the right things’ the ‘right way’ -> lot of crazy/strict/excessive rules, insane scheduling, and tons of frustration for everyone involved

Actually, helicopter/strict parents are the embodiment of mid IQ society neuroticism >_<

Also, middle class neuroticism and class insecurity. My own parents came from high prole families trying to fit into true middle class society, amplifying the puritanical guilt and striving still more. Fortunately, that whole mindset and lifestyle had no appeal to me even as a little kid.

Wow the delusions this person revels in is amazing. I understand the claims and they hold some weight when arranged in this manner but the individual basis of this article is steeped in ignorance and a lack of acknowledgement of the subtle nuances that influence society and iq as well as the flawed nature of iq in the first place. I’ll not go into detail because I’m at work and because this topic is not something I’m passionate about but I did feel so compelled to express this point.

> I’ll not go into detail because I’m at work and because this topic is not something I’m passionate about but I did feel so compelled to express this point.

If you aren’t going to substantiate your claims because you can’t be bothered, why even comment?

You forgot to write: “Wow, I don’t even” & “It’s 2017”. Go back to your safe-space you clever monkey.

Interesting theory. I dispute a few particulars, though I was thinking on similar lines earlier today.

I have family that lives in a low-IQ part of the country (area has suffered significant brain drain.) Almost every time I talk to them, there is some new difficulty caused by other people–a sub-normal IQ coworker who decided a good way to get a relative’s attention was by stomping on his foot hard enough to break it; getting randomly plowed into by a reckless driver, etc. Sometimes we’re talking about something a relative is passionate about and I think, “hey, you could start a business about that,” and then I think, “But who could you hire?” Dealing with low-IQ people isn’t just frustrating; it really has nearly killed them on several occasions, and cost thousands in hospital bills and car repairs.

Despite this, my relatives don’t hate their area or their neighbors. (They hate some specific people, but not “everyone” in general.) There are good and bad sides to any area, and they accept these downsides in exchange for living in a lovely area with a lifestyle they enjoy. They haven’t turned into SWPLs and fit in with the culture around them. They have (and were raised with,) a strong sense of local identity. So I think there must be some more factors involved in the development of this dislike of others besides just being smart. (I suppose I should specify that this branch of the family is smart enough to have a couple of STEM PhDs.)

“I knew I was different. I thought that I might be gay or something because I couldn’t identify with any of the guys at all. None of them liked art or music. They just wanted to fight and get laid. It was many years ago but it gave me this real hatred for the average American macho male.”
― Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain grew up in proleville and felt alienated.

I think the cultural trait of anti-elitism was horribly mistranslated, somewhat deliberately, into being against the ability to form separate communities or to maintain a separate group existence outside of the Empire of Nothing. And yet, to borrow another word from Jack Donavan, the same society has not the slightest problem using Sportsball to raise up a quasi-elite, in some cases pre-selected on the basis of abilities shown at the age of 4-6!

Giovanni, do you have any thoughts that the current interpretation of “American Individualism” works against what you described in one of your prior posts, about how a local group of gentry paid for Hamilton’s education and cultural capital to advance the interests of their own local group(s)? With a handful of exceptions that prove the rule, it’s rare to see that level of (local) group investment anymore, it seems to have been handed off to the (state) education system.

The emphasis we’re given today about how everything is up to the individual, that everything is a choice, a result of individual ability, completely removes considering these group effects and inculcations have. This post is perfect. So many more examples and extrapolations from the original 1 degree ocean line.

Have you heard of Greedy Goblin? Your readiness to liken entire societies to 3 year old babies instantly reminded me of his views on types of people, which is the most clearly presented I’ve seen on the subject (though he doesn’t say anything about certain types being more prevalent in certain demographics): [ ]

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