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The 60s Revolutionary Order Has Fallen: Now What?

It’s the point of no return.  They can still win battles but the war is lost.

It looked like a close election according to the tracking polls but the re-opening of the investigation is the final nail.
(Update 11/7:  Comey sending yet another letter about the investigation inflamed this matter still further if that were possible.  What is going on behind the scenes?)

It would never have been re-opened in a million years if their power had not finally broken.  It falls apart from here.  Every time before when the Clintons have been in trouble, they’ve been forewarned.  We know it’s different this time because Hillary was blindsided.  She got Justine Saccoed while up in the air.

At this point, even if Hillary could claim victory it would mean little.  She would enter office with no political capital, a lame duck with no mandate from day 1 hated by the majority.  While flailing impotently and dragged down by scandal, she might get to stay in power long enough to see her party get wiped out in the 2018 midterms leaving her as the final rock in a stormy sea.  Consider that’s now pretty much the best possible scenario for them.  We’re witnessing the closing moments of an era.  We have seen one overarching mentality in American politics since Kennedy took over from Eisenhower and the cultural revolution of the 1960s.  From debauched Kennedy, there was LBJ with entitlements and race laws, Carter with his weepy idealism, Reagan who thought of nations as good and evil.  And as I’ve pointed out, pretty much every president since Reagan has been a shade of Reagan.  Nixon came closest to a return to American pragmatism, but was of course sunk by scandal which made blind idealists double down even harder ever since.  A Trump victory would make him the first post-Watergate president.

More than any other person, Hillary Clinton is the Goddess of the social order born from 60s cultural revolution.  Her sickness and downward spiral of corruption tell a bigger story through metaphor.  The great social experiment has ignobly failed and is now near death.  To the extent the revolution was a byproduct of extreme forms of enlightenment thought, there is now potential for a break in continuity that echoes back to the 18th century.
Like most idealists they accomplished the opposite of their aims.  Rather than a great leap forward into eternal progress, instead they have caused a return to the pagan, tribal dark ages, conditions where they and their wishful ideas will be swept aside with a dismissive handwave from reality.

Deluded elites will be disappointed by one cold fact — It will never go back like it was no matter what happens in a mere political election.  And it looks at this point like Trump will win anyway and accelerate the path of change.  This entire cycle I have been astonished at the desperate kicking and tantrums of every established institution against Trump.  After Hillary’s 9/11 collapse and deplorables gaffe, I prematurely predicted the election was about to wind down.  I watched in amazement from that day on as politicians, officials, the media, celebrities strained with all their might to keep their goddess aloft.  I did not predict this behavior would be so extreme because it is utterly irrational.  Many of them could have pivoted into the new order if they were smart.  The election is important but not so important that it’s worth risking everything for.  The elites have proven once and for all how foolish and stupid they are by doing just that.  Because they committed fully to battle, they have made themselves vulnerable to being bottled up together and destroyed all at once like the Romans at Cannae.  Trump now has a huge mandate backed overwhelmingly by his base to clear them all out, he has only to follow up on it and he becomes a living legend and securely installed as the new top God of society’s heaven.

So what comes next then?
Firstly, restoring a workable national balance of power will be pursued by preventing outsider tribes ever again threatening to overwhelm the electorate.  This will:
-reinforce the mandate to deport illegal immigrants in large numbers.
-stop allowing anchor baby loophole.
-more limits on legal immigration (don’t take in from compromised 3rd world areas, just let in the best and most likely to be positive contributors)
-policies that favor affordable family formation for the white working and middle classes
-policies that discourage underclass reproduction or at least reduce the policies that incentivize it.
-freedom of association for the majority tribe.
The incursion of foreign groups has finally forced disparate US whites who are odd mixes of every European ethnicity to band together as a political force.  This means there will now be a clear hierarchy of tribes with the minorities made to understand quite clearly they are here as guests never to be threats to power as condition of the new social contract, and if they don’t like it can go back to their ancestral homelands.  The alternative would have eventually been outright tribal warfare.
There may be a gradual transition out of a democracy with full adult suffrage back to a republic with limited franchise, a policy direction that could end up with sufficient support if there are minority upheavals in reaction to the establishment’s downfall.
In any case, from this point on the internal politics of the USA more closely resemble those of the Austro-Hungarian empire or Yugoslavia as each ethnicity approaches the bargaining table as separate entities with a ruling ethnic group installed as arbitrator.

Secondly, with a Trump victory, clearing out the defeated losers in the establishment will do more than make him popular it gives him excuse to replace them all with his own people.  There will be a new ruling class and they will be far more pragmatic and authoritarian than before.
The discredited present elites have been far too slow to understand how the internet and smartphones have changed the game.  From now on, there will be redditors figuring out what the lobbyists are up to and letting everyone know on twitter.  The old blatant tactics requiring buddies, employees, and interns to keep their mouths shut will not work.  The new rulers will have to be smarter in order to be successful and that’s a good thing.  The biggest revelation of this entire cycle has been the consistent and astonishing stupidity at the top.  Left looking like fools they’ve lost all the credibility needed to rule.
The Trumpian elites will be smarter about horse-trading behind the scenes and will generally be acting in the broader national interest since being smarter, they’ll understand they need to pass up short term benefits to stay in power and then pass it on to their kids.

Thirdly, we’ll necessarily see a deflation of feminist power in society.  There’s an entire lost generation of millennial/GenX women on the brink of childless spinsterhood having the Wile E Coyote moment.  As the economy declines, they generally keep comfy office jobs, but the whole society is falling apart around them and becoming less safe.  Gen Z girls coming of age are starting to understand intuitively that feminism hurts the prospects of young, pretty women to give a boost to drab career women about to hit the wall.
Feminism will decrease in power, but female power won’t, at least until neo-tribal social structures emerge and strengthen.  The USA is already a de facto polygynous society with a majority of reproductive age adults unmarried.  Many of the changes wrought by the 60s revolution are irreversible.  The old traditions took centuries or even thousands of years to firmly establish, now they are gone.  The dreamers who expect a return to the 50s status quo ante will be sadly disappointed.  As ever there is environmental change, some will adapt and some will perish.

I will end here for now.  These are some social-political currents I see playing a major role as we transition into the post 1960’s Revolution period of history.

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7 responses to “The 60s Revolutionary Order Has Fallen: Now What?

  1. Anonymous Bro November 1, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    Very optimistic, but let me remind you that the majority of babies born today are not White. The future is a Brazilian dystopia without secession, and while I support him, Trump may reaffirm Whites loyalty to a system that is fundamentally not ours, and will not be again.

    • Giovanni Dannato November 1, 2016 at 11:14 pm

      Whites are still about 65% of the population and vote at higher rates. Black turnout to elect Obama being the one exception. The main thing is whites are becoming legitimized as a group that acts in its own interests. This will allow them to rule and direct the agenda even if there were far fewer of them than there are now.

    • sunhater November 5, 2016 at 9:29 pm

      Brazil is not that bad of a place.

  2. Sam J. November 2, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    “…There may be a gradual transition out of a democracy with full adult suffrage back to a republic with limited franchise…”

    I’ve mentioned this on the Mencius Moldbug alt-right fan club blogs and the response has always been ,”It’s the Puritans”, “The Cathedral” and “We need a King”. You can imagine my feeling about these propositions. We had a perfectly good system and it was torn apart.

    Property requirements and some level of reading ability are a must. Any judge who rules differently will only spur on the cancellation of any civil rights laws that get in the way and if enough votes can be patched together impeaching of judges that keep making up laws that don’t exist.

    White people need a way to keep the hoards away from them. Where their behavior is either modified or they are kept away from us.

    Blacks should be given a chance for reparations, forty acres and a mule=($250,000), provided they move back to Africa. The rest can be told they are free to leave their horrible oppression any time they want.

    Any Women on welfare who has child should be put on mandatory birth control and they should be in public housing so they can be watched. No section 8 where their wild “Teens” attack everyone around them and steal everything not nailed down.

    All public housing should be moved to the territories of anyone voting Democrat. They say they want diversity. Give it to them.

    We should proclaim White Europeans a repressed race and get some of the best of them here. This would put pressure on the Europeans to stop destroying their people lest they abandon them altogether.

    • Giovanni Dannato November 3, 2016 at 12:18 am

      There’s no way anyone has the political capital to have a monarchy anytime soon. Even Augustus had to transition very carefully from republic into Empire. I think we would more likely see hereditary oligarchy as an organic development that just happens over a couple generations rather than any kind of deliberate attempt to install a monarch.

      • Sam J. November 3, 2016 at 7:26 pm

        “…There’s no way anyone has the political capital to have a monarchy anytime soon…”

        Oh I agree. I was just noting the propensity of certain (((alt-righter’s))) to go on and on about how we need Kings. There’s been huge volumes written about this. Like Kings don’t make mistakes also. I see it as another “ism” designed to dazzle Whites fascination with perfect solutions to problems. Like Libertarianism, Conservatism, Anarchism, …on and on. I know Mencius Moldbug is supposedly the super human genius that we should admire but I noticed just by reading a few articles of his that he constantly twists the truth and lies repeatedly. Blaming our problems on “The Cathedral” is particularly distasteful to me.

      • Giovanni Dannato November 3, 2016 at 7:41 pm

        I’ve never quite understood the fascination with Moldbug. I’ve never seen anyone use so many words to say so little while sounding so smug. I see Moldbuggery, like NRx in general as an upper middle class wing of the alt-right with most of them being skilled professionals in otherwise liberal enclaves. Looks like Moldbug’s career came under heat, forced him to stop blogging, when he got doxxed.
        Main thing I notice about Moldbuggianism is its followers like to be “in” on something others find incomprehensible and adopt a similar cryptic style themselves. Alt right hipsters.

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