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Why Nepotism Is Necessary

You can only have an open and fair society when most people are willing to be fair.  If you keep playing nice once too many people are breaking the rules you just become everyone’s doormat.
Right now, the country is flying into a fit of hysteria about how non-rich white men are starting to advocate for themselves as a group.  What did they expect?  Virtually every other group and identity we can brainstorm already has its own movement aggressively lobbying for money from the treasury and legal privileges.  Once you have a tragedy of the commons underway and you can’t hope to stop it, the only choice that makes sense is to try to grab as much as you can before it’s all gone.  When you find yourself caught in an identity arms race, factional nepotism is the only reaction that makes sense, keeps you fed and a roof over your head.

I don’t especially care about white people.  I don’t like people that much.  But once I was an adult with bills to pay I rapidly discovered that no one I meet cares if I care.  Everyone who sees me immediately notices I’m a European male and this affects my role in society whether I like it or not.  Over a decade ago I was desperate for work recently out of college with a useless degree and living on a friend’s couch.   I once ran 4 1/2 miles from the sterile industrial park where he lived to a Waukegan temp agency and got myself a job at a frozen pizza factory, or so I thought.  I soon learned that the client took one look at my North Euro surname and immediately told the temp agent to find someone else.   I spoke passable Spanish but it’s not as if the client would have cared.  It was a question of identity.
I took an English teaching job in Korea hoping to travel while actually using my useless degree.  Another experience that changed my worldview forever.  I learned you really don’t know anything about a country until you work a job there and you learn people have the same old problems everywhere.  I’ve done a decent amount of traveling and roll my eyes every time someone blogs about the next “undiscovered” Eastern European  paradise.
Northeast Asians are some of the most cohesive peoples on earth.  Very tellingly, they all have a word for foreigner that just means “outside person.”  You know when you’re there you’ll never be one of them(forget that Dances With Wolves/Avatar/Last Samurai porn), but you also start to realize that while their media seems to idolize Europeans other races are in practice a curiosity to them.  I came to realize they regarded me the way I might regard a talking dog or a chimpanzee.  They may send their little girls to get eyelid surgery, but they know who they are.  It came together for me why the Japanese, a people known for their restraint and discipline are some of the worst to get conquered by.   Their culture has no room for the luxury of outside empathy—they are fiercely competitive among themselves as it is—the initial politeness naive whites rave about is a superficial mask.
I came home from Korea with more hard lessons under my belt but also with admiration for their unity and sense of shared purpose, qualities which I found totally lacking in the states.
Finally, I had the experience of working jobs in black neighborhoods.  Again, the importance of identity reigned supreme.  I got continuously screwed over in my first such job until I quit.  It was a catch 22, because I wasn’t one of them, I couldn’t be lazy like them but if I worked hard, as I did, that just inflamed their collective inferiority complex.  The next job I had, I learned to walk the tightrope and was able to stay on as long as I needed to without much trouble.  But I learned to expect that when you aren’t part of the dominant tribe, you’ll always be on the sidelines watching the worst among them still get promoted over you.  When your group isn’t in control, you get to “eat in the kitchen” if you get to eat at all.  That’s reality.
I’ve gotten a bit better at adjusting my spoken word choice over the years, but even when I worked for a small business run by a prole white family, they could get a whiff that I was educated and that was cause enough for them to hate me no matter how hard I worked.
I was told as a kid that hard work is what matters, but in my entire life, I’ve yet to meet one person that cares.  Identity comes first and people who get identified(whether they like it or not) under the same identity have to work together to maximize their access to money, space, and mates.  The price for failing to cooperate is getting wiped out by competitors who can work together to secure their interests.

When white people help each other as other groups routinely do they are denounced as “racists.”  The problem with this is that in real life every living human is racist, classist, ageist, everythingist.  People always have and always will make judgments about others based on identity.  They then help the people they think will help them and hinder the people they think will hinder them.  There’s nothing magical about humans, we’re just animals in the wild albeit in hives, just trying survive and procreate.  As a social species group dynamics is a critical element of our survival strategy.  To try to separate humans from identity is to ask them not to be human at all.  This is why secularism creates soulless, dehumanizing societies.
I grew up as what I call a ‘first generation.’  There was no meaningful culture or traditions to identify with.  When I was a young man I was never shown adult survival skills nor was there any tribal initiation.  I just was without any explanation and it was up to me to fill the void.
Many people in this part of the internet like to wax poetic about “Western culture.”  I must admit that I know nothing of it.  It’s not a heritage that means anything to me.
As an adult I’ve learned there’s a meaning that can be ascribed to my Irish, Ulster Scot, Anglo, and Norman French Huguenot blood but I don’t mistake that for an identity.  It’s not as if I can pretend I’m a part of any those cultures, I’m just what I am and live by my own barbarian values.  Nevertheless, I’ve learned when, where, and with whom I have to cooperate with in order to survive.  It should be telling when even someone as apathetic as I am just says “fuck it” and takes an interest in zero sum skin color politics.  I know from experience if Mexicans, Blacks, or traditional Asians run the show there’s no guarantee I get to eat and being one of a conquered people, sure as hell not getting laid.

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By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

8 replies on “Why Nepotism Is Necessary”

It’s like all we are allowed to seek is penance.

Any day now some guilt ridden whitey will start flogging himself on tv…

Speaking of Korea, you’ll like this book, which your post reminded me of, written by the English teacher who ran the korealife blog back in the early to mid two thousands and who ended jumping off a building, very tragic.

Any idea what pushed the Korealife guy over the edge and what parallels do you see in our views? Do you mean to suggest that he was a cultureless white guy who finally cracked when he realized he’d never be able to pull a Costner/Jake Sully like in the movies?
Looked it up: Sounds like he had some kind of mental illness but still a valid question as to what pressures might have fatally destabilized him. Seems like he had friends and a girlfriend.
There’s a huge spectrum of philosophies in the alt-internet but one common thread I notice is establishing a positive identity that believes in itself, something generations now have been cruelly cheated of.

The reason why white people, and racists in particular, don’t accept you is this hesitancy you have.

You can’t write the word nigger, spic or gook. They all screwed you, but you can’t screw them back. You’re not even mad about it.

I was banned here for trying to kick that nigger-mulatto off this site. You accepted him, like a multiculturalist would. It makes me wonder why you write for the alt-right. You are no nationalist. You don’t even like being white.

Man, you got a long memory, that was like 5 years ago. You’re not banned here and you can use whatever words you want so long as they’re relevant.
I just decided I didn’t want you as a guest writer. At the time, the blog was sort of an information feed. At first you made some decent contributions using your knowledge of medicine but you quickly flew off the rails with your ideological agenda.
I honestly don’t care about my commenters’ real life identities so long as they have something relevant to say. For you it’s this obsession that dominates you.
The white society I grew up in was lame and other whites have never backed me up. Actually, most just want to compete over bullshit careers. What is there to be loyal to? I am thus a barbarian semi-nomad with my own culture and I do what’s in my interests, choosing allies or enemies as a nation would. I suspect there are many still trying to clutch to a nebulous “white” identity that are in truth more like me. Look how many of them are expats. The truth is that old culture has passed into the history books now and it’s up to us to find out what comes next.
I don’t “write for the alt-right.” I write for me, but I pay attention to those who come up with interesting ideas whatever their ideological lineage may be.

“…The white society I grew up in was lame and other whites have never backed me up. Actually, most just want to compete over bullshit careers. What is there to be loyal to?…”

There’s no doubt a lot of Whites are like this. It’s a defect of Whites. We’re somehow “above it all” yet other races are kicking our asses. Whenever they control an area we’re left out and in some cases hunted and killed like gazelle’s on the African plain. What I and other WN are pointing out is the “above it all” pattern of thinking is getting us nowhere. I used to think like this also but changed my mind after 9-11 and looking into who, what, where made me realize that we were in danger. Not immediate but the forces are packing up against us and at some point we will not be able to overcome the forces arrayed against us.

The Jews have prevailed by being smart but that’s not the whole of the story is we have a vast amount of much smarter people. Simple arithmetic. They prevailed by sticking together. It may stick in your craw to do that when you fell other Whites have done you wrong but sticking together with Whites is still the right thing to do it has a proven winning track record.

Remember the Jews lying to you constantly. Little lies, big lies, subtle lies but they’re mostly lying constantly.

@Sam J. it doesn’t matter how many more smart people you have if you don’t work together. One way or another the future belongs to neo-tribes of smart people competing to be the ruling caste. Jews fill that niche now, but there are competitors forming all around them. The heterodox internet, for example, is full other groups of smart people who are beginning to coalesce into some sense of shared purpose. Once the PC culture is corroded enough to allow for face-to-face association, their problems are just beginning.

I know a guy, a lawyer who made a good living representing blacks in various affirmative action and discrimnation shakedowns, who is half-English/half-Sicilian. He’s got some big axes to grind. To wit: as a young lad he was rejected by blondes once they found out he was half-Sicilian. He’s also very narcissistic which doesn’t help. Voted for Obama and I’m sure will vote for hillary. He could pass for a German or English. He’s married to a German-American woman and has always lived in the whitest neighborhoods he can afford, which are pretty white. He has no black friends.

Obama is still bitter after being mistaken for a waiter, once, many moons ago.

Granted, there’s a certain amount of calculated self-dealing going on in both examples.

But, being rejected by a group or individual you desire when young and impressionable is a cruel thing. Especially, if it’s sexual or racial, or you suspect it is. If one is raised as a special little snowflake then that makes identity even more uncertain.

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