Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech Is A Major Breakthrough

I mentioned in my last post that in less than a decade internet dissenters who would have been considered on a level with child molesters have gained influence in national politics.  Just a few days after this post Hillary Clinton to my complete astonishment and delight directly devoted an entire speech to the “alt-right.”  I would have thought this some /pol/ish wet dream if it hadn’t actually happened.
This speech is one of the biggest triumphs ever for internet dissidents.  Hillary has unwittingly ushered in a new age where anti-orthodox internet culture is openly acknowledged as real opposition to the establishment when but a few short years ago it was no more than the whispers of a ghost within the mainstream.  The term “alt-right” itself is only directly adopted by a narrow slice but a huge spectrum of internet personalities holding underground opinions have been suddenly given official recognition by one of the most famous and powerful people on earth.  Hillary is a living symbol of the orthodoxy, representing at once the apotheosis of 60s wishful equalism and the disastrous economics and blindly ideological foreign policy that’s held sway ever since Reagan.  In the social cosmology, she lives in the top rank of the heavens as a goddess so any being she sees fit to address must in the public eye be at least a minor god in its own right.   As someone who has spent decades in the business of social perceptions she should know better!
The speech itself was highly effective.  It was well-tailored to its target demographics of white women and establishment republicans while reassuring her base.  Bringing the alt-right into play may have been an effective rhetorical device but for a possible short term gain in one election, she opened a portal into a “dark” dimension.  She and others like her will come to regret it.

It is truly remarkable in that a prominent politician in a national election would address something that’s not a movement or even a political party—just a vast milling about of unsatisfied souls.
This sort of loose structure is not only proving successful in modern warfare but increasingly so in politics and culture.  I first wondered at this phenomenon in 2011 as the Arab Spring swept the world and almost simultaneously riots and protests rose across the globe.  I was especially intrigued by Occupy Wall Street.  I noticed that OWS marked a transition from 60s-style activism headed by traditional hierarchies and concrete agendas to decentralized movements of dissenters swimming in schools to enjoy safety in numbers but often cooperating little more than that:

For a few hundred years now, elites have had their own version of Anonymous that has helped them to accomplish their goals. It’s called a corporation.
Shareholders come together to in order to mitigate risk and allow them do things that would ordinarily be too risky. By acting collectively, they can do away with individual accountability.
These elites failed to understand what would happen if technology sufficiently improved the ability of the peasantry to communicate and coordinate their actions.
The result is effectively a counter-corporation.

In just a couple months most of this agitation had fizzled out.  I had thought at the time it would go further and looked at where I went wrong in my understanding of the situation.  I thought about demographics and realized that the older generations, especially boomers were still too prominent to be seriously challenged.  In 2011 there were still just too many adults who read newspapers instead of surfing the internet.  But at the time, the first of them were hitting retirement age and I realized by 2015 there would be a generation coming of age that couldn’t remember the 90s, had only ever known corruption and catastrophe, and had access to high speed internet their whole lives.  For them, I realized, a functional America would be something from a history book or an 80s movie.  I made a guess that around this period the time would finally be ripe for dissident ideologies to begin gaining a serious hold.  My guess didn’t require this new generation to be especially radical as a whole, but only that it would have no attachment to the old order and thereby bring the potential for real change.
Things have begun to change right on schedule, though ironically because even a large cohort of boomers has become disenfranchised enough to turn against the Old Regime.  Some of the same elders who were screaming at millenials to “occupy a job” are themselves mourning the lack of good jobs.  Also, the smartphones and social media that made the unrest of 2011 possible have greatly matured and become an established part of the culture.  Presently, with defectors peeling off from the older generations, millennials as disaffected and uninvested as ever, with a new generation hitting adulthood who’ve never known the old prosperity, there’s finally enough mass built up to challenge the established order on a larger scale.  The emergence of Trump and Sanders in 2015 was like the busting of a dam and by giving a speech on the Alt-Right, Hillary has given dissident internet-dwellers more direct recognition than her opponents ever have.  I cannot help but suspect that this huge miscalculation comes from being disconnected from the culture.  She and her advisors may simply not understand what they do.

See Also:  Anonymous and Occupy:  The Emergence of Counter-Corporations (2011 archives)

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

7 replies on “Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech Is A Major Breakthrough”

I disagree that the speech was effective, if by effective you mean firing up the base. Dem voters have no idea what “Alt Right” even means. A collective “Huh?” was the reaction of most. The speech was, however, effective at providing publicity for the Alt Right. Some of us have been working on this project for 10+ years. Our moment has arrived.

She was partly aiming her speech at establishment republicans who are on the fence trying to persuade them to at least stay at home on election day. Many more of them have probably at least heard of alt-right publications.
I’ve also seen theories on political discussion subreddit that because she’s in the lead, she’s already trying to reach out to establishment republicans in the house and seal the deal by persuading R party leaders that they’ll get a free pass if they jump ship and abandon Trump.
She was also definitely appealing to women and did a pretty good job of it. Most women have a primal fear of breaking group taboos. That’s why political correctness is a natural product of feminized culture.
She also threw out some bones for her base. I was surprised that she actually saw fit to counter Trump’s probing at ethnic voters who are her safest demographic. Makes me wonder if he’s actually hitting a nerve since Blacks refused to vote for a former civil rights activist who promised them even better safety nets.

But yeah, someone who has followed the growth of the heterodox internet for years can really appreciate how tremendously its grown. I remember how huge it was when Southern Poverty Law Center first started singling out heterodox websites. At the time(about 5-6 years ago?) no one would have dreamed of getting special attention from a presidential candidate, former secretary of state, former first lady of the United States.
I remember earlier days of the heresy when just posting anything non politically correct would get swarmed by angry feminists. Now dissidents have their own territory and it seems, more pull in the real world than I’d realized. Until Trump took off I was pretty sure that these kinds of issues appealed to maybe a few percent of the population at most. Maybe the philosophical underpinnings do get worked out by a small group but gradually seep into the culture from there. Then real life demagogues make it into a platform that appeals to the masses?

4GW is unknown terminology to the vast majority as well. The internet is the ultimate guerilla space; no organization, no leadership, no cells, just that loose group of disaffected and rebellious nationalists, etc finding a voice- which now will be heard, thanks to dinosaurs who are so stupid they think everyone is still watching tv for hints on what to believe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the internet was eventually restricted Chinese-style to napalm the jungles where all those guerillas are hiding. Why wouldn’t they when it’s a resource that overwhelmingly favors disaffected men?
Hillary’s speech is getting a nice youtube “lightsaber” with 1:5 like to dislike ratio. Obviously this doesn’t reflect the general population.
The female ghostbusters movie was completely trashed by the internet community and when it actually opened, it didn’t do great but not as terrible as internet trolls would lead one to believe.
I am honestly surprised the internet has remained as free as it has for as long as it has.
You’re right that maybe our rulers are just clueless that the once indomitable power of 20th century centralized media is fading fast.

No need for the government to do that when the private monopolies do it for them. EG Andrew Anglin, Alex Jones, Ethan Ralph, etc.

“Just build your own credit card company, Mastercard is a private business!”

IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System)

This is what’s going to kick their ass over time. It a combination of Bittorrent, Block Chain technology like Bitcoin and the present net. It will not be able to be censored or DDos attacked in any way. It will tie into Tor, freenet and I2P for anonymity. It will be impossible to shut down unless you kill the whole internet. If you look at young girls faces permanently tied to their phones these days can you imagine any government shutting off the internet? People would be really, really pissed if you shut down the internet.

The whole problem with this is we only have about 20 years before they can build robots that will just kill everyone that the elites decide should be done away with. That combined with the coming collapse. My guess is they will collapse the US economy so that people won’t have time to think about anything but getting enough food to eat. They did this in Argentina.

That system is a fascinating idea to make free communication even more robust and “anti-fragile.”
People would be pissed if internet were taken away and so what? Their ability to coordinate collective action would be cut and they would be helpless against tanks like the Hungarians were in 1956.
As for the girls, most of them stay obediently on facebook and look at pictures of fuzzy animals and group selfies. It would be pretty easy to just shut down the male internet while letting women do what they want. It would be just like the rest of society in real life.

True, once they had millions of killer autonomous drones it’s over. Several billion get culled and the remainder get selectively bred into obedient pets or kept in zoos.
Just as big a threat is elites simply upgrading to transhuman capabilities and eventually uploading themselves into machines while screwing over billions of peons they no longer care about.

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