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Nestorian Christianity in the Mongol Hordes

Nestorian missionaries made it all the way into the steps of Central Asia where they found willing converts.

No one ever seems to mention that even some of the leaders of the Mongol hordes were in fact, Christians.

To be more precise, Christianity existed more or less harmoniously with animistic beliefs in the “Eternal Blue Sky” or ‘Khukh Tengri.’

Mongke Khan
Mongke Khan
Hydroponics technology

Japanese Company Lets Plants Grow On Thin Films Instead Of Soil

Video demo:

Mebiol says that tomatoes, radish, cucumber, melons etc. need up to 80% less water to grow when compared with conventional culture and that 1g of SkyGel (that’s the brand name of the hydrogel) absorbs and holds 100ml of water. In contrast to soil, bacteria or viruses have no chance to harm the plants. Another advantage is that SkyGel can be used on various surfaces, including sand, concrete or ice (see this PDF for examples from recent years).

The film can be used to grow plants for 2-3 years before it needs to be replaced, according to the company.