Toward a Neo-Tribal Philosophy Part 2: Nihilism-Free Living

One of the major hurdles of living in a scientific secular society is the subtle sense of nihilism that pervades everyday living, even the dumbest proles can feel it because in our subconscious we realize that we’re still living as peasants despite all our modern “enlightenment” and technology.

Human beings are not adapted for urban living among millions of strangers and without the constant struggle for survival they lose purpose, a purpose that must be filled somehow.Survival is guaranteed by the endless repetition of monotone task, the resource surplus is so great that parasitic elements flourish like cancer inside the cracks of society.

Historical evidence points out that monotheistic religions arose in times of great urbanization when strong social control was imperative for the survival of the community.
With time a priest-caste arose and created complex rituals and rules increasingly delusional and rigid, culminating in the concept of an afterlife of a sort, this fantasy degrades the material world (reality) to a mere “testing ground” of a sort.

To the rational observer and thinker it is clear that the concept of God is a surrogate Father figure for weak-willed adults: a paternal figure who instills unquestioning discipline, rules, and purpose; Given the overabundance of weak willed manchildren, a flock under a common faith can provide nearly unlimited manpower to sly opportunists & charismatic sociopaths alike!!!

Throughout history, many valiant attempts have been made to find an empowering philosophy that could give purpose without the need of cognitive dissonance & mental gymnastics.
I will list a few that are significant & modern (you can write any addition in the comment section):

Environmentalism/Gaia Theory: it recognizes that humans are part of the natural world and that endless growth and “progress” will destroy Earth’s ecology spelling our doom.
While the Earth’s ecosystem is a very complex system there is no proof it has a “will” of its own or that it “cares” about humans in general.
Pro: It can help to curb over-population, pollution, stress from modern living.
Cons: It degenerates into a cult of nature for its own sake and it gives little value to Sentience, the greatest achievement of the universe.

Pacifism: A very good ideology in theory if all aggressive individuals are purged somehow.
Pro: Essential in large societies to maintain social peace & very practical for the development of “advanced” scientific or cultural endeavors.
Cons: It violates basic human nature, it leads to the domestication of humans.

Ubermensch: Individuals will create their own moral code to live by.
Pro: Excellent for small tribes of like-minded individuals, rejuvenating for the human spirit.
Cons: Impossible to apply to large societies, high inter-tribal conflict is inevitable.

By sunhater

I am a reclusive & moderately photophobic.

3 replies on “Toward a Neo-Tribal Philosophy Part 2: Nihilism-Free Living”

I support the Gaia thing after having done the Eco-Village course at Crystal Waters near Brisbane. It’s definitely not a cult although I can perceive others thinking that. In fact it fits into the American System Engineering process, as well as a standard approach to architecture, where human potential is sought not only on the individual level, but also organizational level. In fact human potential is currently being destroyed in stead of moving towards a Type 1 civilization as Michio Kaku described.

I understand what you mean, having participated to a similar initiative myself when I visited Norway.

The Gaia Thing™ is excellent for Good People™ recovering from exploitation by sociopathic capitalists; Let’s be honest not everyone is born as a predator or cynical, bitter survivor.

We wonder what’s wrong with our society and we list all these failings of society but is there a sort of root cause? Notice how a word can sometimes lead to an advanced understanding of a situation? Sometimes the right word phrase can open up disconnected thoughts. Dindu as an example. A very, very good one is Cuckservative. Think at how this one explains and expands your thoughts about how the Republicans have treated their base.

I had a brain storm today. I submit that Communism is still alive and is destroying our society but a different kind. “Economic” Communism was all the rage for decades and decades but in the end it proved a failure but there’s another kind of Communism, “Social” Communism or “Societal” Communism more exactly. These are the Black Lives Matter, SJW, the leveling that says every weird sexual fetish is normal, the people who constantly attack Men and masculinity. I’ve thought of a word that describes them. Socoms as in “Societal” Communist”. Maybe it will catch on. Lot easier to say than SJW and very clear once you know what it’s a short cut for. Economic Communism has failed but Socom hasn’t yet. We may see it fail in our lifetimes though.

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