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What Caste Are You Now?

I haven’t carefully balanced these numbers or outcomes by any means, but hope it communicates successfully the general idea.

How much do you earn?
No income, homeless. -10
Less than 10k -7
10k to 15k. -5
15k to 20k. -3
20k-29k- -1
30k to 40k. 0
40k to 70k +1
70 -90k  +3
100k or more +5
Hundreds of thousands  +7
Rich +10

What Do You Do?
Usually Unemployed, Short Term Jobs -3
Blue Collar, Trades, Manual Labor -2
Service, Cashier, Small Business Owner -1
Desk Job, Researcher. 0
Middle Management +1
Higher Management, Non-Starving Artist +2
Executive or Tenured +3
Elite Heir +6

How do you get ahead?
Have a good hustle. Control territory. -2
Work hard. -1
Learn the right skills. 0
Know the right people. +1
Have a good hustle. Control territory. +2

What education do you have?
Less than high school. -2
High school graduate. -1
College graduate BA degree. +1
Post graduate. +2
Honorary Degree +3

What kind of education do you have past high school?
Community/online/vocational college. -2
Lower tier state college. -1
State college. 0
Liberal arts college, higher tier state school. +1
Ivy League, Elite tier schools. +2

What do you think of cars?
Your ride is who you are -2
You’re not an adult without a car -1
Cars are a personality statement. 0
Cars are just transportation +1
I would never actually be in the driver’s seat. +2

Do you differentiate between plural and singular for Latin derived words. Memorandum vs. memoranda?
Wut? -2
No. 0
Yes +1
I learned Latin at the academy +2

What does the word ‘disinterested’ mean?
Wut? -1
Not interested. 0
Neutral +1

What do you think of employment?
Cash for now, side hustles for everything else -2
Everyone’s got to work. Without jobs you don’t eat. Your job is who you are and proof you’re a real person. -1
It’s all about getting a career. Your career is who you are. 0
It’s all about a fulfilling career. Your self-actualization is who you are. +1
It’s about delegating responsibility. +2
It’s about living off interest and rents, and paying someone else to manage those for you. +3

How do you feel as you’re on an airplane listening to the “stewardess” give a briefing on “flotation devices” before a flight begins?
Never been aboard a plane, rarely leave neighborhood. -2
Ignore? Doesn’t register on senses as important. -1
Establishes a safe and polite atmosphere. 0
Feel mildly patronized and annoyed. +1
Distant disdain at how the peons eat up this faux pageantry. +2


Below 0 – You’re shite.  No one cares if you live or die.  Underclass to lower.
0-5 – You’re a human being that might be considered from time to time?  Upper lower to middle.
5-10- Good job.  Society is meant for you and a few above. Upper middle.
Over 10 – You win.  Upper.


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