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Mono Lake: Another ‘Triumph’ For Feminism In STEM?

“Late in 2010, scientists participating in a NASA news conference dropped a bombshell: they had found evidence that bacteria in California’s Mono Lake were metabolizing arsenic and using it in their life processes.
This was huge news, since arsenic is toxic for carbon based life. If some forms of life evolved a way to process it, this would open up a whole new field of biochemistry!…

However, almost immediately, the work came under attack. Biochemists accused the original team of not performing the research carefully (to put it delicately).

The original team, lead by Felisa Wolfe-Simon, has responded, saying they need to see a fully peer-reviewed paper before making up their minds.
I’ll note that emotions have run fairly high throughout this saga. Dr. Wolfe-Simon got a lot of attention…”

A LOT of attention. Before being refuted she was ranked in the top 100 most important people of 2011 by Time magazine.

Felisa Wolfe-Simon

Hmm. Hyphenated name. To be “equal” with a hubby? According to wiki, alma mater is Oberlin, a super liberal college more known more for the arts than its science programs; the type of enivronment where feminism is likely to be strong.

Some of the credit for this article must be given to Eric.

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