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A Season For Gloating

For everything there is a season.  Normally, we are magnanimous in victory knowing that we may be the defeated ones tomorrow.  But this time we are dealing with the vanguards of a decadent movement that spent over 50 years in power and did its absolute best to destroy us.  For the entire duration of the election, they were smugly secure in their imminent victory and spared their opponents no mockery or indignity.  They had no honor, they deserve none.  If any thought of mercy were to creep into our heads now that they are beaten, we need only think for one second about how they would have behaved if the tables were turned.  Since the beginning their strategy has been to guilt trip and play the victim while thinking with snide condescension what idiots we are for actually believing them.  But they’ve wasted their social capital now and no one believes anything they say anymore.  Their tears and tantrums are just a hilarious joke.  No mercy or safe spaces this time.  I don’t normally spend much time on social media.  No facebook and just recently started a twitter, but I’ve been after them on hashtags like #notmypresident slapping them around.  It’s mostly a waste of my time, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to spend hours laughing so hard that tears are about to stream down my face, while they are crying for real.  As I tweet, there’s a shit-eating grin pasted on my face.  So this is what it feels like to conquer.  What Conan said about the lamentations of the women, lol.  Now that they are broken and demoralized, the cavalry sweeps in to mop them up.

Troll Appoints Self “Official Trainer” on Black Ops Server, Rage Ensues

As a Yank, I enjoy hearing the different accents and slang from all over the UK in General Minus’ griefing videos.
“You nob’ead!”

Minus’ patronizing attitude is made worse by the fact he has a comparatively posh London area accent. He always gets the Geordie and Scouse players stirred up into a rage by seeming to look down on them as chavs.
In one of his videos he actually calls them all ‘peasants.’

Minus is a master manipulator, maneuvering his marks into qualifying themselves even when he is obviously the one in the wrong.
He gets them to surrender their moral high ground by getting them to curse at him furiously while he sticks to superficially polite language.
Time after time, he gets them to lose their cool and from that moment, he’s the one in control.

He may start out with mere team killing, but by tacitly threatening to kill teammates, he forces them to kill him, causing them to lose points. Worse, this leaves his teammates without a clear pretext to get him banned.

Perhaps the best for last: He bluffs that he’s about to leave the server but doesn’t. Everyone obviously wants him to leave, so he toys with them keeping them in a state of suspense until he’s finally satisfied.

Picard Harasses A Ventrilo Channel

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