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Plight of the Millenials In Verse or Giovanni Mnemonic

I’ve been wondering some time about the most efficient, easiest, most digestible means of transferring ideas on the internet, in writing.

I’ve noticed top ten lists are an extremely effective memetic container, but I also look to the past for guidance in finding effective mnemonic devices for transferring ideas.

Dissenting bloggers like me spill out pages and pages, but they only seem to reach people who already agree with them.

How does one convey a certain point of view without pages of pontificating?

I decided to make an attempt at condensing information and making it more accessible using verse.

I’m not trying to aspire to Homeric genius here. So don’t bother having a shit fit about the niceties of technique. I’m just trying to make certain key concepts as easy to understand in as little time as possible. One might even consider it an industrial operation.

Verse was the pre-modern mnemonic container of choice, so might it have any potential role still on the internet?

I have to admit, this sounds to my inner ear almost rap-ish.

Dear Young man,

I’ve come to warn you today
Everything they’ve ever told you
You must quickly throw away

I went down the path they showed me
They said it was the only way
I was too young
I was you
I believed grades would somehow matter
Believed youth’s brief day
Ought to be spent on sixteen years
Of endless classes.

Do what you love.
It doesn’t matter what degree
That sounded nice
And everyone agreed
Why would I not have believed?
The herd is always right.

They’ve told you to be good and kind
To earn your keep
To protect and provide.
Listen to them,
You become a flightless bird
Beaten, ignored, and despised.
In this world
The best competitor gets every prize.

That soft Eden they must have come from
Has long been left behind
This is a war of all against all
A desperate fight to survive

Won’t they thank you once you’ve done all they asked?
When nothing is as planned?
When you’ve reached the other side,
Won’t they accept you and understand?

Dear young man,
There’s no reward for defeat
Only successful young men really exist.
The rest are just a statistic.
Whether you fall in battle
Or can’t find that ‘career.’
You are a dead man just the same.

Not a student, not a boy, not a father, or even a man
Not an anything
You are lost from the world of social roles
Into a world of ghosts.
There you have no status or name.
You haunt the world of the living still
Bound to earth by debt’s heavy chains.

You received an impressive letter today
You’ve been accepted
But don’t become indebted
Until you know how you’ll make it all back
Don’t go into their trap until you know your way out
Don’t go unless you know how you’re making your cash.

In this world no one pays you a dime
Unless they have no better choice
Until there’s a gun to their head
You’re a homeless man without a voice.

Your parents are planning to retire
Your sister gets to live like a movie star

You’re the only one on your side
Don’t let them use you up for free!
Your life is already cheap enough
Don’t let them use you up.

They threw a million of you away
In a landfill called the Somme
Dear young man, you’re disposable
Take care of yourself.
You’re the only one who cares


Social obligation is a two way street
I want to help but I’ve got to eat
You want my toil and my loyalty
But I can’t do it all for free

You all say I’m a complainer, a loser
Entitled and spoiled
All I want is a living!

You want to have your ‘golden years’ and retire?
I tell you now,
You better make it worth my while.
You want to die in bed?
Why do I care?
I’ll be working until I fall over dead on the job.

Supervillains and ‘Losers’

or So You Think You’re Part of ‘Society’

For some time now, a certain segment of an internet counterculture, especially in the manosphere have started cheering for the villains.

Villains are the epitome of the anti-social, the outsider. While the villain may have a certain audacity and strength the audience can admire, he’s also supposed to have certain flaws that cause us to totally reject his cause and ultimately despise him.

Yet what happens when millions of young men are effectively invisible outsiders?

Does the villain still seem like such a bad guy?

To begin to answer these questions:

What makes a young man part of society?
What does society owe a young man, if anything in order to gain his commitment?

We might look at historical standards to get some kind of answer to these questions.

To have a place:

A man must have at least an ongoing apprenticeship into a trade(some prospect of a career) and at least betrothal by the time he is 18 years of age.

And this is an extreme proposition. By age 18, a young man has already endured 4-5 long years of endless sexual frustration and many grueling years of training.
Nearly any long-lived culture has made sure its invested young men have had some kind of outlet long before this point.
Where is our typical ‘modern’ young man at age 18, the age of adulthood, the age beyond which he should be productive and contributing as an adult?

He has no ‘real’ job, no prospect of a job, no concrete job skills, no prospect of children or marriage, no meaningful direction from adults about how to make any of these things happen.

Everyone tells him he must get more training, invest more years of his life and then ‘society’ will welcome him into its ranks.

Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, ‘friends’….they give a patronizing pat on the shoulder and say their variations of the same thing.
“It will all work out.”

Years pass, achievements are achieved but no future, no membership into ‘society’ materializes.

The future offers void upon void.

A less young man turns to family and authority figures. “It will all work out.” they say.

So the man now presses onwards, still not knowing towards what, if anything.

One day a demon sits with him in the small room he lives in on his sub-subsistence income.

That demon gives him the first honest conversation he’s ever heard.

“You actually fell for all of it!” The demon giggles. “Don’t you realize! Everything you’ve ever been told is a lie! They will all keep telling you the same thing even as your hair turns gray! Do you think they are really on your side? Do they really care about you?”

The young man stares mutely and dumbly at the sinister shadow that sits across from him. The demon continues:

“Young men are a dime a dozen. Not all of them can be ‘winners.’ Don’t you know that!? The attrition of young men is just how biology, how ‘society’ works! Those people who are supposed to help you: they will gladly tell you ‘everything is all right’ even as the last fading opportunities in life slip by. Subconsciously, some part of them knows you are just more meat being fed into Darwin’s grinder. After all, ‘society’ is for women and the 1/5 of men women actually want. You’re kidding yourself if you think you’re actually a member of this society. You’re on your own.”

With that last, the demon vanishes.

The man wants to forget what he heard and dismiss it as nonsense. But he can’t. It tortures him by day and in his dreams. He swings back and forth between despair and rage.

Perhaps he’s heard of the Mormon polygamists who exile their “lost boys” into our larger ‘society’. Where then does this ‘society’ send its “lost boys?” His mind is blank at this question. That blank is his life.

This is a beginning to what some have come to call: “taking the red pill.”

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