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Money Only Belongs To Its Masters

Holding a currency is like holding the one ring.  It still belongs to, and exerts the power of its master over you.
Hold the master’s money, the master exacts a price.  For the money is a piece of the master.
As children money seemed like a magic resource because our parents paid the bills.  As adults, money is always given us in the understanding most of it will be immediately returned in the form of rent and taxes.  A worker that lives from paycheck to paycheck lives as a slave in the sense their labor is effectively unpaid.  Only surplus is income.  Someone who earns less than they need to live is effectively lesser off than even a slave provided the basics.

The master protects the monopoly of its money jealously.  It’s no mistake that the same body that protects the lives of the leaders also protects the monopoly of its currency.
It is hard to challenge the master for power over its own ring.  It is just as hard to make one’s own ring of power.
To worship the money is to worship the master.

How convenient to shear the flock when everyone grows the same standardized wool.  Imagine the master having to send collectors to seize actual physical assets!  Would most people anymore even have physical tribute worth seizing?  It’s a lot easier when they can just sit back and watch electronic units of wealth rush to their waiting hands.  It was never easier to be king.
We are like a whole world full of Gollums obsessed with the power of the One Ring even as its master dominates and consumes us.

Nationmaster – A Fun Research Resource

I found Nationmaster while looking up world statistics and found it to be a goldmine of easily accessible information.
You can compare any countries you like using any statistical criteria you like or see the world rankings for any criteria.  I just blew the last hour playing around with this shiny new toy.

Usually we get spoonfed disparate statistics in articles according to the agenda of the people allowing it to be published.

I think I learned more about the world in the last hour on this site than in years of reading magazine and internet articles.

Revelations:  For some reasons organizations using GINI as a barometer for quality of life never seem to mention that the top ranking nations by this criteria are unanimously some of the world’s poorest.

I was also stunned at Japan’s relatively low ranking on the big mac index, an index that attempts to approximate cost of living around the world by the local cost of a big mac.  I had expected Japan to be right up there with Sweden and the United Kingdom.

I was also surprised to see that Slovakia has perhaps the most equal distribution of wealth in the world without being one of the hellholes that rank highly on the GINI index.
Why is this?
I seem to recall that Slovakia split from Czech in part so they could continue having a pseudo-communist government.  Is this some byproduct of that split?  I’d love to get some input from any Slovaks out there.


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