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When Tang, A Drink For Astronauts, Was A Status Symbol In China

“The year I turned 16, a new product caught my eye. Fruit Treasure, as Tang was named for the Chinese market, instantly won everyone’s heart. Imagine real oranges condensed into a fine powder! Equally seductive was the TV commercial, which gave us a glimpse of a life that most families, including mine, could hardly afford. The kitchen was spacious and brightly lighted, whereas ours was a small cube …

The drink itself, steaming hot in an expensive-looking mug that was held between the child’s mittened hands, was a vivid orange…

Until this point, all commercials were short and boring, with catchy phrases like “Our Product Is Loved by People Around the World” flashing on screen. The Tang ad was a revolution in itself: the lifestyle it represented – a more healthful and richer one, a Western luxury – was just starting to become legitimate in China as it was beginning to embrace the West and its capitalism…

To add to my agony, our neighbor’s son brought over his first girlfriend, for whom he had just bought a bottle of Tang. He was five years older and a college sophomore; we had nothing in common and had not spoken more than 10 sentences. But this didn’t stop me from having a painful crush on him. The beautiful girlfriend opened the Tang in our flat and insisted that we all try it. When it was my turn to scoop some into a glass of water, the fine orange powder almost choked me to tears. It was the first time I had drunk Tang, and the taste was not like real oranges but stronger, as if it were made of the essence of all the oranges I had ever eaten.”


If shiny little bits of trash or a sugary, artificially flavored drink mix were made scarce and claimed to be desirable by the herd, especially its fertile female contingent, we must predict that everyone would scramble to get it.

This is why I’ve long considered measures of intrinsic value(of a good to an individual) to protect ourselves from the caprices of an insane and self-destructive mass society.

I recognize that the individual cannot be held truly distinct from society, not even close, but I keep my model simple.  It’s a basic method to clear away unwarranted hype and come out ahead of the crowd.

I’m supposing the boy in the story got a generous short term hypergamous payoff for following the fad and buying a can of orange flavored junk.
But guess what probably happened to his fawning groupies as soon as the Tang bubble popped?
We would see him left with a worthless powder for which he paid dearly and no long term or tactical gain to show for it.

Indeed, with that much less resources in his wallet, the less capital he has to impress the next round of herd females.  Worse, he was probably spending scarce funds his family needed to feed itself and pay for rent and education.

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Hypergamy Shift

Differences: The classic philosophers like Aristotle and Locke — while brilliant and enlightened men — did not understand women. They appealed to conceptual ethics like fairness, honesty, loyalty, and truth. This is how men think and operate; these notions are what men use to make decisions. Men need to get that women don’t operate that way. Women are biologically and genetically programmed to go with the bigger-better-deal.

Bonding and attachment occur to both the Dominant and the submissive, though the intensity appears to be stronger on the part of the submissive in most cases. In many ways the Dominant penetrates the light shielding of the submissive. This occurs often with the willful aid of the submissive. A submissive ‘seeking’ a Dominant partner will frequently ‘open’ or lower their outer barriers or shields in the necessary effort to ‘align’ with the potential mate. To some extent there appears to be a period of time where the Dominant and submissive attempt to ‘match frequencies’, rather like a radio signal.

This relinquishing of barriers on the part of the submissive is not without risk. In most cases if the submissive encounters a Dominant that is not a good match for them then the submissive will not ‘hear’ or ‘tune in’ to that Dominant’s voice. Being a good match does not mean that the Dominant that they ‘hear’ is a good person. It merely means that component’s inside both people align well.

For a submissive to ‘detach’ from a strong Dominant is quite difficult even when both submissive and Dominant willfully agree to separate. They must be able to blockade the ‘Voice’. This is generally impossible if the submissive remains in physical proximity to the Dominant. Severance of contact, physical or phone, may be necessary for a considerable time frame for the ‘programming’ to dissipate and the shielding or buffers of the submissive to be reinstated. That submissive will continue to be susceptible to the Dominant as those access corridors may continue to exist over the duration of that submissive’s life. However, when the submissive attaches to a new Dominant, that new Dominant’s voice will form a shield which makes it virtually impossible for the submissive to ‘hear’ other Dominant voices in the same way. In a sense the submissive would have to ‘hear through’ the filtered shielding of their Dominant. The submissive will continue to be aware of or recognize other Dominant’s by their emoting presence but will in most cases not be vulnerable to being effected by them.

However, it is possible for a submissive who is bonded and attached to be taken by a Dominant who is stronger than their Dominant.


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‘China Does Not Have Any Suitable Men For Me’

Having said this much, that the environment is good, material things are good, this third point is what I value the most: I simply like Western men. Ever since I was small, I liked watching Western movies, such as Roman Holiday” or “Gone with the Wind,” and I liked watching the Westerners in the movies, their faces are all so sharp and distinctive, especially their charming coloured eyes, their straight pronounced noses, their tight smooth lips.


In summary, I simply want to marry a Westerner, at best an American, but European is not bad either. As for  criteria…I am not very demanding, it is no big deal even if his education is lower than mine, and no specific requirements about his work…isn’t the monthly salary for washing dishes at McDonald’s over a thousand USD? This can still allow him to buy a car and house. If this isn’t possible, I will just find a divorced man and be willing to be a stepmother. Besides, Western children have a strong sense of independence, at least they will not let me always clean up after them and cater to their every whim, right?

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