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Implications of Corporate ‘Personality Tests’ Used For Hiring

“our culture is undoubtedly headed in a direction where it will become its phoniest ever. In today’s job market, ‘truth’ has become an inconvenience, something that only gets in the way of our financial survival. But ‘truth’ is, always has been and always will be the most important thing to preserve, even if it makes life a tad more financially insecure.”

Personality Tests: Survival of the Phoniest


“The truly scary thing is that this employment science is still in its infancy. In the near future, could certain personality profiles find themselves unemployable?

If lots of companies use the same hiring software, could they assemble a profile on someone based on multiple applications they’ve submitted?
Thus maybe someone could be disqualified based on inconsistencies in how they answer the personality test?

This brings up final questions. If a history of inconsistencies or unprofitable traits emerged on someone’s profile, could they end up essentially blacklisted through the entire system? ”

7 Reasons Why Unicru is Here To Stay

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