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Some Examples of International Social Entrepreneurship That Worked

  1. Hippo Roller Making the task of collecting water easier
  2. Hexyurt A safe affordable shelter for refugees and disaster victims (hippies are using it for burning man)
  3. Solar Powered Lamps This radio interview has a lot of good stuff about it, including distribution channels – though I think it could use a hand-crank
  4. Grameen Bank For The Poor A microcredit bank
  5. Kiva  Another microcredit organization – doubles as a hilarious social network where you can talk to guys from Tajikistan about their goats
  6. Anti-Diarrhea Treatment  A simple, effective, and generally under-used method compared to most of the aid-with-strings-attached programs
  7. Teach For America One of the many education non-profits in the US

Peter Thiel mentioned in one of his classes that every start-up must be able to answer 10 questions:


mimesis and competition









As I mentioned before, one of the more serious hurdles tends to be distribution. Corruption and tribalism is rife in most of these countries, so it’s extremely hard to get a solution out to everyone equally without empowering local tyrants. The financing problem isn’t that serious as long as you create something that can pay for itself. The rest of the factors will vary highly depending on what good or service you are launching. Make sure it is super durable while still being in the price range of the customer.

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