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What Martial Arts Does Batman Use?

“Possessing no super-powers and using no weapons (save for what he carries in his ‘utility belt’), he instead relies on his cunning, vast fortune, and, above all, his skills in hand-to-hand combat to defeat his opponents. It has long been known Batman is one of the – if not the – most skilled unarmed combatants in the world, but just how good of fighter is the Dark Knight, and in what disciplines?”




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Eating In Korea: Silkworm Chrysali

I would describe the texture as meaty, not bad. But they taste like wet wool.

In Korea, it’s fairly typical to see street stands with woks full of these little guys. It smells somewhat like damp, scorching wool.

I’m pretty open to trying new flavors, but this one didn’t make my list of favorites, sorry to say.

I imagine that these cooked pupae were a byproduct of the silk-making process and gradually grew on people who didn’t have a whole lot of foods to choose from.