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The Coup d’Etat, “Get your tanks off my lawn!”

List of coups d’état and coup attempts

In 1931, Italian journalist and political writer, Curzio Malaparte, published a book in Italy entitled
This work was based on his own personal observation of the activities in Russia at the time of theRevolution, Poland at the time of the Bolshevik invasion of 1920 and Berlinduring the Kapp putsch. Malaparte was an early supporter of Mussolini and had first-hand knowledge of the means by which Il Duce had come to power in 1922
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The Coup Checklist from “How To Stage A Military Coup From Planning to Execution by David Hebditch & Ken Connor
The pattern checklist for Coup D’Etat
1. Former Colony or overseas posession?
2. Lies in tropical latitudes?
3. Religious, ethnic or/and tribal divisions?
4. Substantial natural resources, especially oil?
5. Endemic corruption and nepotism?
6. Strategically located?
7. Long-term despotic regmine?
8. Army staff officers trained overseas?
9. Finance available for mercenaries?
10. Had a coup d’etat previously?
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Pre-Politically Correct History: The Fall of Babylon to the Persians

“Within thirty years after his(Nebuchadrezzar’s) death his empire crumbled to pieces…The army fell into disorder; business men forgot love of country in the sublime internationalism of finance; the people, busy with trade and pleasure, unlearned the arts of war. The priests usurped more and more of the royal power, and fattened their treasuries with wealth that tempted invasion and conquest. When Cyrus and his disciplined Persians stood at the gates, the anti-clericals of Babylon connived to open them to him, and welcomed his enlightened domination.”

-Will Durant, Our Oriental Heritage, 1935