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Did the USSR Defeat Germany Because of or In Spite of Stalin?

Stalin’s purges of officers in the Soviet military destroyed its experienced leadership, a failing which became all too clear in the war with Finland.  Worse Stalin ignored numerous warnings that Germany was about to attack.  To cap it off, Stalin had a mental breakdown when the Nazi attack finally came, leaving the nation without sure leadership for days at the most critical time.
On the other hand:
Could the Soviet Union have pulled together the single minded ability and organization to fight back without an autocrat like Stalin in power?

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Stalin Had A Mental Breakdown When He Learned of Hitler’s Invasion

“Lenin founded our state,” he said despondently as he left, “and we’ve fucked it up.” And with that, he retired to his dacha.
And there he stayed for three days – refusing to answer the telephone, refusing to see anyone. He may well have suffered a form of collapse.