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Extreme Individualism Is Why Whites Don’t Run Hollywood

Every day, message boards flare with rage and envy at successful groups like American Jews, blaming the situation always on conspiracies, never on their own shortcomings as a people.
Why, they wonder are half the supreme court justices, authors, famous scientists, all the movie studios Jewish?

Though Jews have an advantage in brains on average, there are so few of them, this alone can’t explain their dominance.  With tens of millions of whites to draw from, there’s no shortage of people who could compete with them, if they had decent teamwork.

Part of the formula for success is rich Jews identify members of their community with potential in the long term and get them the money and loans they need to focus completely on projects that interest them.

There’s no way the individually competitive white community would identify someone brainy and eloquent, then allow them sometimes to putter around into their 30s before there’s a payoff.  That’s pretty much the life story of Bernie Sanders.  He probably wouldn’t have become a US senator if he had to focus his energies on a 9-5 job instead. 

Extreme apex ventures like professional acting, writing, art, politics, academics, journalism are too risky and too expensive for atomized individuals to participate in.  That just leaves an open field for a group that backs each other up and makes investments in developing their own human capital.  

If a group doesn’t want to show up for the game, they can’t complain when they don’t win.  Then the cohesive team of people who took control of all the high risk/high reward ventures secure immense power over society.

What’s sad is white society didn’t always believe “every man is for himself,” “the world doesn’t owe you anything,” and “you have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.”

Alexander Hamilton comes to mind as a good example.  He grew up in the Caribbean as an illegitimate kid.  His mother, strapped for cash, died when he was still young.  In our current society, he’d disappear into the foster system and dysfunctional public “education” never to be heard from again.

In an ironically less backwards 18th century, the local property owners noticed Hamilton was extremely bright, mature for his age, with an excellent work ethic.  They trained him in the sugar cane export business and then as he continued to show promise, pooled their money to send him to university in New York.

The community support that Hamilton benefited from would be unthinkable in modern white culture.  In fact, with jobs that pay even the simplest living now scarce, workers take perverse joy in someone like Hamilton falling through the cracks.

They love to waggle their fingers patronizingly and say  “Look how I pulled myself up while that smart guy turned out to be a loser.”  A quick glance at reality TV shows us how taking pleasure in watching others fail while we are safe serves as porn for both sexes.

A culture of extreme individualism devolves into the backstabbing and treachery of royal court politics until nothing gets done and no one cares anymore about real accomplishment, just “getting ahead” through “networking.”  The greatest object of scorn is the poor cuckold fool who gets things done and the most admired the clever manager who takes all the credit for it.
No wonder even the most popular fantasy story, Game of Thrones, takes place in a world where no one is good, everyone ruthlessly schemes in a royal court, and all things magical and fantastic lie dormant.

Meanwhile, the Jews see someone like Hamilton in their community and give him a chance.  Maybe he turns out to be a loser after all or just doesn’t quite make the cut for the big time.  But if the gamble pays, they have a US senator or an A list actor that’s from their own group and now owes them favors.

Success stories in developing human capital teach us apex ability at anything requires identifying talent early and giving it direction.

Alexander Hamilton was running businesses by the time he was a teenager.  David Farragut was responsible for ships by the time he was 12 years old.

By age 18 after 12 years of public school boredom, smart kids have already had much of their potential wasted and millions of them have already checked out from a senseless and stupid society that gleefully wastes their time.

Much of this stupidity comes from the failed religion of equalism.  In the 18th century most people had the common sense to understand that the most talented people have superior genes and surpass other people at an early age.

In some ways their society had more opportunity precisely because it didn’t buy into equality.  If a 12 year old could perform at an adult level, he just might get a chance to rise to his potential.

Until white society rejects its failed culture of atomized competition, they will always be the puppets of smarter groups who can work together and promote their own.

They can blame the Jews and pogrom them all tomorrow but the next day, someone else comes along to fill the vacuum and dominates them, again beating them bloody with a riding crop as they squeal in impotent rage through a ball gag.  
And there they stay trapped in humiliating servitude to more cohesive tribes until they change themselves.

It’s the Chinese handcuffs of culture.  As soon as white society finally examines and changes its attitudes, cultural autonomy suddenly becomes effortless.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

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A very superficial and convenient reading. I would counter your argument except the repetitive, cyclic headache inducing nature of the dispute. For more than 2000 years, the best and most intelligent among of us have periodically laid out exactly what is going on with this issue for the benefit of the perplexed. On the other side, only the ambitious, the innovatively dissolute and the revolutionary repeat your points, which should be self explanatory. The Bible, particularly Exodus and John, demonstrate and comment on this issue. Yet some still do not get it, and instead repeat these ‘pull up your bootstraps’ arguments. What can one do but facepalm?
I recommend watching this youtube vid:

E. Michael Jones is a serious scholar. I’m sure you will agree he is not a ‘conspiracy monger, or an envious goy who has fallen ‘through the cracks’. The video is interesting on it’s own terms, I think you will enjoy it. It does not explain ‘how’ but why… and the why has been consistent since the beginning of time. It is the ‘why’ that your question asks, and Jones gives the answer.

Equalism is arguably the most damaging element developed in modern culture. Most cultural/political diseases we face can be traced back to equalism. It is a perversion of equality before law [ie justice] to everything equalized [ie entropy].

The Jews are simply very good businessmen. They keep improving their long term investment strategy. They don’t sacrifice their own profit for the good of the abstract society, but just let everyone earn what they deserve. If their businesses disrupts their hosting society, so what, it is the hosting population’s fault for being weak and stupid. It is only fair for the better group to win. And honestly, can you fault them when you see how weak and stupid the average people are? Perhaps a massive culling of the stupid and weak is what evolution would have after all, and the Jews are just a running part of evolution’s program? Perhaps the ultimate collapse of the west is what would ultimately destroy equalism, just like the collapse of communist Soviet and China destroyed communism?

It is not individualism that is the problem. People invest long term not because they are collectivists, but because it is a good investment strategy that ultimately maximize their interests.

On investing smart people:

Due to the explosion of knowledge and complexity and exhaustion of low-hanging fruit, today’s high-level endeavours are much more demanding than 1 or 2 century before. Even for a naturally talented person, it takes 10 years of training to reach expert-level in one specialized field. It takes 20 years of training to become an extraordinary, cross-disciplinary, high-minded person. And that hasn’t count the time needed to build the social network / career to materialize his potential. If one didn’t start training at early teen, he wouldn’t have enough time to reach extraordinary level.

So, no great philosophers, scientists, politicians, businessmen. Today’s successful, influential persons are one-trick ponies who found successful in some fields / career, commonly with a large stroke of luck, and think they can design and run the world. Those who actually spent 20 years to understand how the world works have little chance to rise to a position of influence — they would be lucky if they don’t become a incel.

It is a shame. Human can now live longer and healthier. With proper planning we can afford to invest 20 years to become a great person. Instead we waste it all in a fucked up education system, video games, social media, parties and junk foods. I should know, because I am one of those smart kids who can sleep through the semester and still came out top of the class with one week of study. But without proper guidance I wasted 70% of my potential in my teenage years. After I mature and finally started to get a gripe of the real world, it was a constant struggle to caught up my lost time, undone the damage of brainwashing while pursuing my ideals. But something must be sacrificed in exchange. In my case I have to abandon a normal career path and instead devote all time to work on myself, meaning that I have no career credentials despite having more knowledge than most experts, and I have to made it big myself or else will die in misery. It also means I have to sacrifice love life and sex. Still, I considered myself lucky. Many people, who are as smart and ambitious as me, never get a chance to even pursue their ideals and basically just waste away.

Yep, the real world has no mercy for the weak and stupid. Best not to be them. You can be one of those, but not both.

I bet it always has taken about 10 years to reach mastery. Like you say, though, wasting young people’s time ensures we won’t see very many geniuses.
Imagine if you took a bright 10 year old and started teaching him about everything from the laws of physics to zoning regulations and financial markets. Where would he be by the time he was 15, let alone 20 in understanding how to run a society?

As you point out, the necessity for everyone to be their own PR department(“toot your own horn” in Boomerese) and spend years getting credentials before they even start learning real skills crushes new ideas.
Simply not going with the flow is too costly.

I’m a lot like you in that I felt even as a teenager that school was mostly a waste of everyone’s time. Further experience only confirmed it. Virtually nothing past 3rd grade is ever useful in adult life for most people. Society had 12 years to make me whatever it wanted of me! 16, actually!
I have long believed societies that can’t give their young people a meaningful tribal initiation in a reasonable amount of time deserve no one’s loyalty.
Like you, as I undid damage, I wondered many times what I could have been.

I also made sacrifices to live as I wanted and pursue my interests that meant not having a career and incel droughts. It’s a tough road.
I have a low tolerance for the culture of “TPS reports”, following rules so you don’t get punished rather than getting things done. Never was a “team player” and once you spend a few years with substantial control of your life, even if you’re poor, there’s no going back.

I see two post that say”..eeehhh…” not really but I say you have it exactly 100% correct. I, who if any of my post here have been read by anybody, really, really hate the Jews as a group but I admit great admiration for their sticking together as they do. They operate exactly as a special forces group. Very small army groups can defeat much larger armies by concentration of forces. This is exactly what they do. They find choke points in a society and pour forces into those choke points.(media, certain gov. positions, banks, etc.) They do argue among themselves but when they see someone going after one of these key choke points they all get in line and push forward with all the strength they have. It works. Absurd things they say like,”The White race should be dissolved” and all the Jews just completely ignore it or support it.

n/u2 ,”…A very superficial and convenient reading. I would counter your argument except the repetitive, cyclic headache inducing nature of the dispute. For more than 2000 years, the best and most intelligent among of us have periodically laid out exactly what is going on with this issue for the benefit of the perplexed. On the other side, only the ambitious, the innovatively dissolute and the revolutionary repeat your points, which should be self explanatory. The Bible, particularly Exodus and John, demonstrate and …Yet some still do not get it,…”

I’m afraid Giovanni Dannato is correct and you and E Michael Jones are so wrong that you don’t even have the right page. I watched about 20 minutes of the video and couldn’t take anymore. These fellows are your standard lost Christens that believe that the old testament is part of their religion. It’s not. What did Jesus say about the Jews?

JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

The Jews didn’t then nor do they now worship the same God as the Christens. The Jewish god is Satan and the commandments of the old testament come from demons. Many Jews have said that they worship Satan or Themselves many times. It’s not a novel idea. Their primary text is the Talmud. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter. A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all and maybe not even the majority. In all probability the majority if not all the Rabbis are.

It’s difficult to covey the sum total of information that gives me this conclusion. It comes from massive amounts of reading about Jews until one day this idea jelled and I’ve seen nothing to sway me that it’s not true. From big things, like the stated purpose of their religion, to little things like reading Ariel Sharon’s biography and how it was recounted that he used to lie constantly to his military colleagues. They went over that again and again how his colleagues would put up with it but told him every time that he had to stop it with them. They Knew. They knew he was a psychopath and were trying to show him that they had certain standards between themselves. This is why the Talmud is such a dizzying amount of minutia on how to live. It a manual for psychopaths to live by.

Even if it’s wrong if you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you will never be surprised and Jew’s behavior will make sense.

In order to predict Jews behavior read the great book on Psychopaths by Hervey Cleckley, “The Mask of Sanity”. Here’s a chapter you should read. It’s about the psychopath Stanley. Who does all kinds of manic bullshit and spends all his time feeding people the most outrageous lies. Look at the astounding array of things he’s able to get away with. Maybe it will remind you of a certain tribe. New meme. “They’re pulling a Stanley”. The whole book is on the web and worth reading.

I use the simplest of logic to determine this. Form follows function, Occam’s Razor. Their behavior is exactly like psychopaths. Their religious beliefs are exactly like the internal dialog of psychopaths. I don’t know but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck. It’s a duck and the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. The MOST IMPORTANT PART is that the behavior of the Jews as a group over time can not be reliably separated from the behavior of psychopaths. Even if I’m wrong their behavior is the same so they should be treated as psychopaths. A very dangerous, powerful group with no empathy towards anyone but other Jews.

I finished watching E Michael Jones on Jewish Influence. He gets the effects but but the reason the Jews are the way they are has nothing to do with Logos.

“They operate exactly as a special forces group. Very small army groups can defeat much larger armies by concentration of forces. This is exactly what they do. They find choke points in a society”

Or in terms of brute force, someone can take down much stronger opponents with limblocks and blood chokes. Will never forget my astonishment first time I saw an early MMA video where Royce Gracie at 170lbs easily submitted a 300 lb+ Sumo Wrestler. Then saw him do the same a long series of roided, tattooed gymrats with pecs bigger than his head.

The success of Jews and Muslim insurgents vs. much larger opponents is a big reason why I predict a Neo-Tribal age. Successful groups are going to get tighter and less centralized.

I need to add that this is one of your most brilliant, one of many, post. You’ve taken a very complicated subject and made all the salient aspects of the subject readily understandable by most anyone.

The sign of someone really being intelligent is they can make a complicated subject readily understandable by the average person. Lots of insider buzz words don’t mean you’re intelligent it just means you’ve memorized the jargon.

(except for the psychopath part but we’ll let you slide until we can get these Jews into a massive brain scan program to make sure).

I inherently distrust sources that use too much jargon, too many words, especially in a douchey upper middle class way to obfuscate simple ideas.
I’m trying to learn about different social systems, but there’s a lot of bullshit surrounding economics and finance. After I spend 15 minutes looking up jargon with a Little Orphan Annie secret decoder, I’m like, “Oh, is that all they meant to say?”

This explains everything, down to when workers suggest productivity improvements, they rarely get credit for it.

A poor sperg once accidentally made someone’s job, copying lines of text into an excel file, redundant. He got no raise even though he never intended to get the person fired.

I don’t think you’d even hear of that sixty years ago.

There’s a movie that covers some of these ideas. A Serious Man (2009)

In it there’s a brother who does this complicated book. I won’t ruin it you have to see it for yourself.

I like the Coen Brothers. The Jews are very good at looking at people from the outside and getting at the essence of them. Rick Rubin(record producer) did this with Johnny Cash. The records Rubin produced with Cash are the best stuff ever done with him and really get the, trite but correct phrase, Johnny Cash out of Johnny Cash.

Another example is the director Steven Spielberg. He said he went to a Hollywood studio dressed for the part, got through security, just found an empty office ,put his name up on the door and hung out there every day until a studio executive said,”hey who do we have to do so and so project” and then remembered Spielberg who he’d seen around. It may be a lie but can you imagine a White guy doing the same. Never.

They can afford to behave more openly in a higher average IQ population. Raising average IQ by just one point in a large population kind of like raising the oceans’ temperature by one degree.
All kinds of huge cascading emergent effects.

You can’t be open like that if society has to be decently idiot-proof and average-friendly. So a 100 IQ guy throws Spielberg right back out on the street without thinking about it. He’s just following the rules in the company policy manual.

That was a hell of a good article. No wonder some people are reacting badly to it.

Still its going to take a few years to get the tribalism back into Whites, The Catholic church tried to breed it out of them and push everyone down to the level of nuclear family so the Church could run them. The Cathedral just took it a step farther and big business just wants TPS fillers and consumers

Its doable though and Whites with honest racial solidarity will be a thing to behold.

And and to anyone who thinks our host here is incorrect, our greatest technological accomplishments too place when the US was at at its most collective with a homogeneous culture and with resources for the smart , that is the post war era

Its not a coincidence

Good point about how modern pressures could be seen as a continuation of the church’s efforts in core Europe.
I’ve heard it argued that’s mostly a good thing because it allowed a large multitude of strangers to cooperate in civil society.
Clannishness is often shown as dysfunctional in contrast to outbred with examples like the Irish Catholic political machine, Tammany Hall.
Also, Scots-Irish dysfunction such as the Hatfield and McCoy feud.

Yet you may be right about people that get beat down into genetic serfdom. They lose their fire.
I notice it actually happens to all peoples that have been civilized for too long. Look at China or India, for example. They started a lot earlier and seems like they came up with most of their best ideas already before the birth of Christ.
Sooner or later, the bean counters take over the gene pool.

“…greatest technological accomplishments too place when the US was at at its most collective with a homogeneous culture and with resources for the smart , that is the post war era…”

You probably don’t know half the story. The pre-NASA aerospace research group NACA did some of the most mind boggling stuff. I still read reports by them on ram jets and all kinds of crazy stuff we did. You know the new feared Russian ram jet missile? We were doing this stuff in the 50’s. Have you ever heard of SLAM? Supersonic Low Altitude Missile part of, cough, cough, project Pluto. It was a nuclear powered cruise missile that had nuclear weapons that popped out of the top. They actually built and tested the engines.

They canceled it because it frightened even the Generals. The whole US aerospace industry was jump started by these guys at NACA and their basic research. I think we should stop letting corporate interests take our basic research and sell it for peanuts to other nations. They should only be able to do so with the gov. approval. If we did that then they would either have to spend money on research themselves or build better products. As it is they’re strip mining our technical expertise.

Sam J.:
No, you don’t get it. You don’t get what I’m saying and you don’t get what is going on. I agree the OT is not christian and Jahweh is obviously not as purported, but that is not the issue. There are niggers in every woodpile, try to see past that. The issue is Logos. The Germanic Sagas, the Grecian Olympians, the Roman take on the same…all these are Logos derived theologies, peoples. Creators, people who strive to understand what is inside and outside of them… not how to exploit and dominate, but understand, to order according to Logos. Christianity is a Logos theology, a Hellenic one, not Judaic. Whites do not prey parasitically on their own society… they build it, expand it, there is enough for everyone. 
Whites should not prey parasitically on other societies, the British however built a empire on parasitism, piracy, theft and genocide, and a propaganda and intelligence system to run it, (which now runs the USA). This society is aligned against the builders… the Logos. Now that society is for the most part not their own, they do not do well since the society offers its rewards only to the parasites who play against the levers of government, who game it and not serve and guard it. Those who serve and guard it are now known as useful idiots. The players Giovanni admires are the winners in a society of parasites, who mobilize in the way Giovanni purports. The rest of your comments underline the fact that even though most of your comments are correct, you don’t understand the underlying forces, nor what I was saying in my comment.

As for the US’s great advances of the 50’s – those advances were entirely German – everything. Almost everything in modern society is derived from German research, which is why they needed to destroy it as a competitor – they couldn’t compete outside of war. The US, like the British Imperial system, is and always been a parasitical organism. Taking from others, and covering this point with propaganda, concerning their moral and racial excellence to point where they have forgot how to create anything themselves, and don’t know who they are and will dry up and die when there is nothing left to take, the same as the British have dried up and died.

You and Giovanni are saying ‘look, thats how the game is played and those jews are winning players’. That game ends in complete destruction and a dark ages that will make the last one look like a philology conference. It will probably mean the end of humanity. Go ahead and enjoy your low IQ paradise. Embrace your talmudic masters and tell us all about genetic serfdom. You should get in there and get what you can, because historically the situation is known for consistent flip flops. But once you’re gone you’re gone… you sell your soul and you can’t come back.

I just care what works, so it pays to learn from the successful rather than join in the losers’ circlejerks of resentment. We already are entering a dark age so survival and crushing enemies comes first.
Humanity has come back from dark ages before and will do so again. If anything, it’s just part of a cycle.
Maybe dark ages are the crucible in which high intelligence is selected for, golden ages the time when that biological capital is spent.

“…No, you don’t get it. You don’t get what I’m saying and you don’t get what is going on…”

I disagree. I understand what you’re saying and believe that the path you are taking is futile.

“… There are niggers in every woodpile, try to see past that…”

I’m lost here as I don’t reference Niggers. I do believe that Groids and Jews have many alike characteristics. One being they have little empathy for others.

“…The issue is Logos…all these are Logos derived theologies, peoples. Creators, people who strive to understand what is inside and outside of them… not how to exploit and dominate, but understand, to order according to Logos. Christianity is a Logos theology…”

Theology, theology, theology…blah, blah blah. I agree with the superiority of those that create and do not parasitically feed on others. I complain about it constantly. That’s half of my bitching about the Jews being psychopaths as one of the defining characteristic of psychopaths is parasitism. You seem to think I don’t get this or approve of such dastardly behavior. I do get it and I don’t approve but that’s not the problem. It’s irrelevant. The Jews problem is not that they don’t have the right theology. They have the perfect theology for them. They’re parasitical psychopaths. You can tell them to change their theology all you want it you will just be agitating the air with your laments. The way they are is genetic. This is their lifestyle and it’s in their being.

“…This society is aligned against the builders…”

I profoundly agree with this and hate it. A good example. There are in most small cars now variable valve timing. The guy who invented this the major car manufacturers wouldn’t give him a damn dime for it even though it made major fuel mileage improvements. They waited until his patent expired and then they all stole it. It wouldn’t even have cost them much if anything because with increasing power they could have made the motors smaller saving material cost and paying him for the valves but they wouldn’t even do that the cheap bastards.

“…The players Giovanni admires are the winners in a society of parasites, who mobilize in the way Giovanni purports. The rest of your comments underline the fact that even though most of your comments are correct, you don’t understand the underlying forces, nor what I was saying in my comment…”

I agree that it would be great if we lived in a world of honor and where inventive Men got their due but…WE DON”T LIVE IN THAT WORLD. My worry is that we’ll honor and logos ourselves right into the grave. Many have done this before in their dealings with the Jews. Another example. When the Commie Jews were in St. Petersburg the retired soldiers could have crushed them so the Jews made a deal with them that they wouldn’t harm them if they would step aside and let the Jews attack only the Czars troops. After the Jews defeated the Czars troops they fell on the retired soldiers and killed them them all. There’s your honor for you. All the honor in the World is useless against those WHO HAVE NONE. If you were hunting an African Lion you would put artificial claws on your hands and artificial fangs to “fight the lion fairly”. No you would use a gun. This is my point. The Jews must be fought effectively not with honor. We can have honor among Whites but the Jews don’t deserve it.

“…As for the US’s great advances of the 50’s – those advances were entirely German – everything….”

That’s total bullshit. Just like the Jews “invented the atomic bomb”. The Germans copied some stuff that Americans were working on before the war. It’s not that the Germans weren’t very competent or imaginative it’s that they knew that they needed BIG advances in order to win so they gambled on much more advanced stuff. I have read A LOT on German war technology. It’s true that a lot of advanced stuff the Germans were ahead but it was because we didn’t need that sort of leverage to win so we put most of our money into mass production of adequate military arms and by the way, who won?

“…You and Giovanni are saying ‘look, that’s how the game is played and those jews are winning players’. That game ends in complete destruction and a dark ages that will make the last one look like a philology conference. It will probably mean the end of humanity. Go ahead and enjoy your low IQ paradise. Embrace your talmudic masters and tell us all about genetic serfdom…”

I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I can’t speak for Giovanni but I’ve said many times that we must treat the Jews and all the other races, who don’t give a damn about Logos, as outsiders and we must support our own people. Calling the Jews a tribe of psychopaths is hardly ” Embracing your talmudic masters”. You’re completely confused and are admonishing me for things I’ve not promoted, not said, not for and not any part of what I’m interested in.

I believe if the Jews win they will kill most all the people on the planet, Whites first, then since they’re a bunch of psychopaths they will start in on each other and eventually there will be no humanity left. The Jews prey on each other all the time of there’s no one else around. How’s that for a dark age.

I have big problem not with Christians but with Churchistians who tell me I should get behind and support the rantings of the Jew demon war god.

You sound like a Jew, with your “Germans invented everything!” garbage and your anti-English garbage and your wish for Saxons to “have dried up and died.” Deny it, but I’m onto you. The English invented modern science, the Enlightenment, the most superior philosophical framework of all cultures, and the Industrial Revolution. Saxons dominated the world through empire at one point, and we are hegemonic today. Saxons are responsible directly or indirectly for almost all of world GDP today. Germans, including sub-races like Ashkenazi Jews, are failed races by comparison. Saxons are the earth’s best, and everyone else is in the way as far as I am concerned. Saxons are not dying off. Still here and always will be. Deal with it or go back to Israel. I’m sick of Jews’ hostility, paranoia, and hatred of the English. I won’t tolerate it.

“…Germans, including sub-races like Ashkenazi Jews, are failed races by comparison…”

YIKES! I’m with you on the British doing a lot of great stuff but it is true they attacked a lot of people and parasited off of them. America wasn’t founded by “free Men” it was founded by a bunch of slaves(servants) who less than half, I think was the numbers, survived their sevantry. Remember the word Kidnapping? They would literally drag children off the streets, put them on ships to the new world and auction them off.

Germans have done a lot of really killer stuff too. Philosophy and don’t forget they were masters at chemistry and the originators of most all our common dyes. They had great diesel engines in WWII. Etc,. etc.

@Stec 5:
Typical fool. To begin with, the Saxons are German. There are three Saxon states and they are the most populous in Germany – The English just borrow the name, you are not Saxons, nor are you Anglos – in truth you don’t know who you are.
The English invented modern science? It may seem that way if you know nothing. Newton was one of the greatest frauds in history… the English know it but it is still great propaganda. The Enlightenment? That was Italian, quite a few great Englishmen learned from the Italians, the Germans and French – Bacon, etc. are second hand, as you’re English I supposed that means to you they invented it, the way they invented everything else… it helps if the people are abnormally stupid.
‘Saxons’ dominated the world through Empire?…. they had some great days and incredible adventures. But it was over quick because at bottom it was just murder, buggery and the lash among primitives. Then they decided to destroy Europe as there was no way they could compete with Europeans. About your tirade on Jews, you know very little of English history. The English have always, especially during the ‘Empire’ maintained they are Jews. The throne has a stone from Israel underneath it, in it’s own ‘drawer’. Almost all the aristocracy are inbred with Jews, are Jews, including Kate Middleton and their children. During the 19th century the British Israelite movement was the true church of England, the Royal family and all the aristocracy belonged to it, they don’t consider ‘Saxons’ the earth’s best, and they are your aristocracy. Around the turn of the 20th century there was a movement called the ‘Roundtable’ movement. The richest and most connected belonged to it – it was started and funded by Cecil Rhodes and the Rothchilds. They wrote quite a few books which I have, about British Israelism and the coming Anglo-American Empire, or NWO. But the big spill was the book by Carol Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown, and mentor of the Clintons and most of the American presidency since the 70’s – who concurs they engineered WWI and WWII to destroy Germany and Europe, they could not compete scientifically, technically or economically despite sitting like a vampire on half the non European worlds wealth. They decided with their financial power to invest in America and take it over through banks. The Federal Reserve was their creation. The dispossession of Americans of their own country starts right there. They bankrolled the Marxist revolution in Russia SO that Jews would run the country and take it out of the hands of Russians. Feminism, International wars of opportunity, Cultural Marxism, Marxism itself, ‘Diversity’ ‘Multiculturalism’ the “Worlds Police”, Globalism – the enslavement of the common man – all English policies, not American. America is not English. Blame it on the jews, the jews are hirelings. it all comes from you fucking stupid ‘pseudo-Saxons’. The only way you can be proud of your legacy is by being completely ignorant of reality, as you demonstrate. You are a cancer of the world.. rushing to sell everything and everyone out… It’s interesting we have this conversation here and you rush in to prove the point. You are a total moron, but thankyou.
You probably have nothing to say to this but idiotic bluster – “I won’t tolerate it” – you’ll have to tolerate it – because it is the truth, which you cannot hide forever.

“…Newton was one of the greatest frauds in history…”
Newton invented the Newtonian Telescope, Calculus and wrote the “Principia Mathematica”. This is hardly a fraud and I don’t believe Newton was Jewish.

As for the Nobles being Jewish that’s where the parasitism comes from and it doesn’t have anything to do with the English as a people over all. The English people invented a ton of stuff during the industrial revolution. It would take a life time to list them all. A really great series to watch on YouTube is “Industrial Revelations”. It’s interesting and ties together the various technologies made. It’s really enjoyable to watch.

“…Blame it on the jews, the jews are hirelings. it all comes from you fucking stupid ‘pseudo-Saxons’…”

OK, how many TV stations do the English own? Newspapers, radio stations, book publishing houses, magazine publishers, Federal Reserve Banks or Central banks, music production, etc. , etc.?? It’s seems to me the Jews own most all these. It’s not turtles that the world rest on it’s Jews all the way down.

You’re welcome.

n/u2 ,”…For more than 2000 years, the best and most intelligent among of us have periodically laid out exactly what is going on with this issue for the benefit of the perplexed…”

“They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.”

The Jewish universe is good for Jews. It is a curse for others. In the US, as Jewish influence has grown steadily since 1968, the lives of ordinary people have worsened. A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.
Israel Shamir

“Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong”-Henry Kissinger

It was essentially a Jewish regime in the Soviet Union that between 1917 and 1953 managed to exterminate 66 million Russian Christians and destroy their churches
Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli minister, Democracy Now, August 14, 2002

Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.
The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.

We intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed, not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.
[source –

““…Newton was one of the greatest frauds in history…”

In the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, in the basement in the Renaissance exhibit, there are more than a few reflecting telescopes, you can see the dates on them 1565 – 1598….45 years before Newton was born. This is an open secret. Newton was a plagiarist, and a liar who was sued numerous times during his life for plagiarism, he even had one of his accusers executed when he became master of the mint. The Dutch invented the telescope before Galileo and Newton. Galileo was honest about this, Newton not. Newton heard a report on these telescopes and built one himself, and then claimed he improved it and was the inventor. He wasn’t. He was a liar preying on his public and using his superior intelligence networks (he was one of the original freemasons) to find out about scientific work in other countries and copy the work and claim credit. Most of his contemporaries never knew, communications were limited in those days. But the ones who did know and accused Newton were destroyed by Newton’s highly placed friends. This is all on record.
I won’t waste time listing the plagiarism controversies with Hooke and Salt. But with Calculus, Liebniz invents Infinitesimal Calculus – Newton claims he invented it – provides no proof – Newton assumes presidency of the Royal Science Society – stacks the committee with friends and has them submit a report that he wrote, they perjure themselves claiming that they independently wrote the report (all admit this after Newtons death) – they find Newton invented Calculus – still he provides no proof – 7 years pass and finally he submits the ‘Principe’, its complete garbage, his friends withdraw it from public view and do not release it until 13 years after Newtons death… so they have time to understand Leibniz calculus so they can fashion a faked version. Its plagiarism from start to finish – Newton simply reinterprets work starting from Pythagoras to Tycho Brae, Galileo, Kepler and Leibniz. But Kepler and Leibniz in particular. That his work is reinterpretations of theirs there can be no argument. His purpose is to gain office and influence in England. And its obvious plagiarism. For one, the Principe as you know it was never released in Newtons lifetime – the Principe was hidden and destroyed as it was the work of an obvious nutjob, plagiarist, not a single mathematician in the world has ever used his formulae, his claim of priority has no basis, his friends had to try to save his work as their own reputation was on the line. All of Newtons work cannot bear scrutiny, any of it.
A close reading of the unbiased records of Newtons life is amazing. Even people writing pro Newton biographies have a very difficult time of it, and must resort to dissimulation. You would not believe it with your Sunday school consensus version of his life and work. This man had an almost psychotic ambition to ruin anyone in his path. They call him a ‘alchemist’ – he was a satanist – the majority of his life’s work was spend learning to summon demons based on the model of Solomon building the temple – (Solomon had a ring where he could command demons) this is no joke, this is all in his papers, it’s not a secret. That was his true life’s work, and people who study him honestly admit this. Especially the ‘Portsmouth Papers’ – it was interesting how they were whisked away for 55 years until they could be cleaned up and sanitized.
The whole world was waiting to read those papers and they just vanished. Whoops sorry, you don’t want to read this. Now only small bits and safe pieces are leaked out. No photographs of original notation and hand writing. No explanation for the disappearance…it is obvious why.

There is no dispute regarding Newtons plagiarism, just a clumsy covering over. Even Newtons statements before the Royal Society are the statements of a mad man, he claims Kepler copied his work on gravitation while testifying before the committee. Kepler died 20 years before Newton was born, it is impossible for him to have copied Newtons work, for him to say that suggest he was not sane. Either that or he is threatening committee members with his behind the scenes power.

There is much more to this than I can write about here. The point is the man is sold a certain way, a symbol of English Science and so you believe in it and feel pride in his accomplishments. The same way they sell you all kinds of total lies, like the benevolence of the Empire, and everything that goes with it, etc. They are hiding the equivalent of a herd of elephants under your nose and telling you they are house cats. You’ve heard a thousand times that history is a complete set of lies, but you don’t want to believe because its been sold to you like candy bars, and you don’t want any truth unless its got nougat in the centre, and you’d do anything for pecans.
How do you think England, a small country that has been at war with every country on earth, has financed and encouraged every European war since the 17th century, is able to do this but through a myriad of double blinds, deception and unremitting and long-term planned propaganda, they are the masters of it. They invented the foreign
intelligence game. In the 20th century they changed the preceding 2000 year history of Europe, rewriting all encyclopedias and histories unlike anything anyone could imagine. Everything people complain about in modern life comes not from Jews, who are only working the profit angles, but from England, the country is a vampire. But you can’t see it even though it’s right in front of your face. Like Newton, read a couple of in depth scholarly works on his life, and you’re gobsmacked, ‘how do they get away with this?’ More than likely however you will just experience cognitive dissonance and skip over it, which is what they count on. If someone says ‘Newtons a fraud’ , you scream ‘thats not the candy bar I expect!’

Well you should expect it. I don’t know how old you are, but even without Newton, if you are intelligent you should have seen already a thousand cases where peoples fondly held beliefs and things you were taught and fondly believed at one point turned out to be complete lies – complete and total fabrications to make you think a certain way. And if you didn’t there is no use communicating with you. But you should hold your tongue and not say something is true simply because you like it that way.

I can see it possible that Newton was a liar but evidence is lacking and it’s not that important to me.

“…England, the country is a vampire. But you can’t see it even though it’s right in front of your face…”

I know who owns the TV stations, the radio stations, the newspapers, the banks, the publishing houses, the social networks that censor WN, etc., etc. and they aren’t the English. I know that Kate Middleton is supposedly Jewish and I know a bunch of the Noble types have been intermarried with the Jews. I also know the Dutch East India company and the British East India Company if not controlled by the Jews certainly did their bidding and helped their interest. So when you go on about England, not that they weren’t evil bastards, excuse me if I don’t agree that they are anywhere in the leagues of the Jews in exploitation.

“…Well you should expect it. I don’t know how old you are, but even without Newton, if you are intelligent you should have seen already a thousand cases where peoples fondly held beliefs and things you were taught and fondly believed at one point turned out to be complete lies…”

Yes, yes, lies, lies, lies, I know but I see your focus on the average Englishmen as distortion, distortion, distortion.

A few comments…
1. It is insufficient to simply be “a Jew,” in order to receive the investment of the wider community. Most of our networking is familial and you can find similar among the (admittedly shrinking) WASP families of high standing. A rare Jewish talent is usually identified by his parents so if parents are not acting as they should, you will miss your Hamilton in the rough. It isn’t as though we’re scouring the Synagogues for young prodigies.
2. Comparisons between “Jews and Whites,” are completely irrational. Jews have a multi-thousand year history and bloodline that binds us together across nations and continents. We also have a common language and (albeit diluted) way of looking at the world from an outside perspective. Whites, by comparison aren’t unified. They’re much too large a group and too heterogeneous for that. They share bits and pieces of history, like Rome or Athenian Greece, but they put greater emphasis on their more recent national history and bloodlines than the potential for some transcendent family of Europeans.
3. #NotAllWhites are remotely this individualistic. As a businessman myself, I have often dealt with particular Irishmen who acted in diametric opposition to this character description. Indeed, I’ve already mentioned WASPs of good standing do clearly curate their own and subtly motivate their standing through the systems you’ve described. It seems the most caricatured individualists exist among the muddled misc. ‘white’ middle class who have little or no conception of what their heritage is besides being part of America, whatever that means. Ergo, it isn’t the least bit surprising they have no sense of community outside of attending a dull public school and repeating stultifying slogans while others get ahead.
4. Much as I would prefer to lay the blame on something as esoteric as this fatal white flaw, I don’t believe it’s historically plausible. Both Jewish, Germanic, and Anglo elites and culture-makers of the 19th and 20th centuries helped to conjure up this system by which most “white,” human capital was converted into a boorish lumpenprole manufacturing class. I tend to imagine they did this with mixed intentions, both paternalistic and self-serving. But in any case the blame cannot be laid at the feet of John Q. Public who, as in most things, is but a leaf flailing about in the wind generated by much larger forces. Perhaps it was just a cruel irony of history that rendered these western industrial workers irrelevant at just the moment when their acculturation was complete.

@J.E. Goldman:

A few rejoinders to your comments: (1.) Yes, that’s standard practice, in a local sense, but there are wider precepts underlying these normal practices, or practices in abeyance.
Your comments regarding Jewish multi-thousand year history are misguided. We often hear of this from Jewish quarters, and it is assumed we are to be impressed by what is undoubtedly a fact. In truth, recorded European history is as old and older than Jewish myths of disagreements with questionable deities, massacres and battles with and by demons etc. for which there is no provenance other than some text, usually drawn from thousand year old oral accounts. You understand Grecian and Thracian history are European. These are apex cultures of unparalleled achievement and esperance, they are singular and apart from anything else known by history. Have you ever closely studied Greek art? It is difficult to comprehend, no culture in the history of mankind has ever come close to this understanding of beauty, form and motion. Do you understand the esoteric purpose of the Grecian theogony? Words fail one. What culture has been at home in this world, to the degree that they created a civilization of unsurpassed magnificence like the Greeks? Seriously, tell me if you disagree, because if you do I’d like to encourage you to study it. I guarantee you years of exquisite enjoyment.
Our problem, is why is this not understood? This goes toward some or your comments regarding the preferment of talent. This article asks why do some people blame the Jews? I think you would have a hard time convincing serious people who are not befuddled that the Jews do not profit from this lack of preferment of quality, and always have. But it would be even harder, yet even more truthful that it is the ‘Anglos’ gambit to begin with, and the Jews are agents, not clients, as purported.
2.) Yes, comparing ‘whites’ and Jews is irrational. Europeans do not consider themselves ‘whites’. It’s obvious who these ‘whites’ are. They share the same goals as your tribe and are your allies. They are not allies of ‘whites’ or Europeans, though they imagine themselves to be. They are like women in that they never allow themselves to understand the truth of their actions, only the profile that show them in the most beneficent light. With them the half/truth can never stop.
3) Yes, it is a lumpen-proletariat culture, This article asks if it is correct that some people blame Jewish influence at least in part, for this state of affairs. What do you think? Many people would like to banish all Jewish influence, Jews themselves, and deprecate or strip texts like the Old Testament from Christianity, or even Christianity itself.
Laying my cards on the table, I do think Jewish influence is corrosive to European Christian culture. I’d be interested in your opinion.
4) I think it is ridiculous to say anyone other than Anglo, Jewish elites conjured up this ‘lumpen-culture’. To say it is German, French, Spanish or Italian or any other European influence, is disingenuous to the extreme. It is not fair to say even that it is ‘American’, for in truth the American set themselves another course, or thought they had. The American revolution came under the influence of a counter revolution, and the leaders of this counter revolution where without error, Anglo and Jewish. Namely the financial centres of the city of London, and the familial circles of the great Jewish banking families, whom the founders of America had warned what would happen if allowed to run riot. Nowadays we have the Anglos pretending to own the continent, while the Jews actually do own it, at least on paper. So I refute your point the lumpen culture was some muddled affair by a motley crew of European immigrants, and lay it at the feet of your tribe, and your Anglo clients. What do you think of that. With respect, I would be interested in your opinion and rebuttal.

“…‘Anglos’ gambit to begin with, and the Jews are agents, not clients, as purported….”

This is just silly nonsense. There are many Anglo/Jews at the top in England that have made a mess of things but they are really no longer Anglo are they? Their Jews.

No Sam, all these things that are happening today, (ie) covert state sponsored terrorism, false flags, the not so subtle push for an inevitable world war, a complete disregard for humanity and human rights – while proclaiming to be the world champion of ‘freedom, free trade and human rights’ to the point where they are willing to ‘destroy a country in order to save it’ (and kill everyone in it), state sponsored drug trafficking, complete state control of the media, the dumbing down of the education system and the population at large, etc. etc. An ongoing campaign to create a total fabrication of history, an almost exact copy of events happeded, in the last and first decade of the 19th and early 20th century — by England.
The English people at the same time would have fallen in paroxysm at the thought England is anything but sainted, even though the record is written down in a thousand newspapers and journals… there is no denying it. Drug dealing, states sponsored (the list above, which is a very short abbreviated version… the actual crimes against humanity, not in war but as policy would take too much time) You deny what is in front of your face because you’re brainwashed. Instead you blame the jews. The jews and the English work hand in hand, but it is the English who are the clients, jews the agents.

George Orwell wrote ‘Animal Farm’ about England; he wrote ‘1984’ about Russia. Aldous Huxley wrote ‘Brave New World’ about America. They wrote those novels not because dystopic SF was a hot literary market, but because they were inside the ‘circle’. They knew what was going to happen because they were inside the circle of people planning to make it happen. And that circle was English

This article explains the competition from above.
As for competition from below I think Whites did it to themselves by allowing an economic vacuum to form through low birth rates that foreigners came in to fill.
My city in the 70s used to be over 90% White as can be seen in old photographs. Today it’s under 50%.

This is caused by dog ownership.
Cats to a lesser extent; other animals are negligible.
A great many White couples would rather have two dogs than another kid, or two dogs than a kid at all.
I saw a White women pushing a stroller. Inside was a small dog. She looked normal too, not an obvious mental case.
You can’t say anything bad about dogs amongst Whites; it’s like Hindus and their sacred cows.

Of course the corrolary of the meme “The world doesn’t owe you anything” is that one doesn’t owe the world anything back, which is why so many Whites only do charity for virtue signalling.
For example, going abroad to do Habitat for Humanity where 20-something SWPLs build housing which is demolished after they leave and rebuilt by actual carpenters and bricklayers.

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