"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Military Juntas are Cool Again !

Look, the real story of those years is not told in the books.  The military never bothered anyone unless they were leftist agitators or were committing violence.  Even our president now [Dilma] was detained for participation in making bombs.  Why doesn’t the media talk about that?  They don’t, ever.  There were demonstrations all the time.  One day we woke up and there were tanks in the streets.  That’s how it was.

But I can tell you one thing:  the military in those days were actually less corrupt than the rats we have now.  They cared about power and order, not so much about getting rich.  And those stories about pregnant women in Argentina in detention centers?  Let me tell you that a lot of them deliberately got pregnant because they thought it would get them released.  So a lot of it is propaganda.

There was a real war there.  To win a war, you have to be ruthless.  It’s fashionable to hate the junta, to hate Pinochet, and our own dictators, but the economies we have now we owe to them.  And that is the reality.  The real mistake the junta in Argentina made is that they lost a war to Britain.  Nobody has anything good to say about those who lose wars.

Those rubber fascists with their helicopter taxis weren’t so bad after all, I mean they were fighting leftists, the very spawn of Satan!
Let us forget about all those clandestine torture centers, of the genital electrocutions and the Desaparecidos.

Fascists apologists…. Is the Alt-Right showing its true colors?

For the full article Why The Left Is Suppressing The Truth About Argentina’s Military Junta

3 responses to “Military Juntas are Cool Again !

  1. Giovanni Dannato March 23, 2017 at 5:23 am

    Oh, Sunhater, don’t forget this article:

    They perhaps have their time and place.

    I stayed in Argentina a little while and found that many locals kind of missed the military dictators.
    They didn’t romanticize them too much but saw it as a step up from guys like Menem plundering the economy and selling out the national utilities to foreign companies.
    That said, I was told the reason the dictators started a war over the worthless Falkland islands was because the dictators were unpopular at the time and about to lose power anyway. So they took a big risk to try to regain popular support. They calculated the British wouldn’t care enough about worthless sub-antarctic islands on the other side of the planet. The rest is history.

    To be honest, Pinochet seems like he significantly improved Chile, making it the most prosperous South American country. He may have been just what the country needed.

    No one cares that much about some violence so long as it only affects other people who choose to get mixed up in politics and doesn’t interfere with their day job. That’s why terrorist truck attacks can run over 80+ in a big city but the other 40 million people in the country don’t care that much if it means adopting an unpopular opinion. So “disappearing” a few thousand to 10,000 activists and agitators who just won’t take a hint is still pretty small potatoes in a country of 30 million, especially when the economy is improving as well.
    Or if the public is sick and tired of the activists the prospect of Pinochet helicopter rides is met with chuckles of gleeful anticipation.
    Human societies are like great big game of musical chairs and people take a secret gooey pleasure in watching those “voted off the island” meet their ends when the music is up.

    • Ex-Ranza June 15, 2017 at 8:03 pm

      This channel Military History Visualized on youtube is pretty interesting:

      Evidently the Argentines did a half-assed job in the war. If they had fought seriously they would own the islands today. I think it’s for the best seeing as the natives (known as Kelpers) are ethnically and culturally British. However, should the U.K. become a caliphate it may be neccesary for the Falklands to be taken under the wing of Argentina.
      The islands are not completely worthless; fishing and sheep farming more than make up for the supply costs of the naval units guarding it. I’ve heard rumours there are large oil reserves rivaling Saudi Arabia’s just offshore from the Falklands. With only 3000 people the island is mostly unspoiled wilderness; a great destination for nature lovers to explore while normie extroverts go to Vegas for the fifth time.

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