President Trump’s First Baby Steps (And the Big Picture)

Now that the election is won, there is much to do and the situation remains perilous.

Trump’s 1st and overriding priority at this moment is to have a unified party at his back. Without that, he’s a lame duck from the start.  Trump’s nightmare situation that he absolutely must avoid is establishment types going across the aisle and uniting against him.  At this moment, the GOP says they’re with him, but everyone likes to be associated with a winner.  As soon as he hits the first roadbump all their daggers come out again.  Until the jealous GOPe is gradually phased out,  Trump has to do business with them.  He only has a lead of 2 votes in the senate, so he can’t afford for more than one of them to cross over.  Fortunately he has a commanding lead in the house which should enable him to deal with a few defectors.
Trump’s only real and reliable protection is his overwhelming mandate from his base. There isn’t that much they can do about him directly while their constituents are behind him. But they can work with the democrat side of the establishment behind the scenes to gradually soften him up as a target, stall his momentum, and strike when the time is right.

The best thing Trump can do to advance his cause right now is absolutely to get Paul Ryan deposed as speaker of the house while his victory is fresh.  Ryan needs at least 218 votes to stay, so with 241 republican representatives we’ll get an early test of just how willing they are to back Trump.  Honestly the very idea that after this victory a fool like Ryan could become president if Trump and Pence are somehow both assassinated is horrifying.  The sooner he’s disarmed and slapped down, the better.  It will help Trump solidify his lead if he can make example of the ringleader of those who betrayed him, their own party’s presidential nominee, in the last month of a historic election.  That sort of treachery goes leagues beyond the bounds of forgiveness.

If Trump can get through these initial obstacles, a whole world of opportunity stretches out before him.  If he plays his hand right, he can grow his majority in the 2018 midterms and introduce a 1st wave of populist representatives who will be on his side.  From that point on, GOPe power steadily gets drowned out.
Congressional elections have proven the soft underbelly of democrat power because brown people and young people only vote for president.   If he doesn’t seriously screw up or become a do-nothing politician, Trump should be able to accomplish this.
Trouble is, it’s not as if the GOPe wall street “cuckservatives” are willing to stand idly by while they get co-opted.  Keeping them pinned down by their constituents may be the only way to keep them in line.  Trump’s influence over Breitbart and social media may help him single out the stubborn ones.  Trump can keep religious/social conservatives placated with culture war red meat even if it’s not really part of his own agenda.  So far his instincts on this have been excellent, even coming out against Roe vs. Wade in the election.  He needs the carrot of conservative justices always hanging in front of their noses.  Perhaps they can be persuaded to tolerate the growth of Trump’s power rather than trying to sabotage him if they are salivating over the justices they’ll be able to get confirmed with a stronger senate majority.

If all these steps can be accomplished, we’re looking at the 2020 election.  If Trump gets a second term, starts to max out a feasible lead in representatives and senators, the democrat party as we know it would be effectively dead.  All three branches of government would end up controlled by the republicans.  From that point on, the dominant coalition would inevitably split up on their disagreements and continue the bicameral system, though maybe they could even be looking at constitutional amendments before they part ways.  Minorities, progressives, single women, yuppies forming a defunct democrat coalition would have to join one party or the other.  Perhaps we’d no longer see all minorities voting on the same side!  Progressives and corporate yuppies could well be opposed!
But I’m thinking way, way too far ahead and indulging in fanciful speculation.

Right now huge anti-Trump protests have broken out in cities across the country.  This is excellent news!  Emphasizing the violence and chaos gives a president-elect who ran on law and order an enormous boost.  Even better, I suspect that a petulant Obama will miscalculate as usual and passive-aggressively ignore the commotion as a gesture of spite, or if he really screws up, even encourage them.  Perhaps they could even be baited into continuing until they’ve burnt up all their energy and social capital and the vast majority just wants them beaten and pepper sprayed.  It’s getting cold outside of warm/maritime climate areas of the country, but maybe they’ll come out in force again next summer with the right catalyst.
The agitation of the protesters for secession, burning American flags on veterans day, their resort to graffiti and violence, their refusal to accept the election results couldn’t be more damaging to their cause if Trump had written their script for them.  They are working overtime to discredit themselves as a viable movement in mainstream politics.  They are so delightfully foolish because the decades have made them soft and they take that mainstream status for granted.
Simultaneously, a black muslim is being considered as chair of the democrat party.  If they go through with that they are well on the way to destroying their party for good with 2020 the final nail in their coffin.  Right now though, they are reeling from the shock of the election so they may gather their senses before they do irreparable damage.  A subtle unobtrusive nudge might put them over the edge and get them to bite down on their folly and take it all in hook, line, and sinker.
I predicted months ago that progressive whites will be forced out of their own party by the minorities they thought they controlled and become a wing of the populist coalition, a process which began with Sanders being crushed beneath the monolith of the black vote and may now well continue with a takeover of the party leadership.  This would be the end of democrats as a serious party.  Lower IQ minorities have already terrifically overextended as they tend to do and if they keep overplaying their hand when they have already lost this round, they will eventually lose their say in the process.
As it is we’ll likely see voter ID laws that disproportionately shave off votes from low IQ groups.  Deportations, enforcement of eVerify, taxes on remittances, strategic welfare and public service cuts would all help sour the deal for them and thin the herd.  And if it gets bad enough, I could imagine more split votes like we see with Maine district 2 in Norcal, Southern Illinois, and  upstate New York.  From then on inconsolably disruptive minorities and rioting hipsters would be flailing in vain behind a soundproof plexiglass window while everyone else casually got on with their lives to the betterment of all.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

7 replies on “President Trump’s First Baby Steps (And the Big Picture)”

Great post. Just found your blog through a link at F2F, and now I’m starting to go through your archives and finding lots of excellent stuff. Keep it coming!

Thanks! Face to Face was one of the very best resources for the election and love the social commentary. Audacious Epigone and Advocatus Diaboli also analyze by linking politics and culture, and therefore knew exactly what was going on while the quants were in lala land.
That Lichtman guy who predicted how this would go with his 13 keys to white house now says he has a gut feeling GOP congress will look for excuses to impeach Trump so they can have Pence in charge. That guy is all too astute. Will be listening to what he says.
Trump will be like the Atreides taking over on Arrakis.

“…The best thing Trump can do to advance his cause right now is absolutely to get Paul Ryan deposed as speaker of the house…”

Yes he really needs to do this. The “let’s all come together” path is foolish. Trump needs to be mindful of history. Julius Caesar overthrew the Oligarchs then welcomed them to his bosom, pardoned them and then put them back in power. For his troubles he was stabbed in the back and bled out on the Senate floor.

The Left has been involved in some awful stuff. Vote stealing, violent racketeering to throw elections, financial manipulations, etc….He needs to rout them.

I read a paper, can’t remember where, by a guy who said if certain States that are run by Republicans split their electoral votes in Presidential elections like some States do now, I think Vermont does, then the Republicans could elect Presidents for the next 50 years. You could do a lot in 50 years if you were aggressive.

On qualifying voters we could do a lot. Go back to literacy test or property qualifications. I know most people say this will never happen but if you look at the population figures Whites are looking towards annihilation of power if they don’t move towards more drastic measures. When you’re back is against the wall you might be willing to change.

I would like to see most of all the death of “civil rights” which really means special rights and taking away freedom of association. I would actually continue it but only for Blacks whose families were slaves and it would have be proscribed to well enumerated specific benefits that they and only they could access. I would also include American Indians.

One of the biggest things to do combined with voter ID is to make electronic elections fraud free. This is possible. My idea. Each voter is given a ballot with a 1/2 inch or so margin and a box at the bottom. They color in the box for each candidate in square boxes, They then scribble or add any kind of random identifying marks in the margins to make each ballot special and individual. A picture is taken of the ballot with something as simple as a web cam. The totals of their vote is verified by the voter, if correct a hash like SHA256 is made of the picture of the ballot. The hash number is displayed and the voter writes it down on the ballot in the bottom box. The voter keeps the ballot. When all the votes are counted every single picture with hashes of every ballot can be downloaded by precinct. Then they could search for their hash and verify their vote. This means anyone could download all ballots and verify the votes themselves by counting up the colored in votes. Control the ballot numbers with only registered voters and ID and you could have honest voting.

The only way to cheat would be by ballots made for those not eligible to vote. It would still happen but the voter rolls are public so they could be checked and it could vastly lower the number of bad votes.

“I would actually continue it but only for Blacks whose families were slaves and it would have be proscribed”

We tried that already. Didn’t work since women demanded special treatment too. Just stop worshipping the human rights god. Worship Dionysus and Apollo in equal measure. The West went wrong following the Age of Reason. Read Euripides Bacchae. We are Pentheus. Trump is a start into a more Dionysian era.

Nice article. Blacks, right on cue (literally on stage), overplayed their hand and insulted Pence. Trump has demanded an apology.

There’s conjecture as to whether Pence’s attendance was meant to deliberately bait them(doesn’t seem a Midwest Evangelical’s 1st choice of entertainment) which they fell for completely. Can’t take seriously those who can be baited by a seat. This incident tells us that Team Trump knows that keeping their moral outrage stoked and in the news is in their interests. They continue to have excellent instincts.

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