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Segregating the Castes

I’ve written about our different forms of democracy.
-Political – a vote for a ruler
-Economic – a dollar for a market
-Cultural – a value for a society
-Biological/Sexual – a child for a people

Part of our modern disaster is that each of these spheres has been given over to a milling mob to be trampled on, the greatest rewards going to those who can strip mine the commons fastest—demonstrating why we need a caste system.

As such, each caste must be segregated from the others in certain strategic ways within each sphere.
It does not do for any stratum of society to be totally isolated from the others, which is close to what we have now, actually.  The guy in the cubicle spends all his time around other cubicle workers and has no idea how a walmart cashier or an investment banker lives. Though there should be areas where mingling is encouraged each caste must have its core territory and mandate.

I will expand in upcoming posts but these are the basic ideas for now.  I hope to expand and refine these ideas over time.

-If politics still be determined by votes, upper caste votes get weighted most.  Below the middle of middle caste or so, people aren’t allowed to vote at all.  Otherwise, just have an outright high caste oligarchy.  Maybe still allow lower castes “state government” where they can take care of some of their own affairs where it will save the uppers the effort and not do too much harm.

-Those with enough conscientiousness would be given abundant public resources.  There would be lots of safety nets for those castes that on average produce and preserve wealth, even should an individual be “underperforming” at the moment. There would be a clear understanding that the 20-something backpacker stoner child of an upper middle family is not the same as an underclass malingerer. Lower and underclasses that always trash public resources would have their hands deftly slapped away from the cookie jar.  Lower and underclass could still get food cards but only staple rations determined by the state, enough to prevent bread riots. No more EBT cards used to buy monster energy drinks and twinkies would actually improve public health to the entire society’s benefit for less cost.  The top 20% of society would get 80% of public investment.  Ordinary people don’t require that much input anyway while the best can work wonders with greater resources.

-It will be understood that folk artists and folk heroes aka. “celebrities” are symbols of the lower castes, not to be worshiped in the upper tiers and to be put in their place if they misbehave. Education would divided by caste as soon as children show potential or lack therof.  A religion would be backed by the state to promote good behavior among lower castes, but treated as a useful tool among the thoughtful.

-High caste people will be encouraged to have many children without having to sacrifice their productive potential.  Servants would do most of the rote rearing if desired, leaving the parent free to focus on “quality time.”  Upper middles will be encouraged to breed at a surplus, middles at replacement, the lowers discouraged and offered money and perks by the state to emigrate elsewhere, get sterilized, or implanted with high caste embryos or sperm.

4 responses to “Segregating the Castes

  1. A.B. Prosper April 3, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    I always enjoy your more outre ideas.

    India has a rigid caste system. Its hardly works well.

    As Humanity is grossly over carry capacity and heavily urbanized the decline in fertility is natural and healthy. we need to get the population to a sustainable level so when not if the systems fails, there is less of a human toll.

    For example the US has over 325 million people, expel foreigners and you’d have around 275 .Its more than a quarter of the entire earths population in 1840 sustained by a brittle food system. Better to let the population decline, And as for the “smarties” being important, Not really. Our accomplishments are but dust in any case, Humanity has been eating, screwing and doing people stuff since the stone age and if anything all the robots and gene engineering and such endangers us as much as helps. If mankind ends up with an average IQ of 90 so what? We’ll do fine without modernity

    Also good luck with imposing any of the ideas you want. The people aren’t anywhere near as passive as you think and like any low trust culture , its nearly impossible to centrally plan such things. High technology also complicates things . If the tech collapse enough so that some priestisite caste can come to power, your population will brick too and after the giga death, you won’t need it. You’ll have many small, homogeneous nations that will be highly survival focused

    • Giovanni Dannato April 4, 2016 at 12:39 am

      ” If mankind ends up with an average IQ of 90 so what? “
      Mankind, enabled by tech it can’t handle, will blithely drive off that demographic cliff with hundreds of millions dying in ultrafamines and ultrawars.
      Even if certain fossil fuel technologies become uneconomical for most people, tech isn’t going away. Our environment requires a different set of tools than worked for ancestors a couple generations ago, let alone the stone age.
      We’ve seen what happens to civilizations allowed to reach full maturity. They end up like China, India, and the Middle East packed with an impoverished vast majority beset by centuries of stagnation as most people are busy just trying to survive. After a couple thousand years in this pressure cooker, independent, curious people that come up with new ideas are effectively weeded out.

      “The people aren’t anywhere near as passive as you think “
      Look at any mass society on Earth. You see pyramid scheme societies like we’ve had since the very first cities. This can only happen because people are passive on a larger scale. Imagine you shared a cell with 20 guys and tried to take 90% of their food rations for yourself. This is normal on the large scale. The masses are like a streetwalker that lets her pimp slap her around, take her money and still keeps coming back…for the last 6000 years.

      If some people get pissed off, let them trash their own neighborhoods and cities if they want, but they would quickly discover the state would cut off investment in them and entrepreneurs flee until they improve their behavior. That’s the beauty of only investing in cooperators.
      The system I’m talking about would be designed to keep people capable of agency happy while keeping the rest more or less fed. Peasants have short-lived revolts when too many of them get hungry. It’s a frustrated upper middle class that launches successful revolutions.

  2. Abelard Lindsey April 3, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Read some of Jerry Pournelle’s “Condominium” novels. His description of an American society where the un-productive are segregated from the productive is very similar to what you are proposing in your last few posts.

    • Giovanni Dannato April 4, 2016 at 3:19 am

      Thanks for the recommendation, checking out the wikipedia page. The earth government details with the welfare islands looks interesting, some close parallels to my thoughts on education. What part of the series would you recommend? It looks from brief description like after book 1 and the WW3 event we have more space opera sounding stuff like the Empire of Planet Sparta locked in total war with Planet Sauron.

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