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Sorting Out the Castes: Easy Giveaways

Someone who plays a lot of bejeweled or candy crush doesn’t belong any higher than true middle, period. Those kinds of games as well as most TV are big red flags because they do not stimulate. They put the conscious mind in a hypnotized-sleep like state to “pass time.” Simpler souls are content to spend much of their lives as pre-conscious grey shades wandering through Hades.
People with agency understand the value of time.
One of the quick giveaways of a lower to mid-minded person is they place no value on their time or that of others. They want money but never think about the cost of spending time to get money.
Upper middles don’t really understand this either but they require stimulation.

By their teenage years, if someone is wearing all the latest trends and in a popular crowd, they don’t belong anywhere higher than upper middle. Their dependence on the crowd disqualifies them from positions of major responsibility. One universal trait I’ve noticed about really thoughtful people is that they don’t care as much about what they’re wearing or what people will think unless they are trying for a calculated outcome. They don’t do much with their hair. To a highly aware person nothing is so abhorrent as to perform the same gel and combing in the mirror every morning, the minutes ticking by on a robotic mundane task as death grows closer. Styles that require gel or other chemicals to make hair something unnatural and poofed out are big red flags. Thoughtful people don’t do this.

Conspicuous tattoos are a sign someone is trying to align with a mid to low crowd. Tattoos mean someone defines themselves by the group. People with their own ideas avoid permament marks of loyalty.

A quick glance at someone’s favorite movies and books tells a lot. It’s easy to tell when someone just likes popular entertaining fluff or also enjoys more complex material.
Someone who shows significant interest in knowledge and ideas probably doesn’t belong below upper middle. Incuriosity is a byproduct of the characteristic lack of agency of the lower to middle orders. The predictable non-stimulating lives most people find solace in are a special hell for those with probing temperaments.

We already make these kinds judgments in our daily lives as we choose who to associate with and who to avoid. People subconsciously advertise themselves to target demographics. Most of the time, the information to figure out how people think and where they want to be is already out in the open.

3 responses to “Sorting Out the Castes: Easy Giveaways

  1. RangerX April 7, 2016 at 4:25 am

    Candy Crush Saga is the most popular game on the planet and rakes in millions PER DAY.
    Games made for higher minded people are happy to earn that in a year.
    It is the same in every medium. Insipid mass culture rakes in the biggest profits.

    There is actually a lower strata of gaming than mobile vagrants.
    At the very bottom lie the integrated windows games. As we type millions of drones are clicking cards in Solitaire. Minesweeper is slightly higher as it requires some minimal brain activity.

    The more complex, obscure, old, foreign, and bizarre a game is the smaller its audience and higher its caste.

    But you cannot determine a person’s class solely by their taste in games.

    What caste is Conan O’Brien? I think he is higher than the average rapper or basketball star. He is quick witted to put out funny remarks on the fly.

    However, he is unable to immerse himself into a gameworld.
    He wants immediate action and starts slashing people in the middle of town.
    When his character is chastened he goes and kills some chickens.

    • Giovanni Dannato April 7, 2016 at 4:44 pm

      The video gave me a good laugh. I think Conan actually shows a lively sense of playfulness and curiosity. If he’d gotten into it younger, wasn’t doing a routine for a comedy show, and wasn’t a busy professional he seems like he’d enjoy it. Sandbox games are great because you’re free to wander around and do whatever you want, even if you just want to kill chickens.
      I personally remember being infuriated as a kid when I played a zelda game on someone else’s super nintendo(always had PCs never a console) and the the chickens became invincible and killed me when I tried to attack them. I was so infuriated, I stopped playing, recognizing the game designers were just railroading me away from animal cruelty.

      I bet we’ve all played solitaire and minesweeper from time to time, especially back in the 90s when that’s all computers at the office had on them. Some of us, maybe even timewaster phone games while dicking around on the job when we could be called back on short notice. But if someone actually takes hypnotic mind-numbing TV-like games seriously, playing them regularly off the job, it’s a big red flag. If they’re sharing their high scores on facebook, double red flag.

  2. JohnnyGood November 30, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    I think the proper term for these games is “popamole” as part of the RPGCodex caste would claim

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