A Just Caste System

When we think of caste, we think of people predestined into social roles by birth.  There naturally will be a degree of rough correlation—children tend to be like their parents, but not enough to ensure justice in a social system.  One ends up with plenty of capable people who in a fair system would rise above the confines of an arbitrary caste and the entire society suffers a loss of potential from this inefficiency.  Worse, a degenerate ruling caste becomes less competent than nominally lower orders and the system loses its legitimacy altogether.
But a society that eschews delusional equalism naturally recognizes the true differences in talents and capabilities among humankind.  In time the emergent natural categories are institutionalized into a just caste system.
Though these castes would not be determined by birth, it would be clear to most people by young adulthood where they belong.  There would be no decade long extension of childhood like we have now.  A correct society would help each person get on the best path for them and refuse to waste time.

I reflect on my own life and realize that all the advice from social institutions, my parents and family, adults, teachers, popular entertainment, the media—every single thing I was ever taught was catastrophically wrong or even outright lies about every aspect of life from dating to employment. I had to spend years unlearning it all—years that could have been spent productively instead. I still feel betrayed. I understand that the world changed rapidly but I will always remember the smug complacency, the inability to tell the truth under the smothering pall of political correctness, the lack of effort to understand the new stressors and try to set up a young generation for success in life.
I have been successful at many of my goals, but in spite of the social order, not because of it.
That failed society has forever destroyed my trust and lost the mandate of heaven.

When I have met people who were taught values in childhood that help them succeed real life, I notice they carry on their parents’ traditions. They feel natural loyalty to a social system that has always benefited them.
I have especially watched the families of Mexicans and other cohesive ethnic groups. One of the first things that always struck me was the uniformity of custom and clothing in their groups compared to what I was used to in White society. I didn’t see rebellion and resentment, youthful or otherwise. Whether people were working high or low jobs didn’t matter. These people always seemed content where they were at.
As I unlearned the delusions I’d grown up with, it became clear to me, that these people were content because they were in the roles that suited their nature and were given the life wisdom relevant to their lot. Everywhere I went, those who were cultivated according to their nature were stable and content, those taught against natural justice were miserable and rebellious.

I was a first wave millennial born in the early 80s to boomer parents. I was meant from birth to go to college, all the adults patronizingly told me it didn’t matter what I got a degree in. At age 18, knowing nothing else, I went like a lamb to the slaughter and have paid the price ever since. There was some truth to their advice, for a certain personality type going to a certain type of school. But someone with even slightest judgment of character could have seen in about 2 minutes that I didn’t have the social skills or extroverted personality required to succeed on that path. The older generations would always say with a patronizing smile that you’ll understand as you get older. But the more I have learned of life, the more I understand how foolish, greedy, and unwise they were.

Once I graduated college, that was it. The track ended, suddenly no one in society had anything more to tell me after 21 years of sanctimonious blather. I was left to sink or swim as I might. I reinvented the wheel as I had to, learning everything the hard way. I was like a hunter gatherer trying to find food for the first time as an adult. My entire youth was a waste, irrelevant to everything in my life yet to come.
I only began to succeed in life when I threw all the wrong ways away and started to navigate according to my nature and played to my strengths on the battlefield never fighting up hills, always contriving to defend a hill against the enemy. It’s that unforgiving kind of life that taught me the real solutions to problems aren’t always the ones that sound nice. The only thing that matters is what works.

A caste system doesn’t sound nice to Western sensibilities but in my experience with people from all walks of life, something like it is what works. Our unstructured system of atomized individuals doesn’t work. Humans, like dogs require structure and leadership, especially when we are young and know nothing.
I was just one of millions of young men left with no tribal initiation and no role, left to exist unacknowledged like ghosts among the living. Thinking back on those content Mexicans I realize even a completely arbitrary caste system that assigned me and my descendants to clean toilets for life would have given a more stable existence than the “free” system that left me for dead.

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By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

9 replies on “A Just Caste System”

The high achievers who had a seemingly very good career mostly begin on the right path early, usually at their earlier teen. By their mid twenties they have already achieved mastery in their fields and begin to make their killings in this world.

If one is without the environment and opportunity to begin their right path early, and only start to find their path after college, then they will be in their thirties before they reach mastery if they are lucky. They will face much more pressure (both personally and socially), and stigma for being a “loser”. And they will be faced with the dilemma of having a family or pursuing their dream, especially in today’s world where being a loser is a sure ticket to a miserable home or divorce. And by their late thirties, they notice their body start to deteriorate and feel that everything may be too late.

Humans in their basic form are replication machines. Their base desire is to replicate their genes and egos. Unless they are philosophical thinkers, most parents just try to blindly copy their behavior and worldview to their children. In their egos, these are naturally registered as the “right things”. So proles make their children to be proles, middleclasses want theirs to be “hardworking just like them”, and elites want theirs to somehow “inherits their elite world”. Few can raise above their egos and truly “think of the children”.

The fact is we are all essentially born into castes, defined by our environment and opportunities. If you have a philosophical mind but didn’t get lucky and go on the right path early, nor want to conform and “intellectually suicide”, then life is a hard struggle. However this struggle can also gives one true insight to the world not available to the lucky few, and these insight could make a sage or a revolution. I want rather let the struggle to define my life then predestined to clean toilets.

I’m all too aware that most people just mechanically copy what worked before and move in a herd. It disappointed me as a younger man because humans are supposedly able to adapt to changes in environment in ways other animals can’t by reasoning things out.
That’s why I’d think parents would analyze what strategies would be most likely to succeed for a given child. “Thinking of the children” is just adopting strategies that will maximize grandchildren.
The hard reality that humans lack reason in most affairs lead me to reject the ideals of the enlightenment. Noble ideas of freedom, equality, and logic don’t match the facts.

Had I been predestined by caste to clean toilets, perhaps I would never have expected anything beyond my lot and been relatively content with a family. Perhaps I could have developed into a far less curious person and become a participant instead of a dissident.
One of the symptomatic problems of decaying empires is “elite overproduction” when too many people try to train their kids to move up. Then, large numbers of dissatisfied educated people become de-facto competitors against the established rulers. Too many are trained to expect too much.

As you say, it has been a great struggle in an age of strife. When I meet academics and skilled professionals I feel that never having struggled for mere survival allows them a certain naivety. They have the luxury of entertaining pretty ideas because they have never faced the harsh laws of nature. Common folk often have common sense street smarts but are crippled by their lack of broader knowledge. Higher caste types often have lots of knowledge but their talent has ensured they never had to endure the asskickings that tear down childish vanity and teach street wisdom. I have come to believe over time that having both sides squared away is what makes the complete person. It’s something I notice lots of history’s “great men” have in common and gives me values to aspire to as my birth society never has. I have learned much from my struggle, but it is costly, risky, and time-consuming to go without guidance. In a healthy society, I could easily have been in my early 20s where I find myself now in my early 30s.

Considering that human is the first animal to evolve reason, it is expecting too much that we can achieve high minds. Our reasoning brain is just a hacky tack-on to our emotional brain and is barely enough to allow us to reproduce in the recent phase of evolution. For an engineering perspective, our reasoning mind is actually very weak, so weak that only may be 1% of population can develop critical thinking.

Knowledge without insight and wisdom is just another form of blind replication, and create the same degenerative effects. Our society rewards this kind of knowledge. Those who dedicate all their energy towards meticulously replicating the established professional processes find the most socially recognized success. Doing any thinking distracts from this success. Mature hyper-competitive civilizations like China had killed all thinkings millenia ago and the result is a rich but slowly degenerative society get conquered by barbarians every few centuries, got killed a lot and reinvigorated a bit, then repeat the cycle again, with every iteration richer but more socially and intellectually ossified than the previous.

The tearing down of ego and vanity is a most important process towards true wisdom. This can only be achieved by facing struggle that necessitate the relinquishment of the ego and vanity. After one is physically trained to this mental state, his mind becomes strong, clear and free, and the old self looks like a stupid animal. From Tao Te Ching:
To work on knowledge is to accumulate every day, to work on Tao is to dissipate every day.[/quote]
Only by dissipating “self” can one accumulate the knowledge of the universe.

[quote]In a healthy society, I could easily have been in my early 20s where I find myself now in my early 30s.[/quote]
There has never been such a society. At any previous point in history we would have no better chance to rise and much bigger chance to die. We may not get divorce raped but there were all sorts of things waiting to rape you. The ancient philosophers had their struggles too.

The reason we suffer is because we are dissatisfied. The reason we are dissatisfied is because we’ve seen more truth and know that things could be better. To quench this dissatisfaction we then commit to use the truth to make things better. By committing to this path, we find content in planting the trees, even if we could not see all fruits within our lifetimes. I think this is the natural life path of a philosopher. The more successful philosophers, however, manage to sell the trees for a good price instead of dying in poverty.

Stop thinking in number game. If billions of proles like to be proles, let them happily be. Nature’s food chain is a pyramid, higher forms are built on a much more numerous base. In the grand view of evolution of humanity, a Newton is more notable than a million proles, but Newton wouldn’t exist if not for the millions that formed the civilization. In the coming age of technological uplifting of human, a small group of successful transhumans will render the base humans more or less irrelevant in the story of humanity. A country like ancient China which had an enormous GDP didn’t save it from civilization degeneration, and it was when China drop to third-world GDP level that it became somewhat revived. Number is only important as a proxy measure of political power, for when the prole mentality and conflicts control political power and impose it everywhere it destroys the breeding environment of Newtons.

The haphazard structure with one layer slapped on top of the other makes me think of the Angry Video Game Nerd raging over impractical hardware addons to the sega genesis.
When we are transhuman post-Darwinian beings, we’ll actually be able to engineer ourselves with the end in mind.
As you say, in the real world, not many people seem to spend much time reflecting. That realization has shaped my beliefs on what a more effective political system would look like.

If there really has never been such a society, that would be the society to create! It has seemed to me though that past societies had more of a place for mystics and philosophers in various priesthoods, universities, and royal courts. Unfortunately, the social bargain for joining most sagely orders was becoming a genetic dead end in exchange for extra freedoms. I think keeping their scholar priests in the gene pool is one of the key things that the Jews got right. Probably because they were a bit brighter to begin with.

Understanding that geniuses come from the right breeding systems is one of the realizations that led me towards castes. I imagined putting people like Tesla and Newton to stud and then breeding their offspring too. As it is, the sexual revolution of the 70s has maybe already destroyed centuries of selective breeding. It will become all the more important to divide humanity into its proper tiers.
Numbers do matter because as you say the base of the pyramid sets the tone of the entire society unless there is careful separation between the layers.
Raising the average quality of that pyramid base by even a small amount is like changing the average temperature of the ocean by 1 degree. The effects are huge and ubiquitous. Actually the base determines how high the peak can go. So people might have to be raised to a certain level before they can lift up transhumans and become irrelevant like a launch stage shed by a rocket.

I am gladdened you understand that too much competition and specialization kills the fires of creativity in a civilization. It’s been a topic I’ve addressed several times over the years because I fear Western civ is reaching the stage of maturity that ends in everlasting stagnation like we’ve seen in China, India, or the Islamic world.

The Sega CD though mocked nowadays actually broke even profit-wise for Sega and had some good games on it like Soulstar, Mickey Mania, and Snatcher.
Its development taught Sega much about CD technology which led to the Saturn having one of the most reliable optical drives of any console.
Meanwhile the earliest Playstation variant had problems with its CD laser unit.

I wonder if evolution had jumped straight to heavy logic brains in hominids without evolving an intermediate species first. Perhaps such a creature might overheat by thinking too much or by thinking a certain abstruse thought, psychologically paralyze itself.

The 32X addon on the other hand truly was awful:

“The short-lived 32X add-on for the Mega Drive was a huge blunder for Sega. It was meant as a stopgap system, something to give players a taste of the future (polygon graphics n’ stuff) before the 5th generation came out. Trouble is, there was no gap: in Japan, it came out a few days after the Saturn and the PlayStation. In the USA, nobody was impressed either, as it came out a full year after the 3DO and the Jaguar. It was soon discontinued, ending up with a pitiful library of 34 games, only a few worth getting. It could also be combined with the Mega-CD for a monster of a system with six games, none worth much attention.”

“Its development taught Sega much about CD technology which led to the Saturn having one of the most reliable optical drives of any console.”

This is interesting to me on an aspie level. Got more info on that?

“Perhaps such a creature might overheat by thinking too much or by thinking a certain abstruse thought, psychologically paralyze itself.”

Heh. This is me.

My rate of life productivity is bound by my rate of inner untanglement. Ie the more I un-neurotisize myself, the higher I go. I admire someone like Trump, who can just aim for the top and put themselves at the exact right angle between pragmatism and idealism, without any inner blocks.

That pragmatic stuff is a neglected part of a higher person’s journey. It seems like a lot of bright people in our present system get mired down in places like academia where they never get punched in the face trying their theories against reality so they cease to grow. I admire that golden mean you’re talking about. That kind of mastery is the results of constant course corrections through years of personal trials.

A caste system always exists. Even as an official state religion always exists. In both cases, the maintenance of official denial ends up costing society and most individuals within it. The solution of course is formalism: a rectification of language, by which the words we use best match the reality.

Meritocracy is the word we use to describe a caste system in which the existence of the caste system is officiallly denied. Anyone can be anything they want to be if they work hard enough or dream hard enough, depending on how gullible the audience is. The net effect of course is that outcomes are more rigidly predictable according to caste than they were when we actually had a (more or less) formal caste system.

In the Jim Crow Era South, a black man could, and many black men did, achieve the dignity of supporting a family by honest labor. In the Los Angeles of the 2010s, that achievement is now extremely rare. But, hey, at least there’s no caste system!!

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