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Quantum Medicine Quacks Explained

21st Century Gurus for Fun & Profit !

“Like everything else, science also has power politics because it is done by people, not logical automatons. Like elsewhere, power also accumulates in its institutions and develops inertia of its own. But science itself presents studies that make its community aware of these imbalances. It is one thing to rail at the human failings of science, but entirely another to rail against scientific process itself as a religion.”

“Quantum Theory is a difficult area of physics. Even physicists are humble in their claims of fully understanding it.It is an unintuitive and complex mathematical theory that does not lend itself to rhetorical expression. Several attempts have been made to state it in plain language, all of which seem to have done more harm than good (the absurd von Neumann–Wigner interpretation was perhaps the most damaging and was the basis of most pseudo-science that arose from the area), to the public understanding of science. To think that one understands quantum mechanics by reading these interpretations is closer to thinking that one understands the issues of robotics by watching Transformers movies.”

“But particle physics is not what happens in human bodies for the simple reason that particles get liberated from atoms at only high energy states. Since our body does not have mini particle colliders, understanding biology and its chemistry at the level of stable atoms and molecules has been quite adequate. But should a case to go beyond atoms present itself in the future, before we can have quantum medicine, we must have a robust quantum biology. The lack of this never bothered “quantum healers”.”

UPDATE!!! Face to Face with a Quack

One of my associates bought a pair of those magical quantum machines from China for the “fair price” of 350€ considering that they’re sold at 12000€ in my country, it could be profitable to resell them.
The machine consists in a pair of headphone connected to an electronic device with a fancy archaic connector also Junk Software with pretty animations is included with the product: all it does is generating random diagnoses based on inputs from the user such as Age, Gender etc.

I volunteered for a free diagnosis & these are the results:

INPUTS: Male, 20-30 years old.

Health Report:

Nasal Obstruction (I actually have it).
Severe Vaginitis ( My phantom vagina must be in severe pain ).
High Blood Pressure ( No I don’t ).
High Trygliceride ( Nope but many other people do ).
Blindness ( I am Mr Magoo ).

Best of all I appear to have delayed menstruations.

When asked for any proper scientific findings he started to ramble about how BigPharma is conspiring against this wonderful invention, ironic since he displayed signs of having simple paranoid delusions.

He started to claim that I know nothing because I don’t have a degree (not in medicine, mind you ) and he does so I should shut up and believe it without a SINGLE scientific explanation because if I don’t I am a “close minded” fanatic ( so much projection going on here ).

Since a single diagnosis was correct he started to ramble about it’s clear accuracy !
Like broken clocks are “right” twice a day so are Quacks for all the wrong reasons but that’s all they need: post-hoc rationalizations & magical thinking.

The solution is simple:
Be open minded only with other open minded individuals. Much like the Geneve Convention should be applied only to those who signed it.

5 responses to “Quantum Medicine Quacks Explained

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  2. Sam January 20, 2016 at 3:21 am

    “But particle physics is not what happens in human bodies for the simple reason that particles get liberated from atoms at only high energy states…”

    The above is a direct lie. Single electrons focused through slits is not a high energy experiment and yet show quantum effects. There are many other effects that also do not require high energy states. One would be the new quantum computers, which I don’t understand. How many other effects are there that are just not understood? I bet a lot. A great lot. There’s a huge amount of quirks and downright strange stuff in the physical world that no one understands. They pretend to, but don’t.

    I think about the double/single slit experiment frequently. Where even electrons sent through one at a time make a spot or wave depending on one or two slits. It’s very mysterious. The only time I’ve felt it was explained was by the “reciprocal theory” of physics by Dewey B. Larson and then only briefly as I can’t remember how he explained it right away.

    I’ve been reading about scrollerwheels, very amazing and he also has a physics theory of everything and it remarkably coincides with Dewey’s theory or at least looks like it. The standard theories that are used now just look like a huge rat’s nest and in no way have any common sense behind them or not that I can see. Which is not saying much.


    Look at the scroller booklet. Amazing. The bikes good too.

    Cosmology Theory
    He says polarity holds the universe together. Dewey says that it’s twist. Hmm…Light has a circular polarity. I see their ideas as compatible.

    I fully realize I may be too stupid to understand and that Dewey’s and this guys ideas are just weird but Dewey made a bunch of predictions of processes in the universe that were later found. He also can predict the behavior of atomic molecules by adding their properties using his theory.

    • sunhater January 20, 2016 at 10:33 am

      You’re being intellectually honest here: “They” [The Charlatans] won’t be. One must be intransigent at all time with their kind. Giving them the benefits of doubt is like scatter breadcrumbs around for rats & pest to pick on.

  3. Sam January 22, 2016 at 2:28 am

    There are plenty of Charlatans out there but I don’t think saying all strange reactions are false because of Charlatans is the way to go about life. Used car salesmen have a very low reputation but people still buy cars from them if it benefits them.

    I noticed you said you had sinus problems. If you have bad sinus problems I’m going to give you some of the best advice you’ll get in your life. Get a SinuPulse Elite Advanced Sinus Irrigation System. I heard about these from a guy I respect named Jerry Pournelle. I used to have chronic severe sinus problems. Not all the time but they would flare up and I couldn’t even sleep it was horrible. I bought one of these and it cured me. Not right away. I had to use it for a couple of years frequently and then it just seemed that my sinus problems just ceased. I still have some but nowhere the serious problem I had before. I have reasoned that there is some sort of bacteria lodged in the sinus cavity that irritates the sinuses and if you use this enough it eventually washes it out. After that your normal defenses keep the problems down to a low level. Here’ a link to the cheapest I can find at Walmart.

    How to use this thing. Leave it on high as changing the flow puts pressure on the pump and can lower it’s lifetime. Don’t jam it all the way into the nostril especially when your nostrils are clogged so that it can’t easily run from one nostril to the other. I first started using sea salt and tap water. This works fine but the chlorine in the water burns a little. Your supposed to use distilled water. Later I would use nasal wash packets from Walmart. They work good. I also would add a couple cap fulls of H2O2 and 4 or 5 drops of Lugols 2% Iodine. This works really great. It just seems to really clear everything out. Any one who I hear saying they have sinus problems I always tell them the whole story as you have no idea how relieving it is not to have bad sinus problems. Neti pots just don’t seem to have the pressure to really work. These babies do the trick.

    • sunhater January 22, 2016 at 5:13 am

      The fallancy here is that clients of used car salesmen aren’t wracked by atrocious pain on a daily basis nor they’re counting the days until their death; Many of them are too desperate to think rationally.

      Thanks for the suggestion, it seems reasonably cheap and it’s also available on Ebay.
      Last year I did a treatment consisting in burning obstructing tissue with a laser, it was a life saver.

      The problem with nasal sect deviations is that 30 years ago, surgery was done in 1-3 months after diagnosis while now due to the economic collapse, waiting times are in the order of 1-2 years !!

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