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Why Trump Kept His Lead

Many high-brow conservatives watching Trump’s debate believed that he imploded on-air, and even went as far to dismiss all of the polls that show him with a clear lead over every other candidate. They believe that choosing a leader is a technocratic matter – find the man with the right set of policies, with the right stance on issues, let him govern and the output will be inherently positive. The man himself does not matter, merely the formula. I believe the reality of the situation is quite the opposite, geopolitics does not leave much room for maneuvering towards ideological positions. It depends instead on how the few options one has are executed, which in turn depends on the character, not the ideology, of the POTUS.

They were incensed that Trump did not elaborate on his positions, instead preferring to fire back at and deflect criticism thrown at him by the moderators. They miss the entire point of debates – they exist to test a candidates ability to handle themselves on live TV. It is a test of character, one that Trump won by a wide margin. Everytime a moderator hit him with a tough question and he didn’t back down, he won yet another battle. He ended up with more airtime in the debate than any other candidate and had double the time that Rand Paul had. If it seems bizarre to say that Trump won in a test of character, it’s only because the politicians that the system buys and sells are so lame and lukewarm. If tomorrow Jeb Bush’s advisors had a poll showing high heels and miniskirts to be indicative of winning Iowa and New Hampshire, then the next day Bush would be strutting around showing his legs off to voters.

Instead of apologizing or doubling back on giving money to Hillary, Trump doubles down and admits that he’s given money to nearly every other candidate there. His lenders lost money? Double down on his character as a real world businessman and contrast it to the moderators unrealistic view of the financial world. Unlike most candidates, Trump is able to project a realistic and believable character to people, which contrasts to the GOP’s current crop of boyscouts trying to one-up each other as Mr. Rogers. If these people are scared to debate a man like Trump, then how in the world are they going to go head-to-head against Assad, Putin or Suleimani? People calling on Trump to apologize miss the point entirely: If he backs down or starts apologizing for being himself he will destroy the thing that makes him so different from other candidates. Trump follows a President that made a famous remark about drawing a redline in the sand regarding Assad’s use of chemical weapons and followed up by doing nothing. He is a President who has become infamous for apologizing for America and it’s Christian majority, even when it was inappropriate to do so. Trump’s entire campaign leverages the humiliation the current POTUS has inflicted on America and wraps it into the simple slogan, “Make America Great Again”. Rather than crafting a strategy to reconnect to their base in the way an outsider like Trump did, they hold their own base in contempt using the same words and values that their bitter enemies normally use to lambast them.

The other, even lamer criticism is that Trump is being rude and insensitive and is therefore is not suitable Presidential material. In truth, this veneer of politeness has not been the norm for elections in most of US history. There is no tradition of civility in American politics. Andrew Jackson was a fountain of profanity and insults and his opposition replied likewise, famously calling his wife a prostitute. The feud between John Adams, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson is legendary.

“That bastard brat of a Scottish peddler! His ambition, his restlessness and all his grandiose schemes come, I’m convinced, from a superabundance of secretions, which he couldn’t find enough whores to absorb!” — John Adams on Alexander Hamilton

Indeed, Trump’s politically incorrect dialogue has created an entertaining drama where viewers are left to wonder, how far will he go? No one denies that the strategy works, they just lament that their dorkier candidates won’t leverage it to their advantage. No one can out-Trump Trump, but it does show that excessive groveling is unfitting for a POTUS candidate.

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You know your optics are terrible when riding a motorcycle somehow makes you look dorkier than you normally do. The only other candidate who didn’t look like a floundering dork was Kasich, though he couldn’t beat the Donald in rhetoric. I’m not saying you should get excited about a malignant narcissist running for office, I’m just saying he’s better at it than most others who have tried.

All Trump has to do to lose his lead is start backing down from fights and start groveling when challenged. The debates aren’t about the issues, it’s a trial by fire to see if a candidate will crack under pressure. The issues are just a tool to bludgeon them with. How the candidate responds to personal attacks further reveal the character of a candidate, which is why enforcing an air of artificial civility becomes counter-productive if taken to an extreme.

9 responses to “Why Trump Kept His Lead

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  3. Giovanni Dannato August 11, 2015 at 12:57 am

    I think the present fascination with Trump may be misguided. He’s an entertainer and a demagogue. The important thing is that his actions have possibly had an impact on American politics.
    Republicans are trying to move left because their right wing policies only appeal to a diminishing minority. Middle class and above white men and married white women aren’t enough any more. Trump’s antics however, are presenting a challenge to the GOP.
    They’re learning that trying to win elections by not distinguishing themselves won’t work either. Trump has discovered an issue that’s considered distinctively right wing in America that has potential to appeal to millions of people beyond affluent WASPs and rural conservatives that have formed the republican base.
    Even if Trump were to become the executive, I’m not sure it would be such a big deal. As we’ve seen congress can easily block laws the president wants. The supreme court of late has also exerted a great deal more influence than has the president. What would stop a Trump with his own charismatic message from becoming a Republican Obama?

    I’m not sure there have been truly powerful presidents since the days of LBJ and Nixon. Those are the two men who created Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, opened trade with China, took the US off the gold standard. Most politics since then is just arguing over the system those guys created. Even Reagan just made things worse for a rival nation that was already falling apart on its own.
    I suspect the importance of the presidency is highly overrated. Why does a president matter so much unless he has an important war to fight or truly urgent foreign policy issues to address? Sometimes I wonder if who’s sheriff is more important in our everyday lives than who’s president.
    By design, no single person makes the American system of government what it is.

    Some say that representatives just go through a revolving door while appointees and whole departments hired by appointees are the ones that stay comfortably ensconced, becoming the real, constant bedrock of government. If that view is accurate, the president’s appointments are the most important decisions he makes.

    • Eric Patton August 11, 2015 at 3:23 pm

      Governors have a lot more power and impact over a given state than the President. You have to stay relatively close to the front if you want to see results. The modern President is much more of a dealmaking and diplomatic position rather than a leadership position. The GOP donor class forced Jeb into the spotlight for this reason, he’s a good mediator (and obviously well connected) in spite of being so underwhelming.

      The Supreme Court interpreting laws into existence with Healthcare and Marriage is quite a power grab from what used to be the weakest of the three branches of government. Giving the SCOTUS to ability to interpret laws into existence actually disempowers the legislature. If they ran rampant with it then congress will either become more apathetic or work a deal with the executive to nip them in the bud. It remains to be seen if they will be humbled later on for their decision to expand their powers.

    • Sam August 14, 2015 at 8:29 am

      “… The supreme court of late has also exerted a great deal more influence than has the president…”

      Doesn’t have to be this way. An example. Homosexual marriage is a huge abstraction from the basics of the constitution. [ Mind you I’m using Homosexual marriage as a single issue example. There are a whole range of issues that have impacted us White peasants that I’d like to do away with] All that’s needed to shut the Supreme court up is a 50% vote in the House and Senate. They decide on “what” the Supreme court can rule on.

      “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

      “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part. The earlier part declares what powers they have but it ends with control of these functions by Congress. Congress could tell them to butt out of any Homosexual marriage rulings. They could do that with with lots of stuff they keep ramming down our throats. They could be stuck with only deciding water rights cases between States if they push too hard to SJW the Constitution to death.

      If a President was so inclined he could pardon people who shoot justices. He could pardon people who commit warfare against illegal aliens. Maybe the bureaucracy seems all powerful but if the President starts sending them to Siberia to work then they might just pay attention. I think he can shape public policy drastically because Congress, in it’s infinite wisdom, has left broad discretion up to the agencies to implement laws they have passed through regulations. A vigorous kick ass, take no prisoners, President could do almost unbelievable things by changing the rules of the game in the fine print of these regulations. How about he sign “letters of marque” to steal all the offshore money in all these Island countries banks? Think some of the “we don’t pay taxes” Corporations would maybe decide it’s cheaper to pay taxes than lose it all? And yes I am a devious fellow.

      Another example. Presidents can go to war without the consent of Congress for a limited time. I think it’s 60 days.

      Also they could just impeach the justices. People are really pissed. I know I am. I sick of having the high and mighty telling me what to think, who I must live with and how to live. If they just impeached every Justice that ruled favorably for Homosexual marriage how long do you think it would be before they stopped?

      We just need some balls. I don’t like Trump at all personally. I hate narcissistic loud mouths…but he’s the only person who’s come out front and center with the EXACT issues I’ve been bitching about for over thirty years. I would go further but he can only do so much. If he just did the few things he said he would the whole country would be much better off. He also has opened a door. The Overton window on immigration. He said “we’re not being sent the best”. It’s just a hop skip and a jump to questioning why with all this immigration there’s no White people being let in proportionate to the masses of people from the third world. Any reasonable accounting of who would do best in America as an immigrant would put Europeans at the top.

      In Trumps case he could have serious power in the White house if he was willing to spend 3 or 4 billion dollars. There’s 435 Representatives in the House. With 2 Billion dollars he could spend 2 million in each House district in the primaries and throw the bastards out that opposed him. This is exactly how the Jews have control over the House and Senate. If you do something they don’t like they spend a few million and have you thrown out in the primaries. More than one can play this game.

      I can see all kinds of things a President can do if he’s just bold enough. Think about what it would mean to me and others like me that have been pissed about mass immigration and bad trade deals for 30 damn years. We could forgive Trump or anyone a lots of fuck ups if he was at least looking after the basics of the prosperity of the countries citizens.

      Can he be elected? I believe it was Ann Coulter or Steve Sailer that pointed out that if Whites could get behind one candidate they could readily win big time. Not the least reason because jerry mandering to get more minority candidates also strengthens White candidates.

      He might even get a good jump from the Black vote.

      And after all this, I hate to get my hopes up. They’ve been dashed so many times. Trump may just be another put up candidate to push Whites onto the wrong track, again.

      • Eric Patton August 14, 2015 at 3:25 pm

        Some GOP pols are starting to take Trump seriously, even if Trump gets slaughtered later on his supporters will shift over to Cruz. It’s not an ideal situation but better than alternatives.

        The other interesting outcome that could come from Trump: American finally admits it’s role as an empire. For all of the liberal handwringing over American invasions and interventions, America hasn’t had a truly hawkish President in decades. Even Bush was infected with a Wilsonian naivety about Democracy that isn’t suitable for an empire. Trump has blustered about how he would of taken the oil from Iraq, among a few other legitimately hawkish forpol statements. It would be interesting to have a President that would conduct foreign policy for American interests. Though you would probably have to overhaul the current system where over a dozen separate agencies are involved in executing foreign policy (Pentagon, CIA, State Department, ect…).

        The GOP donor class still loves Jeb and honestly thinks he has a good chance. They’re very disconnected from foreign policy and their own base, I’m uncertain just how long they can keep the money flowing and their influence strong. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  4. Sam August 15, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    I want to add that this could all be a set up. The people who run the US may be just letting us blow off a little steam then…Trump gets elected and nothing happens.

    There are hints that Trump is the real deal. His funding of the research on Obama’s birth certificate shows he doesn’t believe the lies they keep telling us. Another is a guy he just fired Roger Stone. The point is that he hired him in the first place. Stone wrote the book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ”. Shows Trump has a certain frame of mind. If Trump knows this he certainly knows about building #7, not hit by a plane, that fell on 9-11 the same speed as a bowling ball in free air for around 105 feet. This is an impossible act for a building to preform because of fires. Even with damage to the back fires could never do this and have it fall in a uniform manner. A last one is I saw a tape of Trump on Oprah from decades ago and he’s saying exactly the same things he’s saying now. Bad trade deals and loss of manufacturing hurting the economy. Even said he didn’t want to be President but if something was not done about this he would consider it. So he may actually be a real patriot. I’m so cynical it surprises me that we could really have an honest man at the top.

    If Trump has the guts and a lot of luck he could roll up a lot of the corruption in this country. It isn’t everyone whose crooked in the agencies. Just a lot at the top. The rest are just following orders. There’s enormous financial, drug, murder, on and on corruption in the US. They’ve got away with it so long they’ve just doubled down every time. Just following a few leads from the public accounts and tracing them out would ensnare a bunch of the psychopaths.

  5. Giovanni Dannato September 4, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    Advocatus Diaboli recently did a post on Trump. He’s highly suspicious, seeing Trump as a rich man finally replacing middleman puppet politicians and therefore as an indicator of a new low in the decline.

    • Sam September 5, 2015 at 10:04 pm

      I hope he’s wrong about this. The essence of the situation is that if Trump wasn’t running do you think they would do anything about illegal immigration, moving manufacturing overseas or fighting political correctness? If Trump wasn’t running we would have never even heard these issues were in play. There would just be a big vacuum. I mean these are REALLY POPULAR ISSUES. If Trump is running just to get Hillary in he may just screw up, defeat her and get in himself. Steve Sailer, Ann Coulter and many others have studied the electoral delegates needed to win a Presidential election and have concluded that if a candidate could get a big mass of White blue collar voters in the North they could handily win. After all I don’t think but 50% of eligible White voters actually vote. If the North doesn’t derail the whole thing the Democrats could get stomped in the electoral college. BIG WIN.

      The next question is Trump a dark horse with some unseen hand driving him? I don’t know the answer but he’s been saying the exact same thing he’s saying now for decades. He has adopted a few positions on abortion and religiosity that I’m not so sure he really means but I believe the rest of the Republican candidates are pious people about as much as I believe the Jews are our guiding light. So he’s not any different in that respect and I doubt most other think much different.

      On reading the comments about Trump on the link you posted they posit all kinds of devious things yet he’s been saying the exact same thing he’s saying now for decades. From my perspective if we could just get the few major points of his platform done it would be an amazing win for the US.

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