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Smart Racial Realism

It seems in the modern day that European Americans are the only group that doesn’t stick together while every other ethnicity seems to help each other out.
In my experience as a wanderer, I discovered the harsh reality that ethnicity is one of my fundamental traits, one I carry with me everywhere whether I like it or not.
I’ve been denied a job before when they learned I wasn’t Mexican.  I’ve been all but forced out of a job by black co-workers.  I curse my ancestors for allowing these outsiders to take over.

Rather than feeling guilt, “whites” should thank their lucky stars that they were the ones with the power.  I’ve seen the solidarity among just about any other group in the real world.  Long-nosed Europeans would have been wiped off the map if they hadn’t been able to defend themselves.  Most East Asian cultures, for example, are very frank about regarding other peoples as monkeys.

But experience also taught me working among European American proles is no better.  Just like the blacks and Mexicans, they sense I’m not of their kind.  Proles are everywhere the same.  Only the proportion of prolishness of a race differs.

Over years I experienced the difficulties of race, but also was forced to accept that class is more important.

This is where retarded white nationalists go wrong.  They blame all their problems in life on race.

I see the American Civil War as a grand monument to this sort of idiocy.

I’ll never understand why a single non-rich white in the South cared to fight for slavery, a system that hurt them and only benefited the very rich.

Most people who opposed the spread of slavery didn’t care about the slaves.  It wasn’t their problem.  What concerned them was the disastrous effect on the job market when abundant free labor arrives!

To your average white guy, the spread of slavery back then was like the mass illegal immigration and automation we face now.
One of the reasons young Abraham Lincoln’s family was forced to leave Kentucky for Illinois—slavery moved in and the prospects for ordinary people plummeted.
This early experience undoubtedly played a role in shaping the future president’s views.  He was first a believer in the Whig program of spreading wealth through developing infrastructure and commerce.  Slavery, a system that concentrated wealth on a few plantations and strangled commerce was inimical to his aims.

The vast majority of white southerners would have done better to forge an alliance with black slaves to overthrow the parasitic plantation owners without anyone in the North ever having to say anything.

That hundreds of thousands of them lined up to get shot for a system that only benefited the rich shows what dupes they were.  Faithful dogs, mere tools in the hands of their rulers.

To everything there’s a golden mean.  On one hand failing to embrace race realism is willful self delusion.  On the other hand, being obsessed with race makes one an easily manipulated pawn in the plans of the powerful.
If proles are everywhere the same, so are elites.
A millionaire in Massachusetts has far more in common with his counterparts in China or Nigeria than he has with a powerless US prole with his light beer, smokes, and football games.

When you bring up race with people in America only two possibilities can be imagined.
-Outright race war.
-Deluded ideas of sameness and equality.

It’s such a charged subject that no one can actually seem to think about it.  Being treated as a taboo subject prevents the issue being genuinely discussed.

I care about race because I know that when other peoples take over, I’m an outsider to them who will always be last in line to receive the fruits of society.  When you’re obviously different from everyone else, you become an easy target.  Cherokee Indians who tried to integrate into white culture discovered this the hard way.  If you live in another people’s culture, you’re at their mercy.  If one day they decide to exterminate you or take your stuff, too bad.

There’s no mystical magic in a race, though.  If I determine my clan’s interests can be better served by working with other peoples, I will do so.  I would gladly ally with blacks who share my interests against some plutocratic parasite with my skin color.  If I went out and took a bullet in some billionaire’s war because x people are bad, I would deserve what I got.

Race reality in modern America isn’t about racial solidarity to the point of stupidity.  It’s about recognizing opportunities for arbitrage across racial lines.  If I can get a hotter black or latina woman than I can a white woman, then I will not hesitate.
I’ve found that jobs with lots of blacks tend to have lower expectations.  Most Blacks don’t work hard if they don’t have to, a virtue as far as I’m concerned.  So  when I can get along with my co-workers, it’s great, because I can get paid for standing around half the time.  Whites and Asians who aspergically slave away spoil things for everyone.

Smart race realism means:
-A people must guard its territory; there must be a place that is unequivocally its own, even if it’s just a few city blocks.  It must protect its own and not give stupid concessions.  A people that shows signs of weakness gets quickly wiped out by its neighbors.
-A people must also maintain relations with its neighbors, being always ready to make a good deal.
-A people’s internal parasites are as much a threat as any outside people and must be dealt with.

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

5 replies on “Smart Racial Realism”

To you the Civil War was just about slavery but that wasn’t the case to White men in the South. It was about balance of power between regions. The South lost and the North for years marginalized the South. On large numbers of hot button issues, immigration, trade, civil rights of Blacks, etc. the South lost over and over. The rise of mufti-culteralism is a Northern project (yes I know the Jews/NWO/Illuminati/Whatever ran the operation) but without their control of the nation we would not have it.

I used to think that slavery alone just wasn’t enough of an explanation, but on investigating the matter I’m forced to admit slavery led directly to the Civil War.

The secession statements of all the confederate states pretty unanimously say in the plainest possible terms they are seceding over slavery, not primarily over tariffs or state’s rights.

What’s more, the South didn’t care about “state’s rights” as they eagerly pushed the fugitive slave law, that made it illegal for Northerners to harbor escaped ‘property. They did their best to force their laws and customs on the Northern states.

The Southerners had played a dominant role in politics since the founding of the USA and they finally overextended by:

-Undermining the Missouri compromise by pushing through the Kansas-Nebraska act. Suddenly slavery was able to spread again into the territories or even threaten states already designated as free. So long as slavery was contained and left to dwindle over time, no one except a few extremists cared.
This is the single dumbest move that led directly to the creation of the Republican party and the rise of Lincoln.

-Backing the legal farce that was the Dred Scott trial destroying any remaining trust anyone had in Southern interests to run a fair and balanced system. It couldn’t have been made any clearer that the house must be all one thing or all the other.

-Southern leaders chose to start the Civil War. I looked into any number of theories that Lincoln baited the confederates into opening hostilities but the facts are simple.
Jefferson Davis gave orders to Beauregard to attack Fort Sumter. It was a calculated gamble since some secessionist states were already wavering and many Southern states were still discussing secession. Davis felt he had to start a war so people would commit to secession. It speaks for itself that the rebellion may have died of boredom if Davis hadn’t started a fight and made headlines. Lincoln was more than willing to have a standoff until people lost interest and went back to their day jobs.

Once Southern planters had cooked up a war that they felt served their interests, they somehow duped hundreds of thousands of young men into shooting at Union armies.
I still have trouble explaining why these fools were willing to fight for rich planters who got fat off of an economic system that hurt them.
I understand that the planter elites controlled their access to information, they didn’t know any better, and they were simply reacting after the fact to federal armies that were pouring into their homelands.
Yet in my mind, it remains something of a riddle that so many were willing to actually go out and get shot over a cause that didn’t benefit them. If the South had won its independence, what was in it for them?

Southern whites have never seen a war they didn’t like. Unlike the rest of the country, there was little anti-intervention sentiment in the South in 1916-17 and 1940-41. Lindbergh spoke to huge crowds in NYC and Chicago-but there wasn’t a single America First Committee chapter in the South. Same basic pattern for Vietnam and Iraq.

A great observation! Why do you suppose they are more willing to fight?
HBD bloggers have a theory that a distinct Southern culture comes from an ethnic mixture more dominated by Welsh, Scottish and old English cavaliers driven by honor and clan, but I am not certain to what extent this is true.

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