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Why Do People Think Human Evolution Has Stopped?

I can’t count how many times someone has remarked glibly and smugly with glazed eyes and a vacant smile “But we have modern medicine/modern society now.  Human evolution has stopped.”  I’m stunned every time.  I’m used to stupidity, but even otherwise intelligent people will say this to me.  Do they choose not to think?
Do they choose to refuse to understand that nature never takes a holiday and that our genes are locked in eternal competition for survival?  Do they not understand that no one will care about their ‘careers’ past the day they retire?  That our ‘accomplishments’ will be forgotten as soon as we are dead?

Changes in stressors merely change the selectors!  Heavy rains are good for some plants, bad for others.  Socially awkward growing up, I keenly felt the cold steel of Darwin’s axe on my neck every day of my entire youth.  I was trapped in a prison of society’s blazing hostility for over a decade.  I was never allowed to delude myself that everyone succeeds.  Before I was a teenager it seemed I stood on the edge of that ignominious trash pit failed specimens are dumped into by nature’s callous hand.  I’ve never, ever forgot it.

This is, in itself, selection at its best.  Those capable of further reflection will have a major advantage over those that buy into the popular platitudes.

The selective barrier I see in modern affluent societies is for an abstract appreciation of the essentials.

For instance, the type A go-getter that always goes for that promotion but never has any kids, dying out as completely as the dinosaurs, no better than the wino on the street corner, no different than a young man brutally mowed down in battle.
In past generations, the type A’s instincts would have been optimally suited towards breeding with the best mates.

Now, however, a more abstract way of thinking about one’s genetic destiny is required for success…or the total absence of thinking, allowing one to rut without care on the animal level.  These are the two present viable formulae for genetic success in the Modern West.

With humans, we give primacy to ‘environment’ and insist on a ‘blank slate.’
We can breed dogs specifically to herd sheep yet do not believe in breeds of people that have come about from the demands of specialization over the last millennia of civilization?

Childish, williful ignorance at its best.

Those who determine the future of the genes, determine the future of the species.



4 responses to “Why Do People Think Human Evolution Has Stopped?

  1. Mycroft Jones December 7, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Any hints on how to identify WHO are the parties guiding the human breeding program, and WHAT they are selecting the (various) breeds for? Are the breeders still at the helm, or are the breeds in chaos, reverting back to natural selection? I’ve heard of some breeds of humans that were in the Ottoman empire; they’re still around. The former Ottoman empire still has the broadest range of phenotypes I’ve EVER seen.

    Asian (China/Japan/Korea) seem to have selected for homogeneity in some sense (mental) while still having a decent range of phenotypes.

    The West seems to be selecting against the nerd/geek type. Or at least, trying to shuffle the geek/nerd mental type into the Asiatic low-status phenotype through interbreeding. Can’t have another Bill Gates, that just won’t do. 😉 The West also seems like it is trying to extinguish the white soldier/warrior type. Just leaving the salesman/politician/lawyer type.

    • Paul W. Asright December 8, 2014 at 1:04 am

      The Jews,

      • Giovanni Dannato December 8, 2014 at 9:03 am

        The Jews are a breed in themselves, real-life evidence that eugenics works.

        Already formidable, they were secluded in a harsh Selusa Secundus until they became the Elite Sardaukaur of Europe.

    • Giovanni Dannato December 8, 2014 at 9:20 am

      I simply observe that civilization with its high level of specialization encourages humans to assort into distinct breeds as generations pass.
      We could be forgiven for supposing that a jock and a nerd are different species just as we could forgive an alien visitor for supposing chihuahuas and great danes are different species.
      I don’t think anyone is steering it exactly or intentionally. I’m not one for conspiracy theories. The “breeders” are those who have greatest influence over the conditions that decide who’s successful and who’s not.

      Just as wolves that weren’t useful got gradually weeded out, so it is with people.
      Like dogs, people too get weeded out when they’re not sufficiently profitable to their masters. Just look up the Highland Clearances and the Irish Potato Famine.
      So far selection has been mostly informal, though still quite effective, but there’s no guarantee it will stay that way. Perhaps one day monsanto will clone or synthesize perfect meat robots for every purpose.

      Geek type specialists required heavy sexual market subsidies and restrictions to protect them from open competition. Their unique talents come at the expense of the ancient indicators of evolutionary fitness.
      It does go further, I think. Western obsession with the market economy leads to elevation of prolish tastes and the debasement of the value of intangibles like dignity and beauty. Reflection and thought becomes taboo. Money, sex, and tv dinners are all that matter.

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