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Female Mate Preferences Change With Circumstance

By looking at “simpler” animals, we gain insights into ourselves.

Some naturalists in the 80s spent a decade watching trends in populations of Darwin’s finches on a single tiny island.

They discovered that mating preferences were almost mechanically pragmatic based on the circumstances of the times.

During a drought, female finches were only interested in super specialists of their own species because only specialists in a niche stand a chance as food grows scarce.

During a wet season female finches often prefer “men” of other species. They want hybrid offspring that can best take advantage of abundance by being able to eat marginally well from multiple food sources.

If preference for finches is this malleable and pragmatic, what are the implications for humans?

The finches obviously aren’t thinking things through as they go, probably, they mainly look at courtship displays and “wealth” in the form of health and surplus body fat.
Whatever is “successful” she wants to mate with. And to a lesser extent, vice versa.

So if ruthless sociopaths are the most successful humans able to put on the most impressive plumage and courtship displays, they by definition become the desirable mating stock.

Presumably once a social bubble collapses from being over-exploited by defector parasites, more cooperative men are those that prosper. i.e. Christians during the decline of the Roman Empire.(Mormons during the present decline?)

Biologically speaking, all that matters to man or woman is:
a. offspring
b. the offspring succeed in having offspring

It would seem our instincts impel us in this direction as surely as if we were clockwork toys.
Human “reason” is far overrated.


The Beak of the Finch, Johnathan Weiner

By Giovanni Dannato

In 1547 I was burnt at the stake in Rome for my pernicious pamphlet proclaiming that the heavens were not filled with a profusion of aether, but rather an extensive vacuum.
Now, the phlogiston that composed my being has re-manifested centuries in the future so that I may continue the task that was inconveniently disrupted so long ago.
Now, I live in Rome on the very street where I (and others) were publicly burnt. To this day, the street is known as what I would translate as 'Heretic's Way'. My charming residence is number 6 on this old road. Please, do come inside and pay me a visit; I should be delighted to spew out endless pedagoguery to one and all...

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You might want to read more I’ve written on the implications of this subject:

Religion Is A Purpose Engine

You make many points of interest, a few:

On Dysgenics

“Since our society financially punishes successful men who have children with many women by imposing child support on them, such men who have intelligence and are responsible will tend to use birth control. Women who are intelligent and want to control the number of children they have will also use birth control. It will tend to be the stupid and irresponsible who don’t use birth control. The evolutionary benefit of this should be obvious.”

“He(Unwin) finds that female premarital chastity perfectly correlates to the level of development, absolutely without exception.”

On Evolutionary function of religion memes

“The Hebrew Bible is full of examples of God rewarding the righteous and punishing the wicked. How does God do this? Does God talk about the righteous going to Heaven and the wicked going to Hell? Not in the Hebrew Bible. In the Hebrew Bible, God rewards the righteous with successful descendants and punishes the wicked by punishing their descendants.”

“not only does the Hebrew Bible give the correct rules to optimize human evolution, it also gives the correct warnings of what will result from not following these rules.”

Your theory on how different populations reflect the local balance of cad and dad.

“Mexico has a mestizo population which is genetically more native than European. This native population mostly are descendants of fallen empires. According to my theory, immorality and showmanship should have been selected for in men during the decline of these empires. Mexican men do reflect this in that they have a natural talent for talking to women and for showmanship, but they are unreliable and are unable to cooperate with each other…But because Mexico has been decayed for so long, female mating preferences are roughly at the equilibrium of a state of nature. So Mexican women will be attracted to both men who are successful at immorality and men who are good providers. And this is why moral men in feminist countries have a better chance of finding a wife in a country like Mexico than in their own country. ”

“Argentina was one of the world’s wealthiest countries. In 1929, Argentina had the world’s fourth highest per capita GDP. Today it is a poor country, poorer than Chile or Mexico…
Argentina has been promiscuous for a long time, certainly longer than America. The dance of the tango is probably a good indicator of rising immorality in Argentina. This dance became popular in the early 1900s in Argentina. This led to the corruption and disintegration of the Argentine economy in the 1930s from which Argentina never recovered. Argentine culture still celebrates dishonesty and successful crooks. Argentina sits somewhere between a modern feminist country like America and a fully declined country like Mexico. The women still have a preference for immorality, but less so than in America because survival has again become an issue.”

” While the genetics and level of trust in men is worse on average in Mexico, the behavior of men is actually worse in America … Since American women find immorality, stupidity, and irresponsibility to be attractive, this is how American men have been trained to behave in public. And since being a provider is not enough to attract women in America, the sexual competition between men in showmanship is intense and America men are not particularly well suited genetically for this behavior. This makes American men very insecure which makes them self-righteous and intolerant. “

Thanks, I read Religion Is A Purpose Engine and of course I agree with it. So have you come up with anything concrete? Certainly, in designing a religion, one should study existing religions. This requires reading the Bible and other religious texts. To better understand the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), I recommend reading The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture. I personally believe that the Hebrew Bible is a remarkably flexible foundation that has been used in 3 successful religions and could well be used for another adapted to our times. This is largely what I am aiming for on my website.

I looked in depth into the bread baking thing. I had a few recipes I was producing and had people interested in buying. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
I was, as far as I knew, the only person selling sourdough made with a homemade starter in the DC area. The trouble was the fundamentals were doubtful.
To sell even in farmers markets, I found I’d have to produce from a rental kitchen. And those can cost 20-30 dollars for every hour at least. I did some math on an excel sheet and I would’ve had to produce a hundred or hundreds of loaves at a time and sell them all quickly. I’d basically need a contract with a bulk buyer to get off the ground and rent my own space and I’d still barely be paying myself minimum wage.
And that’s if I found a way to mass produce my small scale recipe, which is quite laborious.

Not to mention managing the logistics of sourdough doesn’t lend itself to rent-a-kitchens in the first place. The dough is often rising a full day or longer based strongly on the seasonal temperature and it’s ready when it’s ready.

I don’t have the startup capital or the potential to secure loans for this kind of operation so I’ve shelved it for now.

I’ve spent more of my time an attention on importing Chinese and Korean Red Ginseng as it requires much less labor, is simple to keep an inventory, and has much less overhead.

Giovanni, I respect what you are saying. When I ran the numbers here, I figured to get $200k profit per year MINIMUM, working 24 days a month. But I had a few wrinkles in my strategy that I would be happy to share with you in private, once I get access to my computer again. I can reveal this in public: It did require about $10k in capitalization to start, with another $20k to bring the operation to full perfection over the course of the year. But since you’d be making $14k/month from the beginning, that is easily accomplished. I’m typing this from a friends, haven’t got Skype access yet, but soon hopefully. Interesting timing! Just yesterday, I procured an apprenticeship with an old-school European baker who makes excellent sourdough’s and rye’s of all types and is turning a profit even in his tiny village up in Alaska.

I was thinking if you were up here, your bread baking knowledge combined with my capitalization would let us raise the needed $30k from the operation here, so you could go back to DC and duplicate it where you are, and we’d both be making $200k+ per year. As businesses go, $30k is WAY less than most hi-tech businesses, but if you don’t even have $100 to spare, it does seem like an impossible figure. You are doing excellent work where you are; let us see how my baking apprenticeship goes, we may still be able to work something out. I would like to see you prosper financially so your ideas can spread exponentially.

Giovanni, awesome post. I’m reading your Purpose Engine post now. You and I agree so exactly, it is like we are soul brothers. While I was inside, I did some work on this, I call it “religion design”, the most important subset of social engineering. You know how race car drivers take a stock car, strip it down, then rebuild it? 2/3 of the world religions are largely based on the Bible. So I took that as my car. Did a massive strip-down and rebuild. I now have 2 pages of material that covers everything essential, without breaking with tradition in a way that would upset the dumbs. In a way, the dumb people do by instinct what the smarts have struggling to do with their intellect. Religion really is for smart people who have lost their instincts and thus their knowledge of right and wrong. So really, who is smart, and who is dumb? Maybe we got it reversed. Smart people are doing more work than “dumb” people because they’ve followed so many false paths.

I wrote that and other posts, quite awhile ago, but found few understood what I was trying to say. I’ve spent the time since then trying to figure out how to make my ideas more transparent.
I think I’ll eventually write a book if I can free up the time as I’ve done with the introvert blog, the sales of which are now helping me in my endeavors.

“In a way, the dumb people do by instinct what the smarts have struggling to do with their intellect.”

That’s it! You get it!

That’s the importance of Self Elimination of Ideas, a principle that can protect smart people from getting “hacked” by ideological distractions that would never register to the dumb and reduce everything to the most important essentials.
Most especially, protection from the adoption of nihilistic philosophies.

Yes, I run a Facebook group, and the number one thing I’ve been noticing creeping in to attack are nihilists. At root, the attackers come in as earnest “inquirers after truth”, but at root, they reveal themselves as nihilists for whom there is no objective truth possible. I toss them on their asses INSTANTLY.

I read in one of James Dale Davidson and Sir Rees-Moog excellent books that there seems to be a thousand year cycle in Western civilization. I wonder if the breeding choices of Women are to blame. Pick more flamboyant Men until the whole thing collapses then pick the more diligent type. Start over.

Franklin: I not only agree, but have been working on a reboot based on Tanakh. Your thoughts are exactly the ones I’ve been thinking. We need to connect up and plot and talk.

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