Mexican Mad Max Armored Trucks

Mexican Mad Max Armored Trucks

So childish…. so ineffective.

By sunhater

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4 replies on “Mexican Mad Max Armored Trucks”

Useless? That depends on what you use it for. Against small arms, small IED’s and most police vehicles such trucks have their uses. They have power enough to drive though police roadblocks and used with strategy crush many vehicles while still protecting the occupants from light weapons.

The tires might be vulnerable to spike strips but they might also be truck solids too.

Think of it this way if one of those rolled over the border into the US it would take hours to get authorization for a weapon that could hurt it requiring a governed to sign off. During that time the the vehicle (some have turrets) could engage local forces fairly well and as stolen vehicles and welded hillbilly armor are cheap just be dumped when the mission was done.

They do indeed but some of these trucks have a lot of armor, upwards of an inch or more than more than even 5.56 can penetrate.

Most sharpshooters if they are equipped with a .308 use 168 grain softpoint, match boattail or match ball ammo. Neither round will penetrate heavy armor.

To get through you need 50 Cal preferably in AP and/or .338 Lapua also in AP or .308 also in AP (which is hard to come by) or maybe 5.56 AP (but not the ss109 its inadequate)

Some departments do have them but they are hardly standard issue.

Top down shots might work well enough but you’d need to be a daredevil since police helos have no defense and the cartels might have any kind of weapon even AA or possibly SAM’s

That being said the cartels are fundamentally businessmen and a serious incursion like that would be bad for business so it probably won’t happen.

You are right, these contraptions are some sort of “bling” for the local gangs.

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