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How Microsoft’s Human Resources Culture Drove Away Talent

“Microsoft’s implementation – “stack ranking”, a bell curve that pits employees and groups against one another like rats in a cage – plunged the company into internecine fights, horse trading, and backstabbing.

…every unit was forced to declare a certain percentage of employees as top performers, then good performers, then average, then below average, then poor…For that reason, executives said, a lot of Microsoft superstars did everything they could to avoid working alongside other top-notch developers, out of fear that they would be hurt in the rankings.

Employees quickly realised that it was more important to focus on organisation politics than actual performance:…”


One of the commenters on this article, a ‘mikesmith’ gives some real food for thought by challenging current conventional wisdom about the ascendancy of STEM.

“I was particularly struck by the very last line, quoting Jobs: ‘Microsoft never had the humanities and liberal arts in its DNA.’ That is so insightful and so true, and says so much about why Apple is now the world’s biggest company. And it’s now fundamentally an arts company, nont a tech company. Sure it has to have great technology. But the purpose of the technology is to sell the arts products. It’s the products created by musicians, writers, filmmakers and others sold on iTunes that is financing Apple’s growth.

And it’s not just true about companies but about countries as well. Those that prosper in coming years will be those that promote the arts, the humanities, the liberal arts. Education in those areas should be a country’s number one priority, and those countries that do that will be the leaders and will have the most prosperous economies. People who study business and technology simply aren’t capable of coming up with the creative ideas. They are good at bean-counting, or finding ways of making the creative peoples’ ideas work better, but they shouldn’t be in charge and they certainly shouldn’t be receiving the bulk of the investment. It’s the artists and the creatives who matter, who now generate the ideas and the profits. Consider how much economic activity just two artists, Tolkien and Rowling, have generated in the past decade. Huge streams of billions, stemming from the work of just two artists! And they will continue for decades.

I’ve read numerous articles in this paper and others recently that young people are studying business and the sciences more than the arts and the humanities. That is just disastrous, both for the individuals and for their countries. And I feel so sorry for those young people who have been brainwashed into thinking that that’s the way to go. There’s no future for them. They should consider well Jobs’ insight, it’s quite brilliant.”

13 responses to “How Microsoft’s Human Resources Culture Drove Away Talent

  1. stonerwithaboner December 6, 2012 at 3:35 am

    interesting post….

    there seems to be a soullessness in the manosphere, plus all the white nationalists-I really don’t fit in much with those fuckers…

    I don’t know how much of myself I should reveal…

    maybe you’ve gotten to know me enough online to see I’m really into music….

    I wanted to be a professional musician, yup I know it’s a tough path….

    strangely enough my interest in men’s rights is partially because my family would not support me in this and expected me to get a high paying job, “man up,” “marry a slut.” It was my sister who got her freedom to live the life she wanted-unfortunately, she didn’t make the best choices and squandered that….

    At this point, I’m pretty much left with MGTOW/Grasseater-turning my back on a society that wants to extract as much of my sweat as it can and give me as little back in return as possible…

    • Giovanni Dannato December 7, 2012 at 5:26 am

      I think they are millennials reacting to the excesses of Boomers who told them as kids to “pursue their dreams” and to “do what they loved” sending them into the meat grinder without any training in the lower arts of pragmatism.
      I’ve often been plagued by exactly this sort of resentment because I’ve suffered along with the rest.

      But pure pragmatism for its own sake is, as you say, soulless. It can have no possible future as a cultural or political movement.
      People must be inspired.

      It’s good you were smart enough and bold enough to notice the double standards in your life and take action.
      I knew a guy growing up who was treated like dirt by his parents while his sister and his family’s dogs were indulged and spoiled.

      He was way ahead of other kids his age. His 5th grade science experiment was a computer program that could navigate mazes through trial and error. His grades in everything were perfect.
      His parents regimented all his time, signed him up for every possible activity, gave him all the burdens, harshly disciplined him and by the end of middle school he was well on his way downhill.
      As things really degenerated towards the end of high school, his parents removed the door to his room taking away his last shred of privacy and finally he actually got in a fight with his Dad and his parents called the cops and had him removed from the house in handcuffs.
      He stayed mostly at various friends houses for the last couple years of high school, mostly getting Ds and Fs at school.
      Then quickly dropped out college on a free scholarship because he never did any homework.
      He spent years after that doing what I’ve known other STEM underachievers to do: work at best buy on the geek squad.
      He’s worked his way up into better jobs from there, but not without a lifetime of war and strife in which many of his best years were squandered.

      His sister breezed through college with an environmental science degree, sampled the guys at her leisure before taking her pick of the bunch and settled down, easy peasy.

      To this day, I don’t know if he’s ever taken the red pill when it comes to gender differences.

      Guys are expected to win the game of life on hard mode.
      Might it be a vestige of times when the tribe that could make its young men the most vicious had an advantage in wars?
      In every phase of life, society reminds us that we are expendable. We are reminded to stay obediently in our place like faithful dogs and defend the interests of our masters.

      It’s a stupid and self-destructive system, yet somehow a society that so proudly eats its young persists.
      A few months earlier, I tried to sum up some of this sentiment in short little ‘song.’

  2. etype December 6, 2012 at 4:09 am

    This article is brain dead. Articles such as these which use ‘Apple’ as some type of Cinderella fantasy figure, demonstrate they don’t know anything concrete about Apple Inc, just what others, who are equally confused, say about Apple, (much less of the humanities.) for this reason, the prescription is fatuous.
    Furthermore, a society that has a functioning humanities discipline (America will soon have little or nothing in this regard outside of personally political and anthropology) must have a functioning culture. America’s culture was eaten by politics, media, commercialism and industry – and is gone forever. And that is not an idea open to debate.
    Further, the article plays to the myopia that Apple didn’t succeed, survive and triumph because it was technologically superior in every way to it’s adversaries, as it always has been.
    The idea that Apple or any country is going to flourish if they put an emphasis on the humanities is correct, but still stupid.
    What we have is a half baked idea tarted up with some Apple.

    • Giovanni Dannato December 7, 2012 at 4:02 am

      Wow, I know Apple’s conspicuous upper middle class artsy vibe pisses people off, but what rage is here! I’ve really hit a nerve.
      Such bitterness and invective!
      Sentence structure barely holding together as the typist fumes!

      I posted that commenter’s views on the humanities precisely because it’s a dissenting voice while everyone is yelling relentlessly for more STEM. I’ll listen to such dissenters because they can help us balance out our views and prevent us from getting carried away by fads and the crowd.

      Nothing wrong with prescribing additional STEM as a realistic social policy, but I guess I’ve noticed more and more people getting totally carried away with it. The rage reaction here is an illustrative case. Instead of asking “why?”, “how much?”, “how long?”… people seem like they’re subscribing to some kind of unquestionable dogmatism.

      I think the commenter I copy/pasted is just saying that though having solid technology is essential, a background in humanities can help people formulate a larger vision for what to DO with that technology.

      Though I’m fascinated by technology and the sciences myself, the majority of my background is in the “humanities,” especially history.
      I’ve talked with lots of technical types who know much more than I do about a specific field.
      The trouble is that most have zero vision or understanding of how they fit into the big picture.
      They don’t understand how societies have worked for the last thousands of years or where they fit in.
      In short, it’s as if they were born yesterday. They have skills that make them extremely dangerous to their fellow man and in their ignorance and naivety they are easily manipulated by elites.

      As the commenter points out, they’ve only been taught mechanical enlightenment ideals.
      They don’t understand culture and its importance in deciding whether a society succeeds or fails.

      Without a Jobs to step in with a cultural vision for their manufactures, they’re pretty much robots waiting for someone to show up, to control them, to lead them.
      Without some understanding of “humanities”, what makes humans tick, they have no real initiative of their own.

  3. etype December 7, 2012 at 5:37 am

    “Wow, I know Apple’s conspicuous upper middle class artsy vibe pisses people off, but what rage is here! I’ve really hit a nerve.”

    hardly Giovanni, your ignorance in one subject has led to ignorance in another. As to your comment concerning the conspicuous “upper middle class artsy vibe,” this is the same as saying if 10,000 imbeciles profess a certain point – then this is statistical proof it is true…(btw. in case you’re confused, I suggest the opposite… however un-American.)
    As for your comments concerning humanities vs. STEM fields… what you miss is that the same organizations who dismantled whatever culture existed, along with those who refashioned it as merchandise, would by necessity be the same people who would need to restore it, as they control education, along with thought and opinion – in other words… it’s not going to happen.
    Furthermore, and I’m not intending to shock you, but America’s advanced science and technology sector was always predicated on obtaining it’s core research and development elsewhere, primarily through looting, such as WWI and II. So in the long run STEM grants are not going to be as helpful as many think, now that they’ve given away the cookie jar.

    The America, and California of Steve Jobs and Wozniak youth, like America itself, is gone forever. I mean GONE FOREVER + NEVER COMING BACK. This can be shocking to someone who is not aware that there is anything amiss.
    Anyway, modern America has already shown scientifically they know precisely what makes humans tick, (ie: death, sex and power,) and how to induce great multitudes to tick in this manner alone, or falter.

    As to the ‘fuming invective,’….it’s more ‘contempt’, not a ‘hit nerve’. I much like most of your writing, could be said to be a fan… and as a reader and so on I reserve the right to call you a fool, when you’re being a fool.
    Your use of Apple, and Steve Jobs, in the manner the press uses these entities, as control words to convince an audience they know what you’re talking about, when they don’t – is irksome. Also, it’s done to death, by numberless hit-whores who have no idea period, other than semi-consciously tacking themselves onto some shapeless meme floating about on the imbecilosphere… thus rendering mega hit counts… and this is the only culture that can be said to exist today.

  4. Giovanni Dannato December 7, 2012 at 6:17 am

    I think we pretty much agree the old world of the Boomers isn’t coming back.
    Deep and accelerating change has seen to that.

    However, I think many of us give shadowy “organizations” too much credit for social trends. Really most things are just emergent results of collective concerns with death, sex, and power as shaped by environment.

    Ever since gunpowder, most inventions have served to centralize more power in the hands of the state.
    This trend culminated in the 20th century with technologies such as mass media, mass surveillance, airplanes, and tanks.

    I think now with the social media, smartphones, and the internet power is moving back into the hands of ordinary people.
    The printing press ushered in political strife across Europe as people suddenly had better access to information.
    The same is now happening with new technologies and we see decades long, stable regimes suddenly toppling as the availability of information reaches a tipping point.

    Though a lot of apple’s controversy comes from its place as a symbol of a monolithic mega-culture, culture at large is moving away from the control of a few sources towards a great age of fracture.

    Though the traditional culture has died out, new, vital cultures are coming into existence with more to come and they will make populations ever more difficult to control from a centralized source.

  5. etype December 7, 2012 at 10:04 am

    I think we pretty much agree the old world of the Boomers isn’t coming back.
    Deep and accelerating change has seen to that.

    #1: I don’t like anyone conflating the ‘old world’ and boomers….because they are not naturally related… ie: like saying industrial pollution and the ocean can co-exist in harmony, to mutual benefit…
    The world has always been changing, it only recently produced Anglo American culture.
    The ‘deep and accelerating change’ is cultural, not material. Rotting material can be cleaned up. A rotting culture has very low odds of survival… for this requires a reckoning

    However, I think many of us give shadowy “organizations” too much credit for social trends.

    Hmmm….they write endless books, make pronouncements, predictions, control government openly and all arteries of power and wealth, along with the culture and make war and live on your tax dollar… exactly as they said they would.
    I suppose they haven’t yet released a rap single on youtube, thus persist in being overly ‘shadowy’ and probably not worth bothering about.

    Really most things are just emergent results of collective concerns with death, sex, and power as shaped by environment.


    I think now with the social media, smartphones, and the internet power is moving back into the hands of ordinary people.

    more like…an illusion of power ‘is moving back into the hands of ordinary people.’ I mean, really think and stop hoping for Steve Jobs or a decent humanities dept. to appear out of the sky, pass out cookies and milk, and save the afternoon.
    I hate to say this Giovanni, but you’re imagining an internet fix or update, or virus cure for a problem that actually exists in a real world, and is not amiable to electronic placebos. What you don’t see is that the internet, computers, smartphones are entirely superfluous for %99.999999 of the population – they are not smarter, and they don’t make you smarter…..they make you stupider. Resistance is co-opted

    America has killed a million and a half civilians in the last decade alone on behalf of freedumb and dumocracy, (innocent women and children, and people legally and rightfully defending their territory,) – and the media/cultural comment is ‘support the troops’… or if they are being pithy, investigating the psychic trauma and battle wounds of our brave troops who shoulder the burden on our behalf of massacring civilians.
    What the heathen don’t want facebook, Samsung galaxy III’s and so on? Worse than death! Killings too good for them!

    The printing press ushered in political strife across Europe as people suddenly had better access to information.
    The same is now happening with new technologies and we see decades long, stable regimes suddenly toppling as the availability of information reaches a tipping point.

    There was always political strife in Europe….before, after and during. Stop with this history via madison avenue with the kindly elderly narrator in a cardigan with the book beside a fireplace…or wake the fuck up, in short.

    Though a lot of apple’s controversy comes from its place as a symbol of a monolithic mega-culture, culture at large is moving away from the control of a few sources towards a great age of fracture.

    This is more imbecilosphere history. Apple is seen as a monolithic whatever over-controlling so-on because a bunch of idiots constantly repeat this, but it has no more validity then the rest of the stupid shit they think up.
    Apple is a business trying to succeed on their own terms, according to the founders vision, which they are free to do. Stop repeating popular fairy tales.

    Though the traditional culture has died out, new, vital cultures are coming into existence with more to come and they will make populations ever more difficult to control from a centralized source.

    Name one?
    I’m not going to define culture to you, but I think you’re thinking of something else altogether and calling it ‘culture’, or ‘humanities’, probably because the internet has confused your grasp of what is superfluous and ‘virtual’ and what is real. This is quite common among Americans, who believe everything they see and hear in the media, unless it’s the truth, when it becomes mere opinion….thus corralled and hounded by flacks.
    America can’t abide culture, because their own is lies – and thus, has been replaced by the internet and Hollywood, which is part of what you’re suggesting. Except you cannot separate the two. You think a ‘new,vital culture’ can come into existence (with more to come…) when your entire world view has been so profoundly distorted that you can do little but think in their terms. You cannot connect with the ‘old world’,
    ( a mistake of both the mano-sphere® and the religious right) because your old world is just more lies.)
    Face it, as a entity, you are doomed.

    The same is now happening with new technologies and we see decades long, stable regimes suddenly toppling as the availability of information reaches a tipping point.

    And stop being so naive. Those ‘colour’ revolutions were planned in the 90’s by the CIA and Mossad and everyone knows this…in the former soviet union as well as the middle east and it’s been available for years on gov. websites on your magical internet….yet you haven’t read these…..these ‘shadowy’ organizations and their misty web sites. You even still believe the ‘twitter’ story?
    Undoubtedly you believe the Syrian popular uprising isn’t a bunch of CIA and Mossad trained mercenaries based in Turkey….and that Assad wasn’t elected by popular vote.
    No wonder the future is bright!

    • Giovanni Dannato December 7, 2012 at 10:48 pm

      You argue that large, shadowy organizations are controlling things behind the scenes and to some extent that’s always going to be true. There’s plenty of powerful people who are simply trying to secure their own interests.

      But only in Hollywood can the CIA, Mossad, Bankers, Illuminati, whoever orchestrate world events with any precision.
      Look at all the efforts of states and intelligence agencies that have not only failed but have actually backfired!
      Intelligence agencies are powerful but they cannot alter the larger trends or change the spirit of the age.
      When the USSR collapsed the KGB in Russia were helpless just as the Czar’s Cheka had been before them.

      It would be pretty cool to be one of those guys with a cardigan sweater in an oak wainscoted study, shelves full of thick books, windbagging away for some documentary.
      Sadly, that would be a very inaccurate portrayal of my circumstances.
      In any case, I again get that vibe of class insecurity from you.

      As for new cultures, you just mentioned something called a manosphere which is itself filled with fractious subcultures and clans. What would it, and countless other internet cultures have looked like if you took a time machine back to the year 2005?

  6. etype December 8, 2012 at 4:28 am

    I don’t argue that large, shadowy organizations control things behind the scenes, that’s apparent and not controversy – written in the official record long before internet conspiracy subculture.
    You reference Hollywood and etc. etc. – as if that provided a basis of understanding.
    You need to realize that you will not access any understanding if you base your insight on the normal operations of society,…. the media there for any reason other than to reinforce your ignorance.
    You say ‘look at the state agencies that not only failed, but backfired etc.’. Sure, look at it carefully, in-depth and learn from it. But do not fail to notice that the present day constitution of the world is the result of state intelligence agencies, conspiracies and shadowy groups, et al…though not common record, (secondary sources) these successes are presented as ‘natural developments’ in second hand sources, assigned to the thirst for freedumb, (yet still clearly on the record as operations of foreign state agencies) then you are incapable of seeing what’s in front of your eyes…you don’t have an opinion, just an echo.

    At any rate, my point is not that state agencies, etc… my point is that your article is naive.
    However getting back to conspiracy, state agencies and everything else in a nutshell… I hope your right. I”m glad you brought this up – I would also like to see this mystical ‘changing of consciousness’ as a result of mass global communication.
    However your assertion this was the cause of the uprisings in Ukraine, Georgia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and now Syria….is sadly misinformed. The Egyptian ‘twitter’ revolution was a psych op invention just like the riot in Libya that killed a American consul was claimed the result of a youtube video – fabrications.
    And note not fabrications in Egypt of Libya – but America – directed at informing you.
    It seems like the state agencies, however clumsy and klutzy (contradicting Hollywood) have no problem using this expected ‘changing consciousness” in their day to day operations. In fact it’s a mundane triviality.
    The shadowy ‘They’ it seems, have your number whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

    Have you ever considered mass global communication might reinforce the general ignorance of reality? Further blinker the masses? That there is no foregoing positive conclusion to what is now introduced and styled – a ‘fiscal cliff’? Why not? Your references are all sources that ‘they’ and not you or any independent source has curated. Why not think outside the loop and go to the source for information you blog about?

    The thing is, here I presumptuously lump you together with other optimists, is how wondrously naive you all are, and with the best of intentions….wondrously optimistic. You never looked on a family of 6 human beings, from the age of 4 to 40, shot through and left on the side of the road for the dogs, a not uncommon occurrence, and contemplated that it was your own ignorance, your idiotic faith in more consumer goods, cheap gasoline and ‘eventual’ positive outcomes if we stay the course and conform, that loaded the rifle and pulled the trigger. That the heap of corpses were the detritus of a approaching wave…an American wave.

    Now, you perhaps might read that a result of class insecurity, not enough access to goods and security from anyone who might suggest that…. class security is at the bottom of everything after all.
    I’m sure you’re the best of people Giovanni, and I feel confident if I lent you books they would be taken care of and returned with dispatch, but you live in a bubble, and bubbles do not rise into the heavens as it seems they must….they burst and drop everyone into the disaster they wished to escape from.

    • Giovanni Dannato December 8, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      It’s not like I get all my news from CNN. Indeed I do my best to ignore most news and try to read between the lines using a variety of sources.

      In thousands of years of “civilization” every conceivable form of treachery, torture, and mass murder has been commonplace.
      As a species we’ve stopped at nothing to make our societies into unrelentingly brutal hellholes.
      But I don’t think people are fundamentally violent or cruel. We’d rather be peaceful than not, but competition for scarce resources inevitably makes for a violent and competitive world..

      The masses don’t have to be “blinkered.” Most of us readily indulge in distraction with very little encouragement.
      Really we mostly have our own greed and indolence to blame.
      If good information was most profitable no organization on earth could stop commercial enterprises from giving it to people. Look at “their” success stopping drugs coming right through their own borders. If millions of people truly want something, they will get it one way or another.

      Again and again in the “conspirosphere” I notice that the capabilities of governments and organizations are extremely overrated.

      Monolithic governments full of bureaucrats are continuing to decrease in effectiveness and importance. These large bodies are now too slow and unwieldly to keep up with commercial enterprises or even the ordinary man on the street.
      Events now breeze past these governments before they can even begin to react. The governments haven’t changed…since ancient China bureaucracies have been all about trading speed and flexibility for dependability and security. The world has changed and old school government ministries can no longer keep up.

      Can’t recall I’ve expressed any belief consumer goods will save the day let alone cheap gasoline. To the contrary, I believe money economies are rapidly outgrowing their usefulness.

      You may have tried to lump me in with a particular crowd, but I myself find that difficult to do.
      I’ve taken inspirations from across the political spectrum.
      And I believe that when you grow attached to a single ideology to the point where you become personally affronted when people criticize it, that’s just the ego speaking. That reaction is a sign we’ve lost our objective view and are letting emotional attachments get the better of our reason.

      • etype December 10, 2012 at 4:29 am

        You seem biased toward simplistic assumptions that it appears you feel must hide your sophisticated views from non-discerning readers. Tropes like ‘financial insecurity,’ (wtf? do you think you have more money than I? what a strange defence for the stupidity of your article.) ‘conspirospheres’, ‘single ideologies,’etc. etc. Poor indeed.

        Nor did you criticizedmy ideology, you seem to think you have, but made another simplistic assumption without information. You have no idea of my ideological position, obviously, yet present yourself as a drawer across ideologies,…not.
        I wrote to inform you that your article, where you draw unicorns in the sky with Apple and Microsoft, yet obviously know nothing in depth about these corporations or how the technology business has worked in the past three decades….is drawn from a single article (though a good read, is understood by anyone with detailed experience in the matter, to be a simplification dramatized for a simple audience,) is a rehash which you swirl about and conclude with a few hello kitty stickers.

        My demand is that you stop fronting, get your shit together, stop passing off pablum as thought of the day and message of hope for the masses. I wrote because you rehashed almost in entirety, someone’s else’s article, a dramatic yet simplistic account intended for a socialite wannabe’s audience, published the rehash with a tacked on blurb of optimism… and now you consider yourself a pundit and those who disagree with you have ‘class insecurity’, or of the bad, negative ‘conspirosphere’…..

        It is in a word, pathetic, shitty mass-media journalism. Do we not have enough of that?

        Your ‘positive spin’, which you seem to think is cerebral, is the same bullshit people get about our wars of imperialism – ‘support the troops’, ‘export the right to vote’, ‘don’t think!’

        Grow fucking up. In your responses to me you confirm my suspicion you are probably a nice fellow, but you defence of the idiocy of this article is bewildering in it’s infantilism.

        I apologize for “‘letting emotional attachments get the better of our reason.” I have a emotional attachment to good independent journalism, good sense, research, intelligence and the thing that is necessary for that – an open mind….which excludes nothing.
        Every paragraph in your response to me shows you looking for easy answers, a way out of thinking about things.

        Where do you get off with this ‘fuming’, ‘poor typing’ , ‘class insecurity’, ‘conspirosphere’ projection? None of these excuses you or bolsters the thought free content of this article – why bring it up? It’s not a defence. Stop looking for imbecilic answers which do not, as you seem to think, confirm you know what you’re talking about….but the opposite.

        Start writing some decent shit once again, for fuck’s sake. There is no excuse for this crap.

  7. Giovanni Dannato December 10, 2012 at 4:57 am

    Your preponderance of expletives certainly suggests rage, as I pointed out earlier. This can’t be doing your blood pressure any good, dear sir.

    Believe it or not, you are very probably richer than I and you should be glad in it.

    You keep calling this my article, Not exactly. It’s an article that had a well articulated opposing point of view so I included it on this site.
    As a bonus,it seems to have some troll value…as I might have hoped.

    It’s odd you seem incensed that I have contrived a ‘conspirosphere’ off the cuff since you have repeatedly attempted to associate me with an ‘imbecilosphere’ of your own invention. You have to realize I was merely reciprocating your thoughtful gesture. Let’s all have our respective pejorative sphere!

    Since when am I journalist and where shall we find your “good independent journalism”? I’m always open to quality sources. I am as dissatisfied with main stream journalism as you are.

    I beg of you, please free me from my blinkered bubble forthwith!

  8. etype December 10, 2012 at 6:18 am

    In the course of my career I have found an aggressive attitude to be profitable intellectually, financially and contrary to expectation, good for digestion and blood pressure. So in this matter, again, I disagree with your pat assumptions. Nor am I impressed with any contemporary facade of ‘coolness, irony, etc. etc.’ which again I suggest is conformism to mass media tropes, prime-time programming expectations, not ‘cool or ironic’ but ‘sheeplike and imbecilic’.
    Not that there isn’t a time for ‘cool’ and ‘impartial’, just these attributes have been co-opted and become control words for chevy trucks, hair salons and tattoo shop excursions. Discernment and unpredictability work in your favour in such situations.

    Who has more lucre is irrelevant…. repent this materialist cupidity and do not sin again.

    Whether you disavow the article, you are the officer on deck answering inquiries. I want assurances that you will try harder. I want more blood pressure and I don’t give jack squat what your hippie shiatsu masseuse has to say about it.

    I do not associate you with an ‘imbecilosphere’ or consider you an imbecile…yet. I say you draw on the resources and methods of the ‘imbecilosphere’ and have a lax attitude. My recent inspection of Foward Base B has revealed serious irregularities and a general lack of discipline and moral fortitude. More disturbing, I see no ‘method’ whatsoever. I want this Grecian bathhouse squared away and I want to see some scalps on my next inspection. Any slackers will be confined to a respectively, pejorative sphere for the duration of the tour, or sent out on point.

    Stop sniveling about being unable to find ‘good independent journalism and quality sources’. Be one with the source, seek and you shall find. Out here on Tomorrowland’s Frontier, a theorist intellectual has to slaughter his own hogs and parse Aristotle’s Poetics on the back of a shovel.

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