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Fun With Historical Figures: A General Haig Meme

Having recently done some reading on WWI, I felt compelled to make a meme of General Douglas Haig, a man in charge of the British forces who stubbornly insisted that cavalry had a role in countering machine guns and who earned himself the warm fuzzy title, “butcher of the Somme” when he sent his men marching in orderly rank and file towards the enemy’s machine guns.

As if his other operations weren’t bad enough, Haig decided on an offensive on Passchendaele(Passion Valley, my what a pretty name) also known as Third Ypres, at exactly the time of year everyone warned him the ground would be muddy and impassable, especially with all the soil getting torn up by high explosives.
It has been estimated that Third Ypres saw the greatest number of deaths by drowning ever seen in a land batle.



haig meme



haig meme



Haig meme

2 responses to “Fun With Historical Figures: A General Haig Meme

  1. Koanic October 4, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Narrow set eyes, shallow sockets. Egocentric moron.

    • Giovanni Dannato October 4, 2012 at 2:02 pm

      If you like Haig, you’d love Conrad. He was an Austro-Hungarian general who played a major role in starting the war in the first place because he desperately wanted to attack Serbia.

      He got the chance to attack Serbia he’d spent years begging for and promptly got his ass kicked.
      That was just the beginning of his amazing feats.

      General Conrad, Idiot

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