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WW1 and Three Quarters: A Pandemic Worse Than The War

Ever heard of the “Spanish” flu of 1918?

Q: What do you get when you have millions of malnourished people under constant stress living in close quarters in filthy trenches?

A: the perfect incubator.

When we inject a vaccine we use a weakened version of the pathogen so our immune system easily catches up and develops the appropriate antibodies.

We have a reverse vaccine when we have full strength pathogens and millions of people with chronically weakened immune systems.

One thing leads to another until pathogens adapt at their leisure to all the defenses of weakened hosts.

The super flu of 1918 killed more people across Europe than WW1 did, compounding an already tremendous disaster.

As many as 50 million people were killed worldwide within 18 months.

The illness was unusual in that the majority of its victims were aged 15-44.   A further clue that points to the young, strong soldiers the strain was adapted to?
The disease would often kill by inducing a cytokine storm, a massive immune overreaction.  So perhaps all the more deadly if young and with a strong immune system?


Spanish Flu Pandemic

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