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Evil Stepmother Man: When Max Baer Played the Hero Role

Remember the bad guy from Cinderella Man, Max Baer?

In real life he doesn’t seem to have been nearly as much of an asshole. Plus he had his own day when he was cast as the hero in a story that seems very Hollywood.

“in 1933, a deadly serious warrior stepped into the ring against Max Schmeling of Germany. The Jewish six pointed Star of David blazed white on his trunks, sewn there by his Aunt Emma Edelstein. A cestus was tucked into his right glove and a small golden Star of David was in his left glove. Adolph Hitler had proclaimed the quietly anti-Nazi Schmeling as Germany’s symbolic hero of Aryan purity and declared a win over Max Baer was a win for Nazi Germany. While Baer was only half Jewish, he was Jewish enough for Hitler. With the help of Jack Dempsey, in his first financially successful role as fight promoter, the American public saw “The Battle of the Maxes” as a crusade against right verses wrong, as a fight of the United States and Jewish people worldwide against Nazi Germany.”

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